Doors with a mirror

Doors with a mirror

Doors with mirrors can become a real highlight of any interior, which is why they are so often used by famous designers, decorating this or that interior in a residential building or apartment. Models of doors with mirrors look very unusual and sophisticated; today they are presented in the widest variety. They can be purchased from both domestic and foreign suppliers. Next, you will get acquainted with the varieties of such doors, their features and options in the interior, and also learn how to choose the right models so that they will please not only all households, but also guests for many years.


To begin with, I would like to immediately highlight the main types of doors with mirrors. There are interior doors with mirrors and entrance options, on which the mirror is often installed from the inside. Such doors are especially relevant for modern interiors and people who like to look at themselves before leaving home..

Interior mirrored doors can be of the following varieties:

  • Classic. Such models are simple canvases with a mirror. They have no unnecessary decor and any additional effects. Such options can be considered very practical and versatile, since they are suitable for a variety of interiors in the design of premises..
  • Also, many manufacturers of building materials offer for sale very unusual doors with a tinted mirror, they look very original.
  • Fans of matte surfaces should take a closer look at models with satin glass, which have a matte effect. They are very often called that – satin. They can profitably beat any, even the most boring interior..
  • And finally, there are doors with glossy mirrors..

The colors of a particular surface can also vary. It can be silver models of mirrors, with graphic shimmer, shimmer of gold, bronze and some others..

The main materials for the manufacture of doors with mirrors for interiors are most often wood, chipboard, bamboo and some others. They can be both natural and artificial. Plastic, for example, are considered less wear-resistant, although mirrors complement them very well..

The mirror is considered a very easily decorated material, therefore, various patterns and sprays are often applied to it, and the sizes of the drawings can be completely different, and they can also be made to order according to individual sketches..

Interior doors can be completely covered with a mirror, or it can be present on them only partially. Such products often have a mirrored surface. on one side only.

As for the entrance door models with mirrors, they can also be presented in several variations. The mirror in such cases is located on the inside. The most popular models are metal.

It is also very common to find suspended doors, which are mainly decorated with frosted glass..

This type of door, which is called radius, looks no less interesting. Radial doors with bronze glass and stained-glass windows look very expensive, which will become a real decoration of noble apartments..

Simple, but far from commonplace doors on rails and rollers are perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere in the house. They are also very often decorated with mirrors..


The advantages and features of a wide variety of doors with mirrors include the following:

  • They increase the space, making it visually larger, especially if the canvases are light shades.
  • Such products can either be completely decorated with a mirror, or some of their individual parts, but most often only on one side..
  • With the help of a door with a mirror, you can make the interior even more interesting and complete, and in addition, give it a peculiar zest.
  • Many experts recommend purchasing doors with mirrors for not very large rooms, and at the same time thinking over the lighting correctly. This combination will expand the space of any cramped room and make it more stylish..

  • The features can also include the strength and reliability of such products, since proven and wear-resistant materials are often used for their manufacture, and tempered glass is used for decoration..
  • These products are very easy to care for. Mirrors are wiped with common cleaning agents commonly used for cleaning glass and similar surfaces..
  • Also, doors with mirrors in most cases are easy to install in a variety of doorways, but it is best to use the services of specialists so as not to spoil the product and install it correctly.

The disadvantages of products of this type most often include problems with the locking system.. If she gets stuck, sometimes you have to remove the mirror, which can be quite difficult, especially without the help of professionals. In addition, a very quick contamination of the mirror surface can be attributed to minor disadvantages. I would also like to note that high-quality products made of expensive materials with mirrors can cost a decent amount, which they will sooner or later justify.

Where can I put?

With the help of mirrored doors, you can bring to life any design idea, make the interior more harmonious, and the room itself more spacious. Entrance doors with mirrors are perfect for apartments, private houses, summer cottages, cottages and any other country apartments. They can easily provide a sense of comfort in any living space..

In large apartments, you can install a door with a mirror to the closet where things are stored. Special doors with mirrors are also installed in a niche where a mini-wardrobe can be located..

In general, such a product can be placed wherever you want, but mostly they choose the front door to enter and exit the house or apartment, so that before leaving the house, you could look at yourself.

Sometimes a door with a mirror is located in the bathroom, not an exception in the installation – corridors and small living rooms.

How to choose?

It is important to choose the right one or another door model.

To do this, pay attention not only to its aesthetic properties, but also to the following points:

  • Safety is of the utmost importance. A mirror that is only on one side of the door must be very securely fastened. It is preferable to choose models made of durable and tempered glass.
  • It is also worth paying attention to the quality of noise and heat insulation, especially when it comes to the front door..
  • The hinge points must correspond to the entire weight of the structure. If the door is dimensional and weighs quite a lot, its hinges should be made and designed for increased load.

  • It is best to choose such models when it is possible to remove the mirror itself. Unusual options with mirrored inserts, for example, with rhombuses and squares, are very often not designed to be taken out. This information must be clarified directly with the manufacturer or consultants when purchasing a canvas.
  • If we talk about the choice of accessories for the door, then everything should be harmonious here, especially if we take into account the entrance doors. For them, do not forget to choose a peephole with a full view, a beautiful handle, and also pay attention to the details.
  • If you choose an entrance door, ask about the lock system. It should be as reliable as possible to protect your home..
  • To choose a wear-resistant door for many years, it is best to look closely at the popular brands that have been producing these products for several years. They certainly take into account all the wishes of customers and make reliable products..

Despite the fact that many manufacturers of building materials offer ready-made products, you can always order a door according to individual parameters. In addition, many professional craftsmen recommend purchasing such products on their own in hardware stores, since the choice on the Internet can not always meet all the expectations of buyers..

Products need to be watched live. It is equally important to find out about the country of manufacture of a particular door, as well as what materials it was made of. Thus, you will surely understand whether it matches its value or not..

Interesting models

According to many experts, today it is not necessary to purchase canvases from Europe, since domestic brands began to produce doors no worse than foreign ones..

Be sure to pay attention to the doors of the Torex brand, which produces reliable steel models with mirrors in luxurious design. In addition, give preference only to those stores that have already established themselves over the years of their existence and those suppliers who offer reliable and quality products. Then you will not be disappointed in your purchase..

Interior options

Any design with mirrors always looks advantageous, no matter what material you choose the door from. It is very important to install interior doors with mirrors when all walls are flat. Such products look most advantageous in dressing rooms that go out of the bedrooms..

It is convenient to install mirror models at the exit from the corridor to the living room or other rooms. In the living rooms themselves, such doors also look good, but it is important to pay attention to the very layout of the room..

If you decide to place such a door in the hall, but there is already a mirror, and maybe even more than one, you should be careful not to oversaturate the room with such decor and not make it tasteless.

An entrance door with a mirror, which leads residents straight to the hallway or corridor, can be harmoniously complemented with a wardrobe. It can be fully or partially decorated with mirrors..

For stylish and modern interiors, you can choose doors with satin mirrors and matte mirror inserts that will make them more sophisticated..

Models with mirrors look very nice in the interiors of various public places, such as cafes, restaurants and hotels. In such establishments, it is quite possible to get inspired and create something similar at home..

Also, mirrored doors are perfect for the interiors of small studio apartments. In such apartments, it is better to choose an entrance model with a mirror or a door leading to the bathroom..

If you probably don’t know how to advantageously arrange the door in your interior, it is best to use the help of designers and decorators, whose services are considered quite affordable today. Professional and thoughtful interior will delight households and all guests for many years.

How to glue a mirror on the front door with your own hands is shown in the video.

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