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In recent years, the design of entrance doors has changed so much that now even the most knowledgeable buyer is lost from the choice of models. The doors to the apartment not only serve as protection from outsiders entering the house, but also become the primary decoration of the room, because the front door characterizes not only the home as a whole, but also the taste of its owners. The door leaf is no longer just a blank sheet of metal, but a real design delight. Models with a mirror on the inside of the entrance door are especially popular..


It is convenient to order just such a door in order to save space on the walls. It is often difficult to place a large mirror vertically in small vestibules, since it is necessary to hang a hanger for outerwear somewhere and place shoe cabinets along the walls. But in addition to visual beauty and a successful design solution with space saving in the corridor space, the mirror on the door has a number of practical advantages:

  • Allows you to see yourself at full height and evaluate your appearance before going beyond the threshold.
  • Lamps reflecting in a mirror surface fill the room with light more intensely and visually make the corridor wider and more spacious.
  • The reflection of the corridor visually enlarges its space. This can significantly improve the situation with the feeling of tightness in a small corridor..
  • The mirror on the door will make any hallway cozy, giving the interior an exquisite look.
  • The mirrored surface will give visible lightness even to a massive door leaf.

Inset design

The skillfully chosen shape of the mirror and its size can make even the most ascetic corridor stylish. This design design of the front door ideally combines practicality and visual appeal. But if it is difficult to decide on a completely mirrored inner surface of the door, you can opt for a canvas with inserts from mirrors..

They are as follows:

  • One narrow strip along the entire web vertically.
  • Several small (4-5) wide horizontal mirror strips.
  • A row of narrow stripes arranged horizontally with a small gap between them.
  • Curved vertical mirror insert.

  • Mirror divided into equal squares at the same distance.
  • Subtle mirrored geometric patterns.
  • Graceful lines from a mirror with smooth weaves, forming intricate designs.
  • Narrow oval mirror in the center of the canvas.
  • Full-length matt mirror with shiny mirror pattern.

  • Mirror stripe with matte pattern on it.
  • Two thin stripes vertically positioned on the inner surface of the entrance door.
  • Diamond-shaped inserts.
  • Forging elements combined with a mirror.

In addition, reflective glasses are built-in and overhead. Any of these options is able to transform housing literally from the doorway. The main thing is to choose something specifically for the style of the house or even create the entire interior with an eye on the door design. The mirrors used for this can be of different color shades (bronze, gold) and differ in the degree of reflection.

Overlays and inserts are often placed on the inner surface of steel entrance doors. Two-sided finish is more suitable for a private mansion, a guarded office or a closed vestibule for several apartments.

Such a door usually has forged elements on the outside, giving it a reliable and respectable look..

But in multi-apartment residential buildings, it is more practical to choose an option with only interior decoration. If desired, from the side of the apartment, the product can be decorated with illumination on the slopes. This will give the door a special individual chic..


Despite the visual appeal in the interior, an entrance door with a mirror has its drawbacks:

  • If the mirror insert occupies a large area of ​​the door, it becomes difficult to install the peephole and the door handle..
  • Requires caution during operation, since a mirror is an easily breakable material.
  • A broken mirror often has to be replaced in a workshop, which means removing the door leaf from its hinges and transporting it to the place of repair.
  • A high-quality mirror cannot be cheap, which means that a model with such an insert will cost a round sum.
  • Needs regular care. All spots and dust are visible on the mirror surface. Therefore, you have to wipe it with special means every day..

Sometimes it is not recommended to install large mirrors in the house for medical reasons, if someone from the residents is diagnosed with mental disorders. Also, adherents of the Feng Shui direction oppose the mirror panels inside the door, believing that mirrors without a beautiful frame take in positive energy..

You can solve all these problems in the following ways:

  • For decoration, mirrors of a smaller size are often used than a door leaf made of metal. The peephole is cut from the side rather than the center, sacrificing good visibility for the sake of the integrity of the beautiful design.
  • It is necessary that when opening the front door, the mirror does not come into contact with the wall or furniture. It is better to install a stopper on the floor to prevent damage to the mirror sheet.
  • It is better to choose a model with a mirror that is easy to replace at home.

  • The cost of a high-quality door leaf at the entrance to the house, in principle, cannot be considered a minus. Rather, it is a profitable investment for your own safety..
  • In the process of opening and closing the door, it is advisable to grasp the handle, and not the canvas itself. Then the care of the mirror will be infrequent and minimal in time and costs for household chemicals..

To the credit of modern manufacturers of metal doors, in models with a mirror on the inside, an insert of locking devices and accessories is provided during the production process. Entrance structures with mirrored elements are equipped with hidden locks at the factory. Such “invisibility” prevents the contact of the mirror with the key and the appearance of scratches..

Installation is carried out so that the opening and closing of the door is automatic due to insufficient tight fit of the sash, which affects the resistance of the door lock to mechanical opening and burglary.

Features of production

The production of entrance doors with mirrors is carried out using the same technologies as for all other models. The process differs only in the need for fixing reflective glass. The mirrors are fixed to the canvas using mounting glue and fasteners.

Adhesive without chemical constituents is used only for installing medium-sized mirror inserts. Sometimes double-sided tape is also used, which gives the canvas additional cushioning.

Fixation of large and heavy mirrors is carried out mechanically using screws and self-tapping screws that securely hold the mirror from all sides.

Selection rules

The design and practicality of a metal structure with a mirror are not at all the only qualities that an iron entrance door of this type should be endowed with. First of all, the doors leading to the house must be reliable..

In addition to the above factors, the following criteria must be taken into account when choosing:

  • Security. For the manufacture of the leaf, stiffening ribs and the door block, durable high-quality materials must be used. It is better to give preference to hidden hinges that can withstand heavy loads, locks with a high class of burglary resistance and a web with anti-burglary pins.
  • Heat and sound insulation. The task of the front door is to prevent not only the penetration of uninvited guests, but also sounds and drafts.
  • It is preferable to choose a model with a removable mirror. The easier it is to remove it from the canvas, the easier it is to change the mirror itself, the lock or change the door design if necessary..

Considering these recommendations, it is not difficult to choose a decent door to enter the house. But you will have to decide on the design yourself, based on your preferences and the general interior..

Despite the fact that there is a large assortment of finished products from manufacturers on the market, you can always order a metal door leaf with a mirror according to an individual project.

In the video below you can see an overview of one of these products..

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