Glass doors

When installing doors, many tend to choose a model that could complement the different interior of two adjacent rooms and at the same time look harmonious. A glass door is a very stylish and versatile solution. Such structures can fill a room with space and visually expand it. Glass doors can both unite adjacent rooms and functionally delimit them, so it is important to know how to choose a glass door for rooms that are different in purpose and style..

Types and models

All doors are divided into two large groups:

  • interroom;
  • input.

As a rule, glass models are located indoors., since they are not able to provide the proper level of noise and heat insulation, which is typical for other models of entrance doors. But now there are also very reliable entrance glass models, the manufacture of which meets the requirements of GOST, so they are perfect for installation at the entrance to the house. It is believed that all-glass doors are quite fragile, but there are also very strong and reliable tempered glass models. These doors are distinguished by the fact that they are very difficult to break..

There are also models in the manufacture of which it is used triplex technology. In this case, several layers of glass are used, attached to each other with a polymer film. Such double doors practically do not break, but if this happens, then the fragments do not fall off in the form of sharp elements, but hang on this structure. Moreover, it is almost impossible to break such a door with a blunt object and an ordinary blow, they are susceptible only to the effects of sharp objects.

As a rule, premium-class models are made from such glass..

Triplex glass can be made by two technologies – lamination or liquid pouring. Moreover, this technology will affect the thickness of such glass. These can be thin models less than a centimeter thick and thicker up to 5 cm thick. It is from this material that bathroom doors and shower models are most often made..

Models are of very high quality float glass. In this case, the door leaf has a perfectly flat and smooth surface, therefore such a door does not create any optical effects. The door leaf can be of any color and shade. It is perfect for installation on a loggia or in an overly bright room. This model perfectly protects from the sun’s rays.

There are also very unusual models of glass doors created using a technology called fusing. It involves the creation of original and interesting stained glass windows. In this case, small pieces of glass are collected into one big picture, where the fragments create unique patterns. The glass is then baked in ovens at high temperatures, resulting in a beautiful mosaic..

Glass models can be made plexiglass. This is fake glass, based on plastic bonded with acrylic resins. These are completely safe doors that are highly durable. They are unbreakable and completely safe..

Glass structures can be with or without a door frame. Most often, frameless models are purchased for installation in an apartment. They look more elegant and sophisticated. Models without a box are popular because they are able to fill a room with light and lightness..

Framed models are usually not all glass. As a rule, these are doors with a glass insert, and in this case glass acts as a decorative element. The insert can be very large or, conversely, very small. Large inserts most often have only a frame in the form of a thin frame.

They can also vary in size. Most often, glass doors are rather large structures that can be double-leafed or single-leafed. Double-leaf models are installed in large doorways and look more pompous.

Separately, it can be noted transom models. These are rather tall structures, which have a decorative element in the form of a transom on top. That is, there is a small glass window above the door. Transoms can be of any shape.

Models in the form of an arch look very unusual. This is an excellent solution for those who do not want to purchase custom-made doors in a large doorway..

This can make the room more spacious and visually taller..


Glass models are different in the mechanism, that is, in the type of opening. So, there are:


These are models that slide to the side when opening. The door leaf is attached to the top rail. The mechanism itself is very light, the door opens neatly to the side, although outwardly it may not differ in any way from the classic swing model. Sliding carriage doors take up a minimum amount of space in any room.

It is this unusual design that is very often used when creating glass doors. Hanging doors with a rail are great for narrow corridors and not very spacious rooms.


The mechanism of swing glass models is traditional and simple. One or two flaps open in different directions outward or inward. Such models are installed directly in the doorway. They usually have a small nut, but can be used without it..

The mechanism involves fixing the door in the door frame. For this, hinges are used. In some cases, glass doors are fixed to the wall surface..

A special feature of hinged glass doors is that most often these are internal models..


Such models are very unusual as they can open both inward and outward. These are the same swing designs, but more versatile. Usually, such glass doors are installed on closers so that the door does not hesitate in the opening for a long time and quickly returns to its previous position. The mechanism is fixed from two sides: top and bottom.


