Entrance wooden doors

Entrance wooden doors

Wooden entrance doors are in high demand, holding a worthy place along with metal structures, which are also very popular. In many ways, wooden doors even win, for example, they are quite reliable, look very stylish, original, emphasize the status of the house and are relatively inexpensive.

The front door is an integral part of the whole house. She plays an important role in the perception of the exterior. But their most important function is to protect the home, its inhabitants and property, and to ensure security. Therefore, the choice of the front door should be approached with special care..

Features, advantages and disadvantages

Before deciding on an entrance door, you first need to choose what material it will be made of. The most common options are wood and metal. Each has pros and cons that need to be weighed carefully..

Wooden doors look much more beautiful, more solid, although they are more expensive. There is an opinion that metal structures are more reliable, but this is not the case. Modern technologies make it possible to manufacture wooden doors that are very durable, in no way inferior in their operational characteristics to metal ones. The main thing is to take a responsible approach to the choice of a manufacturer..

The chosen door must strictly comply with all quality standards and current regulations..

Wooden doors have several advantages:

  • High level of thermal insulation;
  • Long service life;
  • Solid appearance;
  • Even in the coldest weather, ice does not form on the wood;
  • Solid wood door will fit any house or apartment;
  • High level of sound insulation.

Along with the advantages, wooden entrance doors are characterized by some disadvantages:

  • If you do not process the door leaf with a special tool, after a while it will become covered with mold and rot;
  • A wooden door, in comparison with a metal one, is not so resistant to mechanical damage, although it can withstand high loads;
  • Over time, such a structure can shrink, especially under the influence of frequent temperature changes..


The doors are double-leafed or single-leafed in width. How many doors there will be depends on the size of the doorway itself. For wide aisles, double doors are suitable, and for narrow ones, one canvas is enough. Too wide may not withstand the load and deform, too narrow are inconvenient during operation, a person of large build may not pass through the doorway.

An entrance door can be called an internal door leading to apartments, stairs, attics and office premises, as well as an external door leading to the street or to the vestibule.

The front door should have a number of functions:

  • Have smoke protection;
  • Possess fire-fighting characteristics;
  • Have enhanced heat and sound insulation;
  • Street doors must have increased moisture resistance.

By the presence of additional functions, the doors can be soundproofed, reinforced, warm, simple. Depending on the type of house and on the wishes of the residents, you can purchase a product with reinforcement of one or another part of the structure, or take the simplest canvas. An ordinary wooden front door does a pretty good job with all of its functions..

According to the technology of manufacturing the door leaf, wooden doors can be panel, blind and paneled. Deaf structures are a continuous door leaf without any inserts. Shield – doors based on shields made of various materials. The paneled construction assumes voids inside the door with spikes that are filled with dense material.

Depending on the opening mechanism, swing or sliding options are distinguished. For entrance doors, a hinged swing mechanism is more suitable. Sliding mechanisms do not protect the house so thoroughly from cold and noise.

To improve the aesthetic appearance, the doors are decorated with decorative elements – forging, a mirror or other inserts or fittings. This option is considered elite and looks really stylish, emphasizes the status of the owner.


Wooden sheet can be made in two versions:

  • Rectangle. A traditional option that is found in almost all homes.
  • Arch. This option is usually chosen for historic buildings or luxury mansions. Arches, in turn, are oval, semicircular, trapezoidal or complex shapes, made to order. Private workshops offer to make whole works of art from doors and trims.

Manufacturing methods

Wooden doors can vary according to the pattern of the wooden leaf:

  • Door leaf made of solid wood. Such models are considered elite and expensive. In their manufacture, a solid tree trunk is used, from which the canvas is immediately cut. Such doors are rare. Most often glued products are used..

  • Panel doors. For their basis, chipboard or MDF are used. Outside, such a door leaf is covered with veneer, and inside there is plywood or paper. This option is inexpensive, but it looks very attractive, for which it received well-deserved recognition among buyers..
  • With metal sheets inside the structure. This option is more expensive, but such a door leaf is much stronger and more reliable. The metal is resistant to loads and protects the door leaf from deformation.
  • Paneled. The door leaf consists of cells that are filled with solid material. It is a very robust construction and comes in a wide variety of colors..

Dimensions (edit)

In the manufacture of entrance doors, the norms and standards of dimensions must be observed. The calculation of the dimensions of the door leaf is based on certain indicators. These include the thickness of the door leaf, its width, height, as well as the dimensions of the entire frame. All norms that determine the dimensions of the entrance doors are spelled out in GOST.

The front door is usually the most prominent of all doors in the house and the widest. The material from which it is made does not affect its dimensions in any way, but its design does:

  • Single leaf. This is the most common option. The recommended width for such doors is 100-110 cm. You can diversify the standard version using the original design or slightly changing the size of the passage, without going beyond the GOST.

