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Today, the building materials market offers a wide variety of door models that will appeal to many buyers. The technical requirements for such products are always very serious. They must be safe, multifunctional, practical and, of course, must serve their intended service life and fully justify the wishes of those who purchase them. Also, do not forget that any door, in addition to its main functions, must be stylish. What modern, popular and practical door models from the famous Kapelli brand to pay attention to, as well as what advantages and features the products from this company have, you will learn further.

About company

The manufacturer of one of the highest quality doors on the Russian market is the Kapelli trademark. For the first time, a company called Intechplast presented for sale models under this brand, which were manufactured using the most modern equipment and technical capabilities. In addition, all products from the brand corresponded and currently correspond not only to domestic, but also to international quality standards..

For almost 20 years, Intechplast has been pleasing many buyers with doors, made to last, because they are purchased not only for private houses and apartments, but also for offices and various public institutions. Kapelli is a real guarantee of quality and safety, products from the brand will never let you down, because over many years of operation they have fully justified themselves.

I would also like to note that all products manufactured by the brand are considered environmentally friendly. At Intechplast and directly at Kapelli, you can find many certificates confirming this information. From year to year, various models of Kapelli doors are presented at construction and interior exhibitions, which are recommended by real professionals in the construction business. Of course, you should pay attention to such building materials, because their prices are reasonable..


If you decide to purchase Kapelli doors, then you are unlikely to go wrong and make a mistake with your choice..

All products of this brand have many advantages:

  • Kapelli doors have no water absorption and, moreover, they have the lowest vapor permeability.
  • Thanks to the use of modern technologies in the manufacture of doors from this brand, you can easily install them even in those rooms where the humidity is considered very high. Also, such products are suitable for saunas, swimming pools and baths..

  • Many establishments, including hospitals and clinics, prefer Kapelli because they allow the use of various chlorine-containing products to clean them..
  • One of the most important advantages is the long service life of the doors, since they have a very low thermal conductivity coefficient. It is very important to note that such products can serve their customers several times longer than, for example, chipboard models..
  • When choosing doors from this brand, you probably will not know what rust, rot and mold are, since all products from Kapelli undergo specialized processing. In addition, they are made from appropriate materials that do not cause “ugly” external inconveniences. If you are looking for a suitable model for an open space, for example, for a balcony or terrace, then be sure to pay attention to the doors from this brand..

  • The manufacturer focuses on the needs and wishes of a wide variety of buyers, so doors from them can be chosen with or without glazing, as well as in a variety of sizes, including non-standard models.

Of course, this is not a complete list of the advantages and features of products from the Kapelli brand, but the most important thing is that reliability, a huge assortment and, of course, complete safety simply cannot but please any, even the most fastidious client..

Product overview

Among the extensive range of the brand, you will find the following types of doors:

  • Kapelli clasic. The models have increased moisture resistance, heat and sound insulation, fire safety, durability and ease of installation. You can even install such doors yourself. For cladding classic Kapelli doors, heat-resistant PVC sheets are used, which are considered very durable. The inner part of the doors is made of moisture-resistant material. All elements of models of this type are considered to be of very high quality, due to which the durability of the product itself is justified, despite the fact that the doors are regularly opened and closed. Among the assortment of classic doors, be sure to pay attention to models with a porthole and to smooth ones that will perfectly fit into the minimalism style..

  • Kapelli connect. Models of this type are ideal for a stylish separation of the interior space, they have a very strong frame structure, so over time they will retain not only their presentable appearance, but also will not creak. Also, such doors are called side doors, because their counter parts are made without the so-called edge. Kapelli Connect doors will always delight with their appearance, environmental friendliness and practicality, and a wide range of models with a wide variety of finishes will allow even the most fastidious customers to make a choice..

  • Kapelli universal are interior doors based on an aluminum frame, which are designed and manufactured according to the latest modern technologies using safe materials. Doors of this type are considered completely moisture resistant, in addition, their design is really considered universal, since it does not require additional alignment of the door opening. The metal profile is completely protected from destruction, deformation and the formation of rot.
  • Also, be sure to pay attention to the side door models. Kapelli ecoline, which are made exclusively with telescopic moldings.

  • Kapelli eco Are completely smooth door models with an aluminum finish. They have excellent sound insulation and always look modern. They are manufactured using high technologies, as well as using modern equipment and materials. Suitable for both home and office installations.
  • Fireproof models also presented in the assortment of the brand in large quantities. They come in a wide variety of colors. They can be made for wood or metal. Available in various sizes with hardware included, including lock and hinges.

In most cases, the hardware comes with the door, but the accessories are not, but they can also be easily purchased. For doors, they most often include boxes, platbands, thresholds, end plates and some other elements that are needed for installing doors. Although some models can be installed independently at home, many experts recommend seeking help from professionals so that any door meets all the wishes of buyers and their expectations..

On average, Kapelli doors will cost the buyer 7-10 thousand rubles. The doors themselves are not very heavy, so they will not cause unnecessary problems during transportation to the installation site.

Customer Reviews

Most of the buyers who bought doors from the Kapelli brand left extremely positive reviews about them. According to them, they are not only durable and easy to use, but also completely unpretentious in maintenance. A huge assortment allows you to choose models directly for the home and even for the street, as well as choose the right size. In addition, the prices for them are very pleasant..

Doors from this brand are advised not only by amateurs, but also by real professionals, since it is quite difficult for them to find such high-quality analogues. The assortment includes a variety of models. Here are both composite options and interroom options – for every taste and place in a house, apartment or in the country.

You will learn how to install Karelli doors in the following video.

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