Non-standard entrance metal doors

Non-standard entrance metal doors

Entrance metal doors are very popular among modern consumers, due to their many positive qualities. It must be said that such structures perfectly protect housing not only from extraneous sounds and cold, but also from uninvited guests..


Speaking about non-standard metal doors, first of all, attention should be paid not to the design, but to the size of the structure. This is precisely the distinctive feature of the doors. Basically, such models are used in houses that were developed according to unique projects. The difference from conventional options is that these designs are intended for wider doorways.

Often, non-standard models are used for private cottages and country houses. It is known that most of these structures are developed according to an individual plan. In this case, metal doors are made to order in accordance with the dimensions of the doorway.

The structure should not be less than 900 mm wide and 2 m high. These dimensions are due to safety rules.

Often, for the arrangement of houses, models of non-standard parameters are used that have fire-fighting properties. Unlike classic options, these doors have increased strength and reliability..

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any model, non-standard metal doors have certain advantages and disadvantages..

The advantages of input products include:

  • are distinguished by high protective qualities;
  • provide good sound insulation;
  • contribute to keeping warm in the house.

In addition, the models have good aesthetic qualities. Thanks to this, they fit favorably into the modern interiors of apartments and houses. Another advantage of non-standard metal models is the presence of additional stiffeners. Due to these elements, the reliability and strength of the entrance structure increases..

Often, manufacturers complement doors with reinforced hinges, which can also be distinguished as an advantage. The use of these elements in the base allows you to firmly hold the weight of the structure.

Non-standard products are complemented by a sturdy door frame. For the manufacture of structures, high quality metal is used, which provides strength and durability during use. Most often, iron anchors are used to fasten the box..

As for the shortcomings, they also exist. The first significant drawback is the not too wide range of choices, in comparison with standard models. Many buyers have to purchase custom-made entrance doors.

It is worth paying attention to the cost of structures. Compared to the standard options, the price is slightly higher. This is especially true when buyers have turned to custom-made doors..

How to choose?

Choosing an iron door of non-standard sizes, you need to pay attention to several significant points. Before going to the store, be sure to take measurements of the opening. Pay attention to the operating conditions. Basically, iron doors are universal for both private houses and apartments. They do not lend themselves to negative influences from external factors..

One of the most important criteria is the security level of the door.. In this case, the thickness of the metal and the structural features of the frame are taken into account. Be sure to ask about the number of layers of material in the canvas. The durability and strength of the model depends on the stiffeners inside the door. The more of these elements are present in the basis of the product, the higher its performance will be..

Pay attention to the insulation material.

The heat and sound insulation properties of the structure depend on its quality. Mainly, mineral wool is used for entrance doors. Often, foam and polyurethane foam are used in the base. If the model is cheap, the presence of insulation is not provided..

An important point is the weight of the custom design. A quality product is always heavy, and this must be taken into account first of all. The large weight of the door is due to the fact that there is a sufficient number of stiffeners in the base. Many high-quality entrance models are equipped with anti-vandal cover. Such doors will also be appropriate if there are animals in the house that are able to scratch the cladding..

High-quality designs are always complemented by a quality certificate and a product passport. It is in this document that all the technical characteristics of the non-standard model are indicated.

Installation tips

When installing a custom metal door, please note that such a process must be performed by a professional. If a clear sequence of actions is not followed, the structure will not “show” its operational and protective qualities to the full.

If you have the necessary skills, you can do the process yourself. First you need to take the final measurements so that in the future there will be no problems with the installation..

Then you need to start dismantling the old canvas if you are updating the structures. Keep in mind that if you have a standard model, after removing it, you will need to widen the opening. But this is not always allowed in accordance with safety rules. In the process of dismantling, it is imperative to remove the door frame as well. If a model of non-standard sizes was previously installed, then there is no need for this. You just need to replace the old canvas with a new door.

Be sure to consider the weight of the structure. Installing a metal door is best done with one or more assistants..


Reviews of buyers and specialists will help in choosing an entrance metal door of non-standard sizes. Many consumers claim that such models are no different from conventional options. The only feature is the size of the structures.

Customers noted that these models look harmoniously in the interior.. The doors can be used in both classic and modern styles. If you decide to order an individual production, you can choose the perfect option in accordance with your personal preferences..

Specialists in the construction and repair industry claim that designs of non-standard sizes are not much different from ordinary doors..

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