Paint for metal doors: features of choice

Paint for metal doors: features of choice

Sooner or later in the life of every homeowner, there is a need to update the appearance of a metal entrance door, and painting in this case is the best option. Thanks to dyeing, you can add attractiveness to the product and reliably protect it from the harmful effects of various environmental factors. This process of updating the door system is quite simple, but rather painstaking, has many subtleties..

Paint for metal doors and the features of its choice is one of the nuances that the owner will first of all face when starting to paint the surface.


Painting entrance doors made of metal is a good option for finishing the main material of the structure, which can guarantee proper protection against adverse environmental influences, as well as a method for giving a stylish and beautiful look to the product. The choice of paint should be taken seriously, since an incorrectly selected coating will not provide adequate protection and will soon begin to peel off the surface, which is extremely undesirable from an aesthetic point of view.

Currently, a large number of alloys are used in the manufacture of doors, completely different in appearance and physicochemical characteristics. Based on the listed criteria, the main task of the consumer is the correct selection of paint with the necessary adhesion, compatible with the existing type of material of the entrance door..

Correctly selected paint will transform the product not only externally, but also:

  • will create reliable protection against moisture;
  • corrects some defects of the metal surface;
  • will fill the existing voids in the material;
  • prevent corrosion.

What are the entrance doors?

Manufacturers of metal doors are trying to please consumers all the time, and for this purpose they improve their products, trying to extend its life in different ways. Exterior finish plays an important role in this matter..

In addition to coating with conventional paints and varnishes, rather recently, manufacturers began to use powder spraying of metal street doors. Products with powder-polymer spraying are guaranteed to retain their aesthetic appearance for a long time.

The unique properties and impeccable quality of this coating are due to strict adherence to technological regimes during polymerization at high temperatures..

Coated doors are reliably protected from the harmful effects of various factors. Similar technical characteristics of sprayed metal doors make it possible to use them as external ones. Often they are installed on the street, at the entrances to private buildings, office premises, and various public buildings. Most owners install structures with such a coating in apartments, in order to protect them from minor mechanical damage..

Types of paint for metal

The installation location of the front door plays an important role in the choice of paint. In order to determine which composition you need to purchase, you need to know what types of these coatings are and how they differ from each other.

Today the assortment of paints is quite large, but there are several main types:


Quite a popular option, since it protects the material from corrosion, has a low cost, dries quickly enough, regardless of weather conditions and can be applied by various methods. Among the shortcomings – fragility, quickly loses its gloss, with intensive use after a couple of years, you will have to update the coating.

This enamel contains toxic substances, so painting should be done in a well-ventilated place..

Oil paint or PF

The most optimal solution, the ideal price-quality ratio, has a number of advantages:

  • the coating has good adhesion to metal, which ensures the durability of the painting;
  • has a pleasant gloss that lasts for a long time;
  • the painted product is protected from moisture and UV rays;
  • has significant resistance to mechanical damage.

This coating also has disadvantages. The most significant is a long drying period, which is directly dependent on weather conditions..

Another disadvantage is the presence of a large number of fakes, due to the popularity of PF.

Bituminous compositions

An acceptable option for outbuildings, they paint the surface black, have a weak aesthetic appearance (there are matte or semi-gloss options), but are in demand due to their excellent resistance after drying and anti-corrosion properties.

Acrylic water-based paint

Does not contain toxic substances, dries quickly, does not have a pungent odor, and is easy to apply. This type of paint is undesirable for outdoor use, it is used as an interior decoration.

Nitrocellulose paint

Another option for covering the inside of the door, not resistant to various chemical and thermal influences.

Alkyd enamel

Fairly weather-resistant coating, gives the surface a glossy shine. The composition contains alkyd resins, thanks to which it dries quickly and retains its color well.

Hammer enamel

Refers to paints of increased resistance, provides the product with a wonderful appearance. This coating is durable, very strong and can withstand various kinds of external influences, which guarantees reliable protection of the metal. You can apply it in any way.

It dries quickly (no longer than 4 hours), there is no need to prepare the surface before painting. It is very difficult to damage the metal coated with such a mixture, but if this was done, then it is almost impossible to restore the coating. In this case, you will have to completely remove all the paint, and then apply it again..

