Glossy interior doors

Interior doors are not only a necessary functional element of any room. A well-chosen option is able to correct some imperfections in rooms, to give the interior a special attractive look.

One of the newest trends in interior design is the design of doorways with glossy designs. A variant of such a coating will look very original, attractive, and at the same time quite versatile. The most common are classic white and black door leafs..


If you are still in doubt about the choice of glossy interior doors, pay attention to their following advantages:

  • Available in a wide range, which allows you to use them in interiors of various styles.
  • Are universal – perfectly in harmony with many types of flooring, wall and ceiling decoration.
  • Do not require special cleaning and maintenance. It is enough just to periodically wipe the surface with a slightly damp cloth. In case of heavy contamination, you can use a regular furniture polish..
  • Strength – glossy structures are processed using high-quality materials, thanks to which they are reliably protected from various mechanical damage, such as scratches, cracks, deformation and others.
  • Have a long service life, which means that they retain their original external VED and operational characteristics for an impressive period of time.

  • Moisture resistance. Cloths of glossy doors are made of materials that cannot absorb moisture. This provides reliable protection against the formation of mold and mildew. This advantage makes it possible to install such doors in a bathroom and other rooms with a high level of air humidity..
  • Have heat resistance, therefore they can be easily used in the design of the kitchen.
  • Have soundproofing properties. The importance of this advantage is difficult to overestimate, because everyone knows the situation when you want to read a book in a calm atmosphere, while loud music is being listened to in the next room..
  • Materials used in production, equipment and technologies provide a fairly acceptable price level.
  • Visually expand the space, fill the room with additional light.


But glossy doors also have disadvantages that cannot be ignored:

  • It is necessary to clean them quite often and thoroughly.. Most often you can find doors made of black or white gloss. Every speck of dust is noticeable on the black surface, in addition, fingerprints are imprinted. Whites also get dirty quickly, especially in the area of ​​the doorknob. Therefore, in order for the doors to always look fresh and neat, they need to be looked after more often..
  • Do not always fit well into the interior. In principle, white gloss successfully complements a room in almost any style, but in some cases it can blend in with the walls. A dark, massive design draws attention to itself, so it is often better to try other bright colors..

As we can see, there are much more positive aspects..

In addition, shortcomings can be eliminated with the help of a well-thought-out room design, as well as with proper care of the products..


Various materials are used in the manufacture of glossy interior doors. The structure is covered with a laminate or plastic, then the surface is covered with a special varnish or enamel.

On the market of glossy doors, you can find the following types:

  • Wooden. The frame of such doors is made of wood, which ensures structural reliability and a neat appearance for a long period of use..
  • Laminated. They boast excellent black or white gloss, as the top layer of the product is represented by a laminate.
  • MDF. An inexpensive version of the frame, covered with a sheet of MFD (wood board obtained from powdered sawdust as a result of pressing). Then the surface is varnished in several layers. Is a budget option.
  • Veneer. The frame of such a door is covered with veneer and then a glossy finish. This option is one of the most popular on the market..
  • Sliding doors. This option has gained wide popularity due to its functionality and convenience. Looks great in bedrooms, kitchens, small hallways and other rooms.


In addition, glossy doors can be solid and composite.

The first option, in other words, blind smooth doors is a solid door leaf. They look simple, stylish and versatile, so they will look great both in the office and in the minimalistic design of the apartment. Among such designs are Economy class models..

Composite glossy doors are predominantly luxury options. Their characteristic features are the presence of a variety of decorative elements, such as fragments of glass, mirrors, polished metal, volumetric drawings. With their help, the room will look more pretentious and sophisticated..

Design solutions

Despite the fact that glossy doors are, in principle, universal and fit perfectly into a variety of interiors of premises, you should still pay due attention to thinking through various details of the repair, take into account the characteristic features, form the final representation of the appearance of the room, especially if you are inclined to non-standard design option.

If the rooms in the apartment are decorated in different styles, then white interior doors will help to achieve harmony, because they are the most neutral and versatile option. They fit perfectly into both the classic interior style and modern style. Also, a white door will perfectly complement a Provence-style room..

Glossy white canvases effectively set off the dark floor.

A dark floor, window frames and furniture with a white baseboard and door will be combined in a rather original way within the same room. The design can be either standard or coupe.

If white, despite its versatility, seems boring to you, alternative options would be doors of milky, beige, ivory and other shades of a pastel palette..

Black doors fit well into the modern style of rooms, hi-tech, modern. This option gives a certain sophistication and focuses on the clarity of the lines. Gloss looks great in a room with plain wallpaper. You can try an exquisite design option in black and white with doors in a contrasting color..

A characteristic feature of the glossy door is the overflow effect. This allows you to make it not just an addition to the design, but a real accent..

To this end, give preference to bright colors, as well as with various decorative elements: glass and mirror inserts, embossed patterns.

Often during installation, a completely logical question arises, which side to put the door on – matte or glossy.

There are certain rules to be followed. The front side of the doorway is the one that is located on the side of the main entrance or from the side of a large hall or a room where there are several doors (for example, an entrance hall). From this side, all doors should look the same. Simply put, it is recommended to direct the glossy side to the corridor, and the matte side to the room itself. So the person entering will be able to appreciate the beauty of the door before getting inside..

In addition, many people prefer to keep some interior doors open. In this case, the glossy side will be visible, and the seamy side will look at the wall..

It should be noted that this rule is not rigid, in practice there are also opposite options, when the door is installed with the front side inside the room. Individual preferences play a role here. The main thing is to observe the principle of unity: all interior doors should look outward either with the glossy side or matte.

Selection Tips

If you decide to decorate your home with glossy doors, consider the recommendations of the experts.

The main thing to understand is that glossy doors will cost the buyer a little more than similar matte doors. The reason is that it is more difficult to achieve a glossy effect – the door leaf is repeatedly polished or varnished in several layers. Accordingly, this process is expensive..

The price of the product will depend on the manufacturer: the cost of a door from a world-class company will be higher than that of a little-known manufacturer. In this matter, it is very important to pay attention to quality..

Before purchasing, carefully study the condition of the door from all sides.

It is important to make sure that the paint or varnish is evenly coated and that the surface is polished properly. The presence of visible defects on the door signals the low quality of the product. It is better to refuse such a purchase in favor of a more worthy option..

Consider the strength, durability and basic performance of the doors when choosing them. There are also budget models on the market, as well as luxury models..

It is equally important to take the choice of door hardware seriously. Its color should contrast with the main color of the door, while emphasizing the color of the furniture in the room..


More and more people prefer glossy doors. Consumers appreciate them for their versatility, style, aesthetics, functionality, and the possibility of using them in any interior style. The unique glossy shine, which gives the feeling of wide space, light, cleanliness and freshness, is very attractive. They are resistant to mechanical stress, strong, durable, unpretentious in care.

Installing glossy doors is a modern and popular solution in interior design. Due to their versatility, they will be appropriate both in residential and office premises. There are budget and luxury models available on the market.

In any case, a glossy door is always stylish, elegant, reliable and durable..

You will learn more about glossy interior doors in the following video..

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