These glass models are among the most compact. The door leaves are hidden in the wall and become completely invisible. They can also open and close along the walls. Such roll-out models do not take up space at all and are perfect for small-sized premises..

Structures are used both for zoning and for decorating interior openings..

They move along guides, which are most often located in the upper part, but there are also models with lower guides..


Such doors are usually installed indoors in order to highlight one of the functional areas or to carry out unusual zoning. Usually these are rather long accordion doors that have several wings. They open and close, moving along long rails. Moreover, the guides in this case are located along the same radius. This is how they usually decorate the corners in the rooms in case you want to highlight a secluded place..


These glass doors have a rather unusual design. The rotary model revolves around its axis. When the door is opened, one of its sides does not adhere to the wall, creating a right angle, as is the case with conventional structures, but stands perpendicular to the door frame. It allows you to free up space in the room and helps to fill it more functionally..

The swivel mechanism has something in common with the swing and pendulum.

These doors are perfect for installation in small spaces..

With a rotary mechanism

These glass structures have a number of features. First of all, they reduce the opening of the door and thus allow you to save space in the room. Such a door opens in any direction. These designs are quite lightweight, so they are great for those who have small children and pets at home..

Rotary structures are usually fixed with magnets or mechanical locks. They are somewhat reminiscent of a pivoting hinged structure, since the door leaf also stands perpendicular to the door frame. They are most often used when decorating houses and apartments in a modern style..

Colors and designs

Ordinary glass doors look quite simple, so manufacturers tend to decorate and individualize them in some way. Glass itself is quite simple, but now there are a huge number of techniques for applying patterns to such a canvas. The glass is decorated with beautiful sandblasted lines that can be folded into geometric patterns and even whole images. Also, beautiful engravings in the form of prints and inscriptions are made on the doors..

Glass painting is a very popular trend.. So the door leaf can become a whole work of art. Such a door will undoubtedly be the highlight of any room. A very popular way to decorate is to create stained glass windows. Mosaic technique is considered no less famous and elegant. These doors look very bright and stylish..

Glass door decor can be done by spraying. Colored stones are even used to decorate the door leaf. Most often these are artificial analogs, since they are lighter and safer. Nowadays, glass doors with a frame made of unpainted pine are considered very fashionable. In this case, the glass acts as an insert.

The color of wenge with glass also looks very elegant. All of these wooden models are luxurious and are perfect for classic interiors. Glass doors can differ not only in design, but also in color. So, the white, black, silver and gold models are very popular. Such doors are universal and suitable for any style of premises..

It is best if the door matches the colors of the rooms to which it leads..

Therefore, when choosing a color, you should rely on wall and floor coverings, as well as on the interior design of the room..

Optional accessories

It is impossible to imagine a single door without fittings. Despite the fact that the design of glass doors is usually minimalist, a large number of accessories must be purchased for them. So, for pendulum models, you definitely need to buy closers. They make these doors safer to use and extend their lifespan..

Glass door fittings should be small, but at the same time it must withstand a rather large weight of such structures. This is especially true for loops. Most often, the fittings for glass models are metal. It is very reliable and functional. When choosing, pay attention to the hinges, they should not squeak.

Handles are usually chosen not to be bulky, in some cases they even avoid using classic handles on such designs. There are also models with locks. They are usually also metal and are most often made in gold or silver. Also very important for glass doors are accessories such as travel stops. They make them safer to use..

The bottom guides are equally important. They are required for bypass models. Also for such a door, you can purchase silicone pads, they are usually fixed to the walls in rooms..

This prevents damage to the wall coverings and makes the use of swing doors more convenient..

Accommodation features

The main feature of the placement of glass doors is that they are often used for zoning or delimiting the interior space. This door can be installed in any room. They look very harmonious in any interior. Such doors are very often installed in the corridor. This is due to the fact that they are able to fill this often narrow and dark room with light and spaciousness..

Glass doors can also be placed at the entrance to the living room, and this applies more to rooms decorated in a modern style. For the living room, swing structures are usually purchased; models with two doors are also very popular. For small rooms, such as a bathroom, sliding models are used that open along the wall. They take up a minimum of free space.