Blacksmith paint

A durable coating, practically invulnerable, very resistant to various influences. It can be purchased only in specialized stores. It has the strongest adhesion, is absorbed into the metal surface and becomes a single whole with the material. Naturally, its price is very high and some consumers attribute this to negative aspects..

Powder paint

To date, the best coating, the most reliable and ultra-durable. This coloring composition has a fairly affordable price and a high aesthetic effect. The disadvantage is that high-temperature chambers are required for powder painting, this excludes the possibility of coating with this composition at home.

How to choose?

Each paint has its own characteristics, a number of advantages and disadvantages. The required option should be selected based on each specific case. Someone wants to have a door that is most resistant to corrosion, someone needs it to be resistant to external negative influences. There are people who care only about the external attractive data of the product..

You also need to take into account which surface the coating will be applied to: on a layer of the previous paint or directly on the metal. Acrylic paint and nitro enamel should not be applied over the old layer, as the water-based paint will begin to peel off, and the nitro enamel will shine through the previous coating. What exactly the metal door will be painted with, it is necessary to decide on the basis of a creative idea, as well as financial capabilities.

The simplest way to paint a metal surface is with a spray paint can. There is a huge assortment of colors and shades with various effects on the modern market. The paint layer can be fixed with acrylic spray varnish.

For decoration, you can use various stencils, with which you can apply certain images to the product..

Manufacturers overview

In order to avoid fakes, it is necessary to purchase paint and varnish enamels in specialized stores or color studios. In such places, sellers can provide a manufacturer’s quality guarantee and all the necessary certificates. The production of paint and varnish materials and anti-corrosion coatings using modern technologies has been established in all countries of the world. The best specialists, with many years of experience, present improved types of products.

The formulations of the Tikkurila brand are very popular among home craftsmen. They have excellent wear resistance and a wide range. Hammerite products have rightfully won the recognition of many professionals, thanks to their excellent quality and a large selection of colors..

Coatings of this brand can be applied directly to rust, without pretreatment, regardless of the metal alloy, as well as on almost all painted surfaces, except for powder and bitumen.

How to prepare the surface?

When preparing a door for painting, first of all, it is necessary to remove all removable fittings and decorative elements so that these parts do not get stained with paint, and the main product is well painted over. After that, you need to qualitatively clean the door leaf with sandpaper from the old paint layer, rid it of rust and wash it well. Then you need to apply a layer of primer.

The last stage of preparation for painting is degreasing the surface with a special compound.

How to paint yourself?

It is necessary to paint in a certain sequence starting from the top of the structure. First of all, the panel is painted, then the horizontal surfaces and only then all the vertical parts. It is necessary to work quickly so that the paint does not have time to dry, and there are no traces of the brush. All manipulations must be carried out carefully, apply an even layer on an absolutely dry surface.

There are several ways to paint a door with your own hands:

  1. By spray or aerosol can – suitable for large surface areas, fast and even application.
  2. With the help of a roller, it is a good helper in hand-painting the product. Application is fast enough, but in hard-to-reach places you will have to finish painting with a brush.
  3. Painting with a brush is the classic, most affordable and cheapest way.

Apply paint to the surface, it is necessary at least in two layers, each previous one should dry well. Change the direction of the tool when overcoating..

Useful Tips

The painting process will not take much time and will not be a hassle if done correctly. To protect the surrounding objects, you should use a film, and for your own, it is recommended to use gloves, a respirator and overalls..

How to scrub paint from a metal door?

If it so happens that traces of paint have formed on the metal door, then they can be removed with a soft rag, however, it will be problematic to wipe such traces on the handles or overlays with one rag, therefore, in this case, it becomes necessary to use a special substance (solvent).

You can buy it at any hardware store.

What to do if a Chinese door is peeling?

Not very high quality Chinese doors tend to quickly lose their beautiful appearance. In this case, the powder coating can be updated if the door leaf is well primed, degreased and applied with ordinary household glossy paint, it is possible to use car enamel.

How to make an iron door beautiful?

In order for the door to retain its presentable appearance for a long period of time, it is necessary to provide proper and timely care for it. Modern coatings for metal doors allow you to cope with any kind of pollution at home. For example, you can get rid of various stains with common detergents..

You can remove plaster or whitewash with a vinegar solution (20 ml per 1 liter of water), this tool does not leave white streaks.

You can learn how to paint an iron door with a roller yourself from the video below..

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