Features of the design of doors “accordion”

Most often, when creating a stylish interior, the functional areas of one room, as well as rooms in an apartment or house, are either delimited using various doors, or, on the contrary, visually combined using arches. There are a huge number of interior doors now, they all differ in their appearance, size and design. “Accordion” doors are very original and popular now. This folding structure does not slide to the side, leaving the passage half closed, and does not swing inward or outward. The accordion folds on one side, taking up very little space. That is why such doors are very relevant if you need to save space in the room..

Design options

Sliding doors-“accordion” are several small sections in width, about 10-15 cm, which are fixed to each other with special hinges. These vertical sections are securely held on the frame and slide smoothly along the guides. By opening and closing the door, you ensure the movement of the panel along the guides. They are compactly assembled into an accordion when opened, thus saving a lot of free space.

Basically, such doors are a structure from narrow slats, which are held together by hinges. The lamellas can have glass or mirror inserts, or they can be solid. Rollers are attached to their edges, which move along a guide in order for this structure to fold easily. Most designs include locks that you can use to lock such doors..

Such a door has and base panel. So, folding doors can be roughly divided into two halves. They are fixed in the doorway and fixed on the first, main lamella, and rollers are attached to the second part of the structure. She is mobile. Most designs have a convenient latch that can be used to leave the door open. The role of this retainer is performed by flag stoppers..

There is also models with two guides. This design is more convenient. Accordion sliding doors with synchronizers are the most popular and convenient design. It is this element that allows the doors to move smoothly along the guides..

In addition, in this way, all panels move parallel to each other, ensuring that the door folds evenly..


All “accordion” doors are divided into types depending on what they are made of.


Most often, it is the plastic model that is used as an interior partition. It is a very inexpensive design that is easy to use..

Plastic “accordions” are distinguished by a wide variety of designs and perform mainly a decorative function. These doors are available in a wide variety of colors. Usually kitchen models are made of plastic, since it is a very durable and resistant to changes in humidity and temperature..

Plastic as a material for the manufacture of such copper doors has a large number of advantages. So, it is very durable and does not suffer at all from the effects of mechanical and chemical damage. If you buy a model made of high-quality plastic, it will be completely safe for your health and will serve you for many years..

Such doors do not require special maintenance, they are the most practical of all similar designs. In addition, you can give them any look or buy a model designed in any style with any decor. Plastic structures include PVC models.

They are perfect for installation not only in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom or sauna. This is due to the fact that plastic models are very resistant to high temperatures. Plastic accordion doors do not retain heat inside the room very well and are able to transmit sounds, but if their decorative function is most important to you, then plastic models are exactly what you need.

They are no less practical than products made from natural materials..


Wooden accordion doors look more aesthetically pleasing than plastic ones. Moreover, the tree is used in different forms. So, some models are made of solid oak wood. They are of the highest quality and most reliable. But there are also models from veneer, as well as from MDF, which also includes wood. Framed doors are quite popular wooden structures. Their base is made of solid wood and the upholstery is from chemically recycled wood materials..

Wooden models look very elegant and beautiful. They are of high quality and environmental friendliness. The only drawback of such designs is that they are quite expensive. Outwardly, they may look different. Wooden accordion doors can be veneered or laminated. Also some wooden models are painted.

MDF, MDM, fiberboard

This is an unnatural material that includes a mixture of various components, including natural ones. They look no less presentable than wooden ones, and can completely repeat their appearance. Wood imitation is a distinctive feature of such materials. In addition, such accordion doors are very practical to use..

By weight, they are lighter than natural wood. This is why they are much easier to open. Usually, strong reinforced rollers are required to support wooden accordions. But in this case, you will not need them, because the structure will easily move along the guides. Such doors have a beautiful appearance and interesting design. MDF and chipboard material is used both in one piece and in combination with various inserts. Mirror models or MDF doors with glass look very interesting.


