Double-glazed entrance doors for a country house

In arranging a country house, you can afford more freedom than in the case of a city apartment. And it begins directly from the entrance to the dwelling. Seeing a glass outer door within the city will become a gimmick, but for a house outside the city it will become an attractive and practical option..


Double-glazed entrance doors are a system of doors made of metal or other material with a special slot into which a double-glazed window is installed. A piece of glass can vary in size, you can make several of them and arrange in any order, guided by your own taste. A double-glazed window plays the role of not only a decorative, but also a functional element.

Glass as a whole visually gives the structure lightness, visual appeal, and originality. With its help, you can emphasize the individual style of a country house. There are different types of double-glazed windows, respectively, the strength and type of structure are different. Also, the door can be warm or cold..

In the manufacture of doors, double-glazed windows similar to window ones are used.. They come in single, double and even thicker ones. Most often, there are double options. The door structure in comparison with the window is more secure, because it is made, as a rule, of metal, moreover, it provides for multiple opening and closing cycles..

All glasses necessarily have a high degree of strength. The most commonly used tempered glass is resistant to mechanical damage..

It is almost impossible to break an armored glass unit, so there is not even a need for a lattice.

Functional characteristics

First of all, it is necessary to debunk the myth about there that doors with a double-glazed window do not provide the required level of reliability, in comparison with the deaf ones we are used to. In fact, the same requirements are imposed on products of the same and second types:

  • Burglary resistance. For the production of a glass unit, toughened impact-resistant glass is used, which guarantees the reliability of the structure. The strength of the door leaf, the presence of high-security locks, anti-removable crossbars and other security attributes are ensured.
  • Heat and sound insulation. Materials used in production are characterized by a low degree of thermal conductivity, with the exception of metal. And in the metal part of the canvas there is a heater, as in ordinary deaf metal doors. In addition, the door frame and door leaf are laid with at least a double sealing contour along the entire perimeter..
  • Finishing. The blind part of the entrance door can be processed by a variety of techniques: powder paint, veneering, lamination, MDF overlays, paneling, forging, inlay and carving. Glass inserts also come in a variety of designs.


This version of the front door combines elements of functionality and decorative design at the same time and has the following advantages:

  • The glass fragment is an additional source of light in the house. In the daytime, you can turn off the light in the corridor and thus save energy.
  • You can look out into the courtyard through the glass without opening the door or using the peephole, which is very convenient.
  • Does not allow heat to pass through, because the door structure is airtight, by analogy with a window.
  • Glass is, first of all, a decorative fragment that can give your home uniqueness, style and comfort..


In the production of the blind part of the door leaf, different materials can be used. Accordingly, the following types of products are distinguished:

  • Wooden are produced in two types: massive fully and paneled. Expensive elite models are made from solid valuable varieties of wood (the most common option is solid oak), and budget models are made from conifers (such as pine and larch). In addition to the solid massif, glued is also used in the manufacture.
  • Plastic. Their analogue is PVC balcony doors: a reinforcing frame is included in the profile design. Quite practical at a relatively low price.

  • Metallic – This is perhaps the most popular option for a street door. Here there are options with glass the size of a small window at eye level, up to an almost solid glass sheet framed by a steel frame. However, in cottages, the second option is quite rare..
  • Aluminum. Similar to steel doors, the size of the glass can vary. However, it should be noted that the strength of such structures is somewhat lower. A great design method for a glazed veranda of a country house would be an all-glass sliding aluminum door..

In addition to the above, the doors are available in various color variations. The easiest option is when the product is painted in one color. A door decorated with marble, wood or other material will look more interesting..

Particularly attractive is a canvas painted in the old style..


Structurally, external doors with a glass unit can be any. It all depends on the design of the country house, its location and the tastes of the owner..

However, consider the following:

  • If the cottage is located in a protected area, then you do not have to make high demands on the burglary resistance of doors.
  • In cold areas, treeless areas, in open space, the role of the heat conservation function increases.
  • If the door leads directly to the living quarters, to the fireplace room, to the living room, bypassing the corridor, then you should not make it completely transparent..
  • Glazed entrance doors for the veranda can be folding or sliding design, completely transparent, with engraved pattern, photo printing, etc. This is just the option when there is complete freedom of creativity.
  • Transparent glass in the doors is typical for public institutions. For a residential building, it will be inappropriate. In this case, install opaque doors with frosted glass, tinted, mirrored or stained glass.
  • In a country house, the space allows you to install a door with additional side glass inserts. This technique will further expand the space and attract more light..


Buyers initially need to be ready to shell out a rather large amount for a purchase. This is quite reasonable, because such a quality product cannot be cheap..

The price of the finished product will depend primarily on the main material used in the manufacture, as well as on the dimensions of the door itself and the glass unit, in particular, the quality of auxiliary materials and accessories, decoration, protective characteristics, manufacturer.

The most inexpensive option is a standard plastic swing door. An iron door with glass is in the middle price range. Doors with forging will be quite expensive. Here, of course, a lot depends on the type and complexity of the forged linings of their sizes..

The cost of a wooden door directly depends on the type of wood. Pine can be purchased for an average price, but for massive oak you will have to pay much more..

The cost of sliding glass doors can vary in a fairly wide range, depending on the size and design features..

Selection rules

The front door is an important investment in improving your home, as well as ensuring its reliability. In addition, this is his calling card, because a person first of all comes across it before getting inside the house. Therefore, the choice of such an important attribute should be approached with all responsibility..

There is a wide variety of glass entrance doors on the market, different in construction, material, design and, of course, price..

You should not save on doors, because double-glazed windows of budget options cannot boast of a high degree of strength. And such accessories look in accordance with the price and can quickly become unusable due to their weakness and unreliability. Locks, handles, hinges, etc. must be of high quality. Profile and fittings are important first and design comes second..

If you are leaning towards options with large glass sizes, it will not be superfluous to install a wrought iron grate to definitely ensure the safety of your home. It will not spoil the appearance at all, but on the contrary, it will become an ornament, because you can choose it from a variety of decorative samples..

Before purchasing, be sure to take a closer look at the main parameters.. The design of the door must necessarily include insulation. The necessary characteristics are tightness of the closure and additional sound insulation..

So that after the installation of the door there are no gaps, it must be equipped with a seal. This important element ensures the retention of heat in the house, preventing the penetration of cold air and moisture. An important detail is the porch. With its help, the door is tightly attached to the box itself..

It will not be superfluous to check with the seller what the double-glazed window is filled with: gas or ordinary warm air.

This parameter is important, since in the first version the door will retain heat better, and this has little effect on the cost..

It will not be superfluous to pay attention to the guarantees provided by the installer, the installation process and the possibility of free service if necessary..

An entrance door with a double-glazed window is a much more interesting option for a country house than an ordinary blind door.

It provides reliability and strength no worse and, in addition, it looks more beautiful, lets in more light into the room, makes it possible to look out into the street through the glass.

You will learn more about entrance doors with double-glazed windows for a country house in the following video.

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