Pendulum doors in a modern interior

In recent years, pendulum doors, which originate, according to one version, from subway lobbies, and according to another, from taverns in Texas, have become actively used both in private homes and apartments, and in public spaces. The ability to open in any direction, unusual design, ease of installation and practicality of use – all this has led to the popularity of this type of door leaf.

Design features

Pendulum, or “swinging” doors, as well as swing doors, belong to the swing door structures. The main difference between them lies in the way of opening: the former can be opened in both directions – from oneself and towards oneself, and the latter only in one direction. The use of conventional hinges and a fastening mechanism allows the swing door structure to open only to enter the room. By installing a pendulum structure, you can open the door in any direction thanks to a special mechanism.

For the installation of such structures, it is necessary to use special door hinges, which will allow the canvas to move in both directions. On the floor and the upper part of the doorway, you need to attach two kind of awnings. Each has a built-in pendulum mechanism – an axial device made like a spring. A door is attached to it, which can move in both directions. The lower canopy is capable of supporting significant weight, so the pendulums can be very large. It is also worth adding that in this case, a door frame is not required, consisting of an upper crossbar and two vertical posts..

However, sometimes it is necessary to install a supporting profile..

As a rule, awnings are equipped with door closers. A closer is a mechanism that allows the door to smoothly return to its original state or remain fixed in the open position. One is fixed in the lower canopy, and it works when you open from yourself, and the second – at the top, activating in the opposite direction. Sometimes the pivot is installed in the middle of the opening part of the door, which allows it to move in a circle. However, this is rarely used in living spaces..

In general, swingarm fittings include a floor spring, top axle, door fittings, corners and clips, a door handle and a corner lock..

Elastic doors stand out among the many types of “pendulums”. They are made of 7 mm PVC film and are used in warehouses, cold rooms or other industrial premises. As a rule, they are double-leaf self-closing systems – when they are opened, both door leaves move..

If you want to install the “pendulum” yourself, follow these steps:

  • Swinging doors are mounted in a previously repaired opening, the sides of which must be strictly parallel. All four surfaces are straight lines without bulges or depressions. Check geometry by measuring distance at multiple points.
  • Test the perpendicular relationship of walls, floor and ceiling using a level. Make sure there is no wiring at the points where the hinges are attached.
  • Position the pivot devices so that the door is perfectly level. Keep in mind that any distortion of the structure will lead to problems with opening the sashes..
  • Maintain the technological gap between the edge of the doorway and the axis of no more than 5 centimeters. If there are irregularities on the floor and ceiling, then the gaps will increase, which means that sound insulation and thermal insulation will decrease..

  • Carefully check the quality of the canvas and its dimensions – unlike swing doors, during installation it will be impossible to correct some minor flaws and inaccuracies.
  • Start by installing an overhead canopy. Use a self-tapping screw to attach it to the top bar. If the doorway is made of brick or concrete, use dowels, a drill or a hammer drill.
  • Then proceed to the installation of the lower canopy. Check its position by using a plumb line, and then, using a self-tapping screw, attach to the threshold.
  • Install fastening parts, door handles and a lock on the canvas.
  • Secure the canvas to the awnings.
  • If necessary, mount decorative elements.

You will learn more about how to install swing doors yourself in the following video..

Advantages and disadvantages

Like swing devices, “swinging” devices have their own strengths and weaknesses..

Among the advantages are:

  • there is no door frame, which leads to savings in money and labor;
  • thanks to the lower canopy, you can choose large door leaves;
  • the installation process is very simple: the interior door is quite easy to install with your own hands if two conditions are met. First, ensure that the axes of the pendulum mechanisms are completely aligned, and secondly, follow the standard guidelines for distances and angles;

  • “Pendulum” is a stylish piece of furniture that exists in various colors and is made from the materials required by the customer;
  • when used in public places, it allows a large number of visitors to pass in both directions;
  • it is possible to open and close the door in one direction or another;
  • opening and closing is almost silent;
  • you can adjust the speed of movement of the sash, as well as fix it in a certain position.

The disadvantages of swing doors include:

  • insufficient sound insulation due to the absence of a door frame, which can become a problem in private houses and apartments. However, in the case of aluminum doors, this can be corrected by installing a special seal in the ends;
  • rather high cost of glass fittings and models;
  • low thermal insulation;
  • an open door takes up a lot of space, which means it is not suitable for small rooms.

Where are used?

Due to their obvious advantages, swing doors are used everywhere: in homes, offices and public buildings, such as shopping centers and supermarkets..

According to their purpose, they can be:

  • entrance (used in shopping centers, airports, train stations, metro – where there is a large flow of people);
  • interior (apartments, hospitals, restaurants and cafes);
  • industrial (workshops, warehouses);
  • fire fighting.

It is customary to choose glass, wood for the house, as well as combinations of the above with aluminum. If you live in a city apartment, then you should take a closer look at the relatively cheap wooden ecological canvases, stylized in various directions, for example, Baroque or Art Nouveau. As a rule, they are complemented by various wood and glass elements. Structures of this type serve for a long time and retain heat well, but are completely unsuitable for rooms with high humidity, so you should not install them in saunas or showers.

Lovers of minimalism and the inhabitants of country houses will suit “pendulums” made of glass. In addition to aesthetics, a pronounced advantage of such structures is the resulting abundance of light and the effect of expanding the space. At the same time, you get free access to both sides and a stylish decor element. The transparency of glass doors can be changed with tinting films.

In the metro, cafeterias, offices, hospitals and various industrial premises – those public buildings in which the safety of the occupants is of particular importance, fire-fighting “pendulums” are used, most often made of aluminum and filled with a special foaming composition.

Types and design options

It should be noted that one-leaf or two-leaf doors are determined depending on the width of the passage: single-leaf doors go into a narrow one, double-leaf doors go into a wide one (more than 1200 mm). There are also one-and-a-half-leaf doors, one half of which is a “pendulum”, and the other is a swing structure..

Double-leaf plastic sheets are typical. In apartments and private houses, they are equipped with double-glazed windows and, as a rule, are used when exiting to a balcony or loggia. They do not have any particularly pronounced shortcomings, except for the boring design. They are quite cheap, practical and long lasting..

Plastic pendulums are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Doors of this type are often purchased for workshops, warehouses, bases and other production facilities so as not to impede the movement of the human flow. Due to the fact that they open in both directions, workers can easily walk from room to room, even if their hands are busy with boxes, carts and other goods. PVC doors are framed by a tubular aluminum profile with a return mechanism inside.

Plastic “pendulums” with a glazed window are often installed in restaurants and hospitals. Such models are shockproof and durable, and also allow you to observe what is happening in both rooms, separated by a door..

Doors in an aluminum profile, in contrast to wooden ones, demonstrate moisture resistance and are easy to clean. As a rule, they are glass, plastic or wooden sheets with an aluminum frame. Perhaps they lose to other types of doors in terms of design, but they are considered easy to use and affordable..

Glass swing doors are made of durable tempered glass with a thickness of more than 10 mm, which, if damaged, breaks into small fragments that are not dangerous for people. Then they are covered with an impact-resistant film. The advantage of such doors is resistance to both mechanical stress and temperature extremes. In addition, glass canvases have fire-fighting properties – they are able to stop the spread of smoke and fire for a longer evacuation. However, the sashes are heavy, which means that you will not be able to install them yourself..

Metal doors made of stainless steel and filled with polyurethane foam are installed in warehouses and other industrial facilities.

You will learn more about the use of swing doors in a modern interior in the following video..

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