Glass models look very elegant and sophisticated. Typically, the sectors of such doors are wider than those of other models in terms of composition. That is why such doors will take up a little more space than “accordions” made of other materials..

Glass doors can be frame or frameless. Usually they have a very interesting design in the form of alternating matte and transparent glass, as well as in the form of sandblasting or adhesive colored films. There are very beautiful glass models with mosaics. Such models are suitable both for decorating a room in a classic style, and for more modern stylistic trends, such as, for example, high-tech..

The “accordion” glass doors are very elegant and interesting in design. Transparent doors allow you to visually expand the space and make it more spacious. They are a great solution for those who have small rooms at home. So you can smooth the boundaries between rooms and visually expand the apartment or house as a whole..

In addition, transparent models transmit light well and thus also make the room wider. One more additional light source will never be superfluous. A material such as glass is very practical to use, since it perfectly retains heat and does not release it from the room..

In addition, such “accordions” are distinguished by their sound insulation and resistance to external influences, such as moisture, temperature, chemical, biological factors..

Resistance to such influences is their great advantage over wooden models. Glass does not require special treatment to prevent rotting and the spread of bacteria, which cannot be said about wood. Glass doors are very easy to maintain, just dust them off. It can be both opaque and transparent, as well as colored glass “accordions”. Stained glass and mosaic glass models are also very popular..

Folding doors “made of glass have two drawbacks.: high price and weight. They should be reinforced with double rollers, since the structure itself is rather massive and heavy. In addition, such doors are usually not installed if there are very young children at home. After all, by carelessly throwing a ball or a toy, a kid can break doors and get hurt by glass shards. That is why glass doors should be handled very carefully..


These are “accordions”, which are made mainly of textiles. Each such structure is a rigid frame on which a fairly strong fabric is stretched. All sections also fold on one side, but do not wrinkle, since the fabric is stretched very tightly. Structures differ only in poor sound insulation. But soft doors – “accordion” look very elegant.

By design, sliding canvases can be corrugated. This model looks more like a screen. They usually have much fewer sections that also slide smoothly along the rails. The most classic accordion door has a large number of small sections of 5-10 cm. These sections work very synchronously, closing and opening in the same way..

Some people confuse accordion doors with a coupe design. The latter option does not add up, but on the contrary, when opening the component parts overlap each other. Such sliding doors still take up part of the free space in the aisle. “Accordions”, on the other hand, are completely collected at one end of the aisle..

There are also mechanisms – “books”, which fold in half and have only two doors. Double-leaf doors also have a sliding mechanism, but take up more space than folding “accordion” panels. Horizontal doors are also very unusual. They do not fold to the side, like vertical ones, but up or down. They are perfect for installation in a modern room. Such folding models are much more unusual in design than swing ones..

Radial accordion doors are a separate type. This is a model that, unlike the others, is not installed between rooms. They are installed in spacious premises in order to limit one functional area from others. So, you can select a sofa area or a relaxation area in which you can retire, sleep or read a book..

There you can relax and hide from everyone.

The structure is a long door, consisting of a large number of sectors that do not move along a straight guide, but along long rails arranged in a circle or semicircle. Typically, such models separate one functional corner of the room. So you can safely beat the interior of any room, creating the effect of a room in a room. Also, radius “accordions” will help you create a play area in the children’s room. There, a child can come up with a whole magical world for himself and will feel very comfortable..

Other materials are often used to make “accordions”. Aluminum and iron models are very popular. They are visually more massive and therefore are not suitable for every interior design. As a rule, only the frame of these products is made of these materials, and the rest of the structure is made of other materials. In this case, textiles are used in combination with metal. Fabric products or eco-leather models on a metal frame look very nice. Such folding doors will attract the attention of guests and become a highlight of any room. Leather doors – “accordion” look very luxurious.

