Olovi doors

Olovi doors

The Finnish company Olovi has been manufacturing and selling interior doors for more than 10 years, which are designed for a wide range of consumers. With their help, you can protect and stylistically complement any room, be it an apartment or an office. A huge assortment and affordable prices allow buyers to find the ideal option that suits a specific doorway.

Product advantages

The Olovi company is conscientious about its duties, therefore all the products it produces are of high quality. Affordable prices add up due to the fact that the company’s production workshops are located in Russia.

The buyer has the opportunity to purchase high-quality foreign-made goods at their usual prices. By comparing the price tags in specialized stores, you can be sure that Olovi products have a lower price than their counterparts..

The peculiarity of the products is that they are designed to be easy to install..

Each model has special fittings, able to prevent the occurrence of mechanical damage during installation. Door frames are manufactured in standard sizes to fit any doorway.

All structures have a honeycomb filling, which provides high protection against the penetration of extraneous sounds and noises. You can also purchase a rebated door, which significantly enhances sound insulation..

Wide range of models

The Olovi company produces several types of doors, which differ from each other in design features and purpose. The range consists of doors with a quarter and a quarter, smooth, laminated and paneled products.

Models with a quarter have improved operational properties thanks to the rebates, which allows even a layman to install the door. The process will take very little time and effort, but in the end it will turn out to give the room a perfect look. Factory processing allows you to install the box already in the prepared holes, which greatly facilitates the task.

Each model is a door leaf, consisting of honeycomb filler, MDF, built-in lock and a sleeve for fixing the hinges. The product itself can be made of MDF or solid wood, the edges of which are processed with a special wear-resistant film.

Smooth canvases are coated with the highest quality paint and varnish. All materials are environmentally friendly and have special certificates confirming their quality.

The coating is resistant to any mechanical damage, so the product will have an attractive appearance for a long time.

Laminated models are distinguished by their aesthetic appearance and increased wear resistance. A special 3D coating using Wood Look technology makes the product as similar as possible to natural wood, which is subsequently distinguished by its high strength.

Some models may have a glass insert.

The paneled doors have a high level of wear resistance due to the acid-cured paintwork.

The panel can be straight or arched to perfectly highlight the dignity of the room. Most often they are installed in offices and other public institutions..

Quarter-less canvases are an economical option, which, nevertheless, is reliable and of high quality. The door frame can be painted in three colors: white, Italian and Milanese walnut. Products without a quarter have a smaller frame; plastic is used as an edge to match the color of the door. Installation of the product is not difficult because it comes with all the necessary components.

Design features

All elements that make up Olovi doors are of high quality. Locks are installed on both interior and interior products – it all depends on the model. You can close the lock using a regular key or a thumbturn, which will securely fix the door handle and prevent the door from being opened from the other side..

If there is a desire to reinstall the lock, then you just need to change the location of the latch to 180. Without a door handle, the lock will not work well.

The company produces door handles in several colors to diversify the design of the door leaf. Also included with the product are standard strong hinges that are able to hold both a regular and a reinforced door..

Some models have fire locks that resist deformation of the box at high temperatures. It is these products that are most often installed in office premises so that in the event of a fire, all employees can leave the building..

All products of the company undergo special checks, which are designed to identify defects or any damage. Each product has its own passport with the specified production date, change and personal signature of the packer. All packages must be labeled with a barcode.

To ensure that the products are not damaged during transportation, the sturdy packaging has heat shrinkage and corrugation. This eliminates the likelihood of damage to the goods and helps to deliver it safe and sound to the right place..

For the features of Finnish doors, see the following video.


Olovi’s products are in stable demand among Russian buyers. Interior doors from the manufacturer are distinguished by affordable cost, versatile style and high quality. As a result, many public institutions and apartments decorate and protect Olovi products..

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