  • Double leaf. This design is mainly installed in a country house. The doorway, if necessary, can be increased in width by 1.5-2 times. This emphasizes the status of the owners of the home, but the free space should allow for this. You can choose the middle option – half-leaf doors. In this case, the two door leaves are not the same in width. The narrow part serves only as a decoration.
  • With transom. This design is entirely dependent on the height of the passage. The door can be standard sizes, and the top part can be fixed separately. As an additional decoration, inserts are made in the upper part, for example, from glass. This makes a large and massive wooden structure lighter. In addition, additional light enters the house through the glass..

The design of the doors can be any, however, for all doors there are standard dimensions according to GOST:

  • Width standards: minimum – 900-910 mm. The maximum width is limited to 1010 mm for single-leaf doors, 1310, 1510 and 1550 mm in the case of one-and-a-half doors and 1910-1950 mm for double-leaf structures.
  • Standard door height – 2070-2370 mm. When calculating the exact height, the width of the doorway and the height of the ceiling are taken into account..

The thickness of the doors is not defined as strictly as the two previous indicators. The main condition is that it must be such that the door can perform its direct functions. This is the most solid of all doors in the house, including the thickness. This size is selected for the door in accordance with the thickness of the walls of the house and the depth of the frame..

Usually, all entrance doors are made taller, wider and thicker than the rest of the passages in the house. This is done so that they can ensure the free passage of people through the threshold, including with bulky items in their hands..

Nowadays, non-standard door leaves are becoming more and more popular. They are found among people who want to emphasize their originality and non-standard solutions in home design. The norms prescribed in GOST are often neglected, especially in the construction of country houses. The main thing is to follow the instructions of SNiP.

In accordance with design standards, the width and height of the doorway should be done according to the standards. The optimal dimensions for entrance doors are 900-2000 mm in width, 2000-2400 mm in height. It is no longer advisable to make a door leaf. Exceptions are public buildings or very large structures..

In addition to height, width and thickness, it is important to take into account the ratio of the dimensions of the door leaf and its frame. When choosing a box, the main thing is that it easily fits in the doorway and at the same time there are gaps of several millimeters on each side, which subsequently foamed. For best results, the measurement should be taken on a cleaned doorway..

The best option is to purchase the door leaf and the frame together, otherwise you will need to select the dimensions with great accuracy. This is especially inconvenient for non-standard sizes. When installing the frame and door leaf, do not lose sight of the threshold, which is an integral part of the entire structure..

Materials (edit)

To create solid wood doors, oak, pine and some other trees are used. In this option, solid wood is taken, in no case compressed sawdust (chipboard). For the door leaf, it is not necessary to take a single piece of wood. It can be glued together from several elements that have already taken the desired shape. This technique is a bit like a paneled construction, when wooden elements are inserted into a wooden frame. A simplified version of solid wood doors are wooden boards stuffed on a wooden or metal frame. In this case, the door is already considered a panel door..

There are two options for making doors from solid wood – solid wood or spliced. The first option is more expensive, but it looks more solid, it is considered elite. The second option is cheaper and more common, since it is easier to manufacture. The spliced ​​door leaf is made of layers of wooden blocks glued together. To make such a structure stronger, the direction of the wooden fibers of the bars alternates from layer to layer..

Such a structure is not recommended to be installed in place of the front door from the street, since under the influence of rain, sunlight and changes in air temperature, the structure may lose its strength.

It is better to use glued canvases as internal entrance doors: to apartments, offices or service premises. You can distinguish a glued product from an array if you look at the end of the door leaf.

If the front door is made of solid wood, it has a number of significant advantages over products made in any other way:

  • Even in severe frost, such a door remains warm due to its low thermal conductivity;
  • It is characterized by excellent sound insulation;
  • It meets any refined taste and brings aesthetic pleasure, because it has an exceptional appearance, a unique pattern and texture of wood on the canvas;
  • Resistant to corrosive processes;
  • It is an environmentally friendly product;
  • Serves for several decades, provided the correct manufacturing technology and timely repair in case of defects.

Solid wood doors must be accompanied by accompanying accessories, preferably made of the same wood species as the door leaf. These include platbands, extensions and a threshold. Platbands help to close the gaps between the frame and the door leaf. Docks will be needed when the width of the wall exceeds the width of the door frame pillars. The threshold protects the house from water, street dust and drafts, as well as heat leakage from the house.

Sometimes combined products are used: inside the structure is made of solid wood, and outside it has a metal sheet. This option is more practical to use, the door is more durable from the outside, and looks aesthetically pleasing from the inside..

When installing a combined structure, it can be supplemented with a thermal break function. This is a recent invention, which is installed in part of the door leaf and helps to retain heat in the house, the door is not covered with ice from the outside..

The technology lies in the fact that the inner space of the door leaf is filled with a material that does not transfer heat from the inside of the outer part of the structure. A door with a thermal break made of solid wood and a metal base – the best option for an entrance door due to its functionality and aesthetic appearance.

