Sliding doors to the bathroom

Sliding doors to the bathroom

Interior doors are a very important element of any apartment. And if between the kitchen and the hallway there is no need to put the door leaf, then for the bathroom and toilet such a design is simply mandatory. Today, the stores offer a wide range of doors. All that remains is to purchase a suitable model and install it correctly – the information from this article will help you with this. It is worth talking in more detail about sliding structures in the bathroom, list their advantages, design options and consider examples in specific interiors.


Sliding doors have been and remain very popular designs. In terms of their performance characteristics, they are significantly superior to similar products. Consider a few of the main advantages of such doors:

  • Save space. Perhaps this is the main reason why sliding designs have become so popular. Indeed, most often city apartments or summer cottages do not have a very large area, so it is important to rationally use every square meter of free space. Sliding doors (unlike swing models) do not require additional space to open the door leaf. If you want to properly organize the space in your apartment, be sure to take a closer look at these options..
  • Stylish design. Modern designs for bathrooms are distinguished by a very attractive appearance, they look original and unusual. The stores offer various options for models of any colors and designs. You can easily choose exactly the design that fits perfectly into the interior of your home. Moreover, many manufacturers take orders for the manufacture of doors according to individual sizes and designs..

  • Versatility. Such doors are suitable for absolutely any (even non-standard) opening. If your bathroom has a too wide or rather small doorway, then such a structure will easily block it. In this case, the door leaf can be made of one, two or more leaves. The exact amount depends on your preference and the size of the opening..
  • Reliability. The period of operation of sliding structures is calculated in decades. By purchasing such a door, you do not have to worry that it will have to be replaced soon..

The sliding mechanism is very easy to use. Such a door is very easy to open, and the likelihood of injury is completely excluded. You won’t be able to accidentally hit someone in the family by opening the sash at the wrong time. The roller mechanism moves without any effort, even a child can handle it.

Now it’s worth talking in more detail about the principle of the sliding mechanism. The door design is quite simple and consists of a door leaf, horizontal guides and special rollers.

The main weight of the entire structure falls on a special bar – the main guide. As a rule, its role is played by the upper guide. This is due to the fact that dust and dirt accumulate much more often at the bottom of the structure than at the top. Namely, pollution very often becomes the reason for the failure of a sliding structure..

There are also models on sale with a main guide, which is located at the bottom. However, such options are less popular and rather inconvenient, since they require a more careful attitude during use. There are also models with two guides: simultaneously top and bottom.

When choosing a sliding door for a bathroom, you should remember some important features of such a space. First, the bathroom is the most frequently visited room in the house. This means that the door leaf must be made exclusively of high quality and durable materials. Secondly, the materials from which the door is made must necessarily be resistant to moisture, steam and high temperatures..

It is important that the design of the door leaf provides sufficient ventilation in the bathroom, but at the same time fits snugly against the door frame and closes well. Bathroom doors should be light and opaque.


In the catalogs of modern stores, you will find a large number of different options for the execution of sliding doors. They differ in several ways. Such designs are divided into several types..


Such a door structure is made from one or more leaves. Their movement is parallel to the vertical surface. Such designs are very reliable and durable. They have quite good sound insulation, which is an excellent indicator..

Parallel sliding doors are subdivided into several more varieties. The designs differ from each other in the number of leaves and the type of opening mechanism. Depending on this, the doors can be:

  • Compartment. Sliding doors for a bathroom and a toilet can be with one or two leaves. Such structures move parallel to the walls, guides are used for this. The leafs of double-leaf doors diverge in different directions from each other.

  • Radius. Such designs look very impressive and unusual. The movement of the leaves of such doors is in the form of a semicircle. This is a rather original version of doors, but it is not always suitable for small apartments. But for designer interiors, this option suits very well..

  • Cassette. These are very stylish and compact sliding designs. They can also consist of 1 or several canvases that move according to a standard pattern. However, a distinctive feature of such models is the presence of a special niche in which the canvas “hides” during operation..

You can build such a niche yourself, using, for example, ordinary drywall or fiberboard. You can purchase a ready-made structure in the store – along with a niche.

  • Cascading. Such sliding structures are characterized by the fact that each sash moves separately, using an individual guide. The door can be made of one or several leaves, which can be easily assembled at the same time from different sides of the doorway.

  • Intraoperable. This design always consists of a pair of leaves. In the process of opening and closing, the curtains move towards each other. The downside of this design is that when opening, only one part of the opening will be free for passage..


This model is a design that resembles an accordion or a book. These types of canvases retain heat a little worse or protect from odors. Moreover, such sliding doors are quite in demand in the modern market..

Doors can also stand from one or more leaves, which are made of several narrow vertical slats, interconnected with reliable fasteners. Such door models are folded on one side of the opening, thereby taking up part of the free space. Since the thickness of the canvases is rather small, this fact will not be a significant disadvantage for you..

Materials (edit)

There are special requirements for bathroom designs. Door leaves must be resistant to wear and moisture. We list the most common materials from which modern sliding structures are made for