Porta Prima doors

Doors play an important role in interior design. In addition to the protective function, they decorate the room, help to successfully divide the space, emphasize the style and individuality of home ownership..

Porta Prima doors are an excellent option for any apartment / house. These are products of a domestic manufacturer, which managed to win the love and respect of buyers in a short time..


In short, Porta Prima doors can be written in two words – reliability and style. The canvases are created specifically in order to complement the interior, to be its highlight, harmoniously combined with other decor elements.

The main distinguishing feature of Porta Prima is the presence of four unique collections, which differ from each other in special characteristic features:

  • Porta Classic;
  • Porta Stile;
  • Porta Venezia
  • Porta Sorrento-R.

The first collection can be called classics of the genre, and the other three are more modern options for filling the premises. They are ideal for newfangled interiors, although classic door models can also fit well with modern designs, and vice versa. The manufacturer gives buyers the right to choose, providing a wide range of products, so when buying such an object, you should be guided solely by your own preferences..

The company produces door structures in two directions: classic and modern. The classic style is represented by large rectangular (for example, series “Dinastia”, “Siena”) or curly glass and mirror inserts (series “Florencia”). At the base of the door, there may be windows or a long opening from top to bottom (a vivid example is series “Lerici”).

Original design ideas come true with collections Safari-R (glass separates the two halves of the canvas), “Torino” (vertical inserts of different widths flaunt on the panels), “Marsala” (there is a mosaic in the center of the products).


The pricing policy for Porta prima products can satisfy the needs of every person. The brand’s products are one of the most affordable on the market. The cost of the canvas starts at 7,000 rubles. There are several conditions that affect the final cost of the product. Models coated with Nano-flex veneer – this is a budget category of door products, natural veneer doors are more expensive. The price also depends on the external design of the product. Blind canvases are cheaper than options with glass or mirror inserts, and classic options are cheaper than doors with fashionable designs.

But whichever model is chosen, buyers can be sure that the designs of the Porta prima brand are products from the manufacturer without additional surcharges..

The price of a product rises when:

  • doors of non-standard sizes are needed;
  • a door structure is needed for a narrow room;
  • a model with special glazing is required;
  • the door will not have traditional fittings, but premium components;
  • in addition to doors, the set will include a door frame, threshold, platbands, additional panels.

In the interior

Door leaves cannot be bought at random. In addition to your own taste preferences, you need to focus on the style in which the room is already decorated, because the doors, as a rule, are installed at the very end of the repair and design work. A cozy and good-natured atmosphere will not work if the door structures look foreign against the background of other objects. That’s why it is important to follow the design idea, choosing canvases for an interior opening.

If in doubt about the color, it is better to give preference to the range of light tones. Such products will suit both classics and modernity, and country style, shabby chic, ethno, minimalism. White, peach, beige shades will give the room a touch of lightness, no matter what style it is decorated in..

Platbands and skirting boards must be matched to the door leaves. Thus, you can give the interior more expressiveness..

A cozy atmosphere can be created with the help of reddish-reddish canvases. These are shades of caramel, oak, walnut, cappuccino. Such designs will wonderfully decorate eco- and ethno-style..

Admirers of chic, stiffness and sophistication need to choose designs in dark colors. They look equally good in duos with both dark and light floor coverings..

If the size of the room allows, you can buy door designs in the same color as the floor. The combination of “light doors and dark floor” or vice versa, “dark doors and light bottom” will create an original interior.

However, for small rooms, such a solution is unacceptable, since it will visually become even smaller..

With the help of doors, you can add individual notes to the interior. To do this, you can order doors with photo printing on the mirror / glass. Modern technologies and equipment make it possible to apply any patterns to additional inserts, turning the door leaves into a stunning beauty zest of the room.


The position of many citizens who, when choosing a particular product, immediately turn their attention to the products of foreign firms, is incomprehensible to domestic manufacturers, because the quality of their products is not worse, and this is evidenced by numerous positive reviews..

According to a wide range of consumers, Porta Prima doors meet all existing standards. They note the perfect sound insulation, interesting design solutions and a rich color palette. Satisfies buyers and the price of products.

However, you can also find dissatisfied responses. Buyers complain about defective canvases, sometimes doors with chips, scratches and dents come across. Often there is confusion with an already ordered product, when one model is selected, and the company’s representatives bring a completely different one. It is the negligence of employees that disappointed buyers often point to..

Feedback from one of the buyers about the Porta Prima doors can be seen in the following video.

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