Pantry doors: selection features

Each apartment has a storage room for storing household items and things that the owner will need in different seasons of the year. Arrangement of a secluded corner involves the choice of a door that can protect the room from adverse external influences, and a properly selected appearance and design of the canvas will help complete the overall interior of the room.

What are we for?

Their need is due to the following factors:

  • The main purpose of the door, which is installed in the storeroom, is to protect the store from direct sunlight, dust and moisture..
  • The storeroom is often located in places where there are no windows, so the door leaf should provide normal ventilation of the room. In this case, you should thoroughly and deliberately approach the choice of material from which it will be made..
  • When choosing a door to the pantry, it is necessary to take into account the area of ​​the room, because the purpose of the canvas directly depends on the size of the apartment..
  • In “Khrushchev”, which has very modest dimensions, preference in the choice should be given to structures that save space or visually expand it.
  • For narrow openings, it is advisable to choose systems that will not clutter up the aisles and can provide space.
  • In a miniature apartment, it is necessary to install doors that visually increase the area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe room as a whole.
  • In addition to useful functions, the door to the pantry can also play an aesthetic role..

An ordinary canvas that hides the storage can be turned into a beautiful and original interior decoration that attracts the general attention of guests.

Types and designs

When choosing a door that hides a mezzanine, it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances, including:

  • opening method;
  • material;
  • design solution.

    The modern market is equipped with a huge selection of doors to storerooms, the types and designs of which are diverse:

    • Swing doors. The structure consists of a box fixed in the opening, fittings and a door leaf. Double doors are created by installing two leaves. This popular option provides good ventilation..

      However, swing doors can take up too much free space, so in some cases it makes sense to choose non-standard systems instead, which will help close openings of different sizes and significantly save space..

      • Sliding doors or compartment. Thanks to the rollers, the door leaf moves along guide rails, which are equipped with stoppers at the edges. This type of construction requires serious installation work. Sliding doors are ideal for arranging a storage room in a small apartment, as they help save space, freeing it up altogether and avoiding cluttering with canvases.
      • Roller shutters, vertical and horizontal blinds. They are a device with a control mechanism, lamellas – thin slats, control elements (chains, cords and others) and connecting elements. Lightweight and airy louver design creates natural air circulation and a protective function that prevents exposure to bright sunlight and eliminates dust formation.
      • “Accordion” or folding doors. The design of such doors assumes the presence of several folding plastic sheets, which are fastened to each other with hinges. The plastic from which this type of door is made is resistant to high temperatures.

      Such a convenient and quiet option saves space, closes small and narrow openings, ensures the integrity of the floor covering, has a wide choice of colors.

      • Sliding doors. The canvases have a sliding mechanism that moves in a certain plane in relation to the wall. Opening gap-free design saves space.
      • Roller blinds. Simple and easy-to-use curtain construction consists of a hanging curtain, the chain / spring mechanism of which ensures its folding. These systems prevent the possibility of dust settling, retain their presentation throughout the entire period of their use. The main advantage of roller blinds is that, unlike a conventional door leaf, they can be replaced at any time..
      • Special door. You can put a fireproof door at the entrance to the storeroom, where it is supposed to store valuables.


      In the course of constant use of the doors, it is difficult to avoid their damage, which spoils the external appearance. But it is not always possible to timely replace the door leaf, as this requires significant financial costs and a lot of free time. Skillfully selected design will help to extend the service life of the door.. You can decorate door leaves using different means, the main of which are:

      • Wallpaper. The most common, simple and low-cost option for decorating a door to a pantry is pasting the canvas with the same wallpaper as on the walls. This design method will help achieve the effect of a hidden door. With proper and accurate pasting, it can be difficult to determine where the store is. This option is suitable for those owners who do not want to draw outside attention to the pantry..
      • Chalk board. The installation of such a decorative element will not leave indifferent both a child and an adult. This solution is: useful, because adult family members can leave different kinds of messages to each other, and children can develop their creativity, creating unique drawings; easy to install; original, because every day handwritten notes and children’s art can be easily changed.
      • Mirror or glass. The mirrored door visually enlarges the space of the apartment and helps to add light to the room. The same properties are possessed by a door with a wooden frame and a glass insert..

        • Painting. Paint will help give an updated look to the old door. Before painting the door leaf, you should prepare its surface – eliminate irregularities. After applying the paint, it is recommended to cover the canvas with a transparent varnish..
        • Drawings and stickers. Possessing creative inclinations and rich imagination, you can independently create a unique decor, armed with simple brushes and paints. A variety of stickers will also help you decorate the door in an original way..
        • Leather. In this case, it is necessary to pull the leather over the door leaf and fasten it firmly with rivets. Possessing unlimited imagination and love of creativity, you can add uniqueness and unusualness to the leather surface with the help of a carving or a peculiar pattern..
        • Stained glass. It is possible to use both a finished stained-glass window and one made of acrylic paints with your own hands..

        Among the improvised means that help to carry out the decor, the most famous is buckwheat, which does not require large financial costs. But you need to keep in mind that such a design will not last long.. To get an unusual decor, you must:

        1. Remove old paint.
        2. Flatten the surface.
        3. Cover the canvas with dark brown paint.
        4. Apply PVA glue to the surface of the canvas.
        5. Decompose buckwheat husks.
        6. Cover with clear varnish.

        Successful examples

        When equipping a house, each owner pursues his own goal when decorating the door to the pantry: ensuring security, saving space, creating a unique design solution, or others. Having achieved the coveted result, a unique interior is created. One can single out the most successful examples of the design of the door to the storeroom:

        • Sliding barn doors have been gaining immense popularity lately. Decorating such doors in the kitchen with the help of chalk boards turned out to be a very successful find. This option is a clear example of a combination of practicality and originality..
        • A mirrored door, harmoniously combined with the interior of the room as a whole, always looks luxurious and magnificent. Endless space opens up, a certain lightness and airiness appears.

        • “Accordion” is an unusual solution. The use in this case of this type of construction gave color and brightness to the interior..
        • Bookcase-style door leaf is a stunning find for a hidden door.
        • A conventional swing door in a classic white color with a patterned decor fascinates with its elegance and sophistication.

        We also recommend watching the following video review of a folding door to the pantry.

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