Advantages and disadvantages

Doors-“accordion” have a large number of both advantages and disadvantages. As for their advantages, first of all it is necessary to note their compactness. They are great if every square centimeter in the house counts. They take up much less space than swing structures.

“Accordion” conveniently folds in the corner and does not interfere at all when moving from room to room. This will make the passage between adjacent rooms more spacious. Another advantage is the versatility of these doors. They are suitable both for spacious walkways between rooms in private houses, and for installation in narrow aisles of standard Khrushchev houses.

They are installed at the entrance to the bathroom, and even in the dressing room. Folding structures in the bathroom are very often used, since they are less susceptible to changes from air humidity. Such doors will not dry out and will not change their external qualities..

Of particular note is the safety of interior doors.. They move along the guides very smoothly, so they are perfect if there are small children or pets at home. So you will not be able to slap a child’s hand or a pet’s tail with an inaccurate movement, as is usually the case when the door is suddenly closed. They do not clap, but, on the contrary, close very neatly..

Also noteworthy are the non-standard dimensions of such structures. Their width and height can be very diverse, so they can be selected for any doorway.

These are very lightweight structures, both folded and unfolded..

Many people write in reviews that accordions look more elegant and sophisticated. Most buyers purchase beautiful interior “accordions” in order to create a unique style in the interior. All these doors do not look like ordinary doors and therefore attract attention..

With the help of such door models, you can give originality to any room., but at the same time it is more practical to organize the entrance space. The big plus is that such structures can be fixed in any position. The door can be left half-open or fully open and fixed in this form for a long time. So you can freely move from one room to another with your hands busy and nothing will bother you..

The accordion doors are very light in themselves, so even small children can easily open them. In addition to soundproofing, their big advantage is that it is a very quiet structure, when it is opened or closed, there is no sound of popping or hitting. They move on hinges and therefore completely eliminate noise while driving.

But such products also have some disadvantages. So, not for every classic interior you can choose such a door. You need to try to guess with style so that it fits correctly into the decor of the room. Also, some cheap designs are not very reliable. Some parts have to be replaced in them..

For heavy structures, the roller mechanism becomes insufficient, it must be strengthened. You may also need to change bearings or hinges, and regularly check the quality of the mechanism and smooth movement of the door. Another disadvantage of “accordions” in comparison with swing structures is that they do not close so tightly. They can leave small gaps at the edges or at the bottom through which noise and odors can penetrate..

That is why they are not very suitable for those for whom sound insulation and the function of keeping warm in the room are very important..

Application in modern interiors

Now there are a huge number of door options that fit any interior style. These are more classic models and non-standard modern harmonicas. They can have a special appearance, in which each sash or section will differ from the neighboring one in design. Such colored accordion doors look very bright and interesting, so they can be installed in a children’s room..

Such models can have a rainbow color scheme. Children’s models of folding doors with images of cartoon characters on each sash look very interesting.

Mirror or glass “accordions” are perfect for decorating a room in the style of minimalism or Hi-Tech. Moreover, such doors are decorated with accent spotlights, filling the room with light and making it more spacious. Often, accordion doors are installed in the living room. In this case, models with wooden frames and stained glass inserts will look very beautiful..

Beautiful plastic structures are installed both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. In bedrooms or for zoning in studio apartments, the “accordion” -shield, which delimits the dressing room or other functional area, looks very interesting. Such a partition can be installed on a loggia or on a French balcony. In this case, models are used from the materials most resistant to low temperatures. Such partitions are most often installed on the balcony only if it is insulated, since they are not too reliable and will release heat and let cold air into the house.

Partitions-“accordions” are installed in the niche. Some also have such doors at the entrance to the closet. They are usually very small, so a compact sliding door is exactly what you need for such a room. All “accordion” doors perfectly fulfill their functional role, but at the same time act as a decorative element in any interior of the house. Folding doors are a stylish and practical solution for any premises.


More about the design features of the doors "harmonic" you will learn from the following video.

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