When choosing wooden doors, great attention should be paid to the type of wood from which it is made. The main thing is that the wood must be of high strength and density, especially for doors leading to the street. All types differ among themselves in their characteristics and operational properties:

  • Oak. Products made from it look very solid, reliable and beautiful. This wood is very strong and can last for several decades. Over time, oak takes on a beautiful, sophisticated dark shade. The only drawback of oak is that it is much heavier than other types of wood. In this regard, when installing such doors, fittings have to be chosen for heavy products or to increase the number of hinges..

Larch has similar properties..

  • Ash – a very strong, resilient and flexible wood species. It is considered the same elite material as oak, not inferior to it in density and hardness. Ash is easy to process and looks very beautiful. This material is considered the best for making decorative items. The last stage in manufacturing is drying the wood, after which the door becomes even more durable and resistant to temperature extremes and other environmental influences.
  • Pine – not the best option for doors. The only plus is its attractive appearance. The door from it is subject to deformation under the influence of external factors, since its structure is very porous and has a low density. In addition, this type of wood is sensitive to moisture. Pine products are inexpensive, so they are often used as internal entrance doors for apartments, offices and other rooms inside buildings..

  • Beech – a very popular material for the manufacture of doors, products from it are obtained of sufficient quality. However, the entrance doors are not recommended to be made of beech. The process of technological processing of the door leaf is very capricious. Any slightest violation, and the door will not be resistant to humidity and environmental influences. Beech processing equipment is expensive and not every manufacturer can afford to buy it. The best option for beech is to use it in combination doors on the inside of the door leaf.


Wooden entrance doors can be different in color and design. They can be varnished, then the shade will be natural, wood-like, or you can paint with any paint. It is advisable to choose non-staining, dark shades, since light colors get dirty very quickly.

For original people who like to be the center of attention, the door can be made unique, designer. It is not at all necessary to invite professionals for this, you can do the decoration of the door leaf yourself. It includes the door leaf processing using various materials. They can be paper, varnish, fabric, painting, decoupage, the use of vinyl stickers.

In this case, you can make absolutely any door leaf in appearance, without being limited to anything.

In addition to natural shades of wood and bright multi-colored solutions, the door can be white. White door leaves are elite and are not so common on the market. This color is usually chosen for American or Greek style homes. White is preferred in hot countries, where, under the influence of the sun, dark door leaves fade and quickly heat up, creating additional warmth in hot weather.

An original solution when choosing a door leaf design is antique decoration. It is suitable for rustic country style houses, chic mansions, historic buildings, castles. Such doors are especially popular in bars and cafes stylized as taverns and pubs of the past centuries. For decoration, choose a natural wood color.

The most advantageous and solid look are massive oak models.

An important role is played by the selection of fittings in the old style, which will complete the whole image of the conceived design. This includes hinges, seals, a lock, a peephole. As a decor, you can use decorative lattices, forging, patting, hand cutting. Complement the design with gold-plated moldings, knock rings, armored glass.

The aged solid wood door creates a feeling of comfort, reliability and security. I want to rest for her. Basically, the aged door leaf is made to order. It is important that it fits into the interior and style of the house, matches the color and design.

How to choose?

To choose a reliable front door that would meet all the requirements, you can follow a few tips:

  • The main purpose of the front door is not decoration, but to ensure the safety of people’s lives and the safety of property. Therefore, when choosing this product, first of all, it is worth paying attention to its reliability, service life and protective characteristics..
  • Solid wood door is a very safe design. However, only if during its manufacture none of the stages of production was violated. It is important that only high-quality materials are used, the elements are thoroughly dried and glued together.
  • If you want to save money, it is worth remembering that products made of chipboard or MDF are in no way inferior in their safety and quality to products made from solid wood. However, this material requires a more careful attitude during operation..

  • The most important point is to choose a good lock and hinges. It is they who perform the function of protecting the house. Intruders never break the door leaf itself, but break open locks and hinges. Today, you can easily pick up high-quality fittings that would meet all safety requirements and would be suitable in design..
  • It is especially worth paying attention to how the product performs its functions, in addition to safety and durability: heat and sound insulation, resistance to environmental influences. These functions fade into the background in the case of choosing the door to the apartment, since it is not a street door leading to the house..
  • When choosing an original design, it is always worth remembering that it does not affect safety in any way..

  • When choosing a handle, it is better to give preference to metal products..
  • In order to additionally insulate the house, when installing the door leaf, you can always mount a special structure in it, which has a stiffening rib. An excellent insulation is also a seal, which is mounted in the threshold. Additional insulation is especially important for street doors of cottages, country houses. Combined products with a metal frame, upholstered in wood, do not need additional insulation.

Beautiful interiors

There are many beautiful front doors. Below are photos with examples of the design of the entrance space for inspiration of a classic look or original, painted in various colors and decorated with unusual fittings or decorated in various ways.


This video will give you even more ideas for successful design..

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