Also, glass doors are installed in the bathrooms in the shower niche. Such models are moisture and heat resistant and at the same time very durable. Usually, such doors are not installed in rooms where noise and sound insulation is an important factor, since they are not as reliable in terms of noise protection as compared to swing structures..

In a private or country house, some install such doors at the entrance to the house. These are large premium bivalves made of plexiglass. They look very stylish and fulfill their role no worse than any other entrance door..

This is a very stylish and reliable solution for any modern cottage..

Can be used as a partition?

It is believed that glass doors can only be used as a separation of space between rooms. But there are very interesting large radius models that perfectly fulfill the role of partitions. They are most often used to divide comfort zones. This door will help you separate the functional corners of the room..

Glass opaque doors can also be used as a screen in a dressing room or bedroom. You can also use a slider door for zoning. It will act as a partition when you need this functional element. You can open the entire structure or fold it in half, hiding one sash behind the other.

This is a great solution for a studio apartment, as well as kitchens, where it is necessary to separate the apron area from the dining room..

How to remove stains on a matte surface?

Very often, glass doors retain fingerprints, as well as vapor stains if they are located in the kitchen. Therefore, some glass doors with decorative coatings are very difficult to clean. Abrasive detergents are completely unsuitable for this, since they can destroy the decorative coating, and the door will lose its former appearance. In no case should you use for washing such a design means that include silicone, alkali, acids.

If the stains are not too large and barely visible, a damp microfiber cloth and a mild soap solution can be used. But if this method does not help, you can prepare a special mixture that removes stains from glass surfaces..

So, you can mix 200 ml of water and 3 tablespoons of chalk. Another option is to create an ammonia solution. In this case, one tablespoon of ammonia must be put per liter of water. Another variation on glass stain remover is a vinegar solution, which is prepared by mixing a glass of water with a tablespoon of vinegar. Choosing any of these mixtures, you must thoroughly mix all the ingredients, and then soak a soft cloth in it..

The glass on the door leaf must be treated on both sides, paying special attention to the dirtiest areas. In some cases, the procedure will have to be repeated two times. Never use scrapers or spatulas for this. You can give preference to rubber sponges or special suede cloths, which are designed for cleaning glass surfaces.

After wiping the doors, wipe them dry with a clean cloth..

You can also use a ready-made glass cleaner available in stores to remove stains..

Manufacturers and reviews

Italian brands are very famous Longhi, Garofoli, Rimadesio. The door design is developed in Italy, such doors look luxurious and sophisticated. Brands present models with stylish geometric patterns, glossy and matte models. Customer reviews testify to the high quality and long service life of such doors. Sliding doors from Germany are made of exclusive materials and, for all their external simplicity, they look very elegant.

German manufacturers are no less popular DeHaus and Tornhoff. These brands produce both interior models and partition doors. Brand name DeHaus even offers glass doors for shower stalls.

Analysis of reviews showed that many people buy glass doors made in China.

They write that these are fairly reliable products at a lower price compared to the cost of some other manufacturers..

Successful options in the interior

Glass doors are used to decorate and separate rooms that are completely different in their interior. So, sliding glass partitions with colored glass inserts look very beautiful. Such models are perfect for zoning and dividing different functional areas and fill the interior with bright colors. These products are able to bring comfort to the interior of any room..

There are also very beautiful doors that combine dark and white glass. They look very elegant and laconic. Transparent elements allow light to pass through well and allow you to add light accents in an interesting way. Frosted glass sliding structures perfectly complement any modern interior. They are ideal for hi-tech or techno room decoration..

Some even install such doors at the entrance to the study, if it is located at home. So you can do business and watch children and other household members through the glass. For modern interiors, very often the simplest glass doors with an aluminum frame are purchased. These designs are very reliable, and at the same time they look quite simple, but stylish. In this case, the glasses are decorated with silver dusting or an abstract pattern..

Pendulum glass models look very fashionable in modern interiors. Moreover, some of these products have unusual prints. In this case, glass is able to smooth out right angles in the interior and make it more concise..

You will learn more about glass doors in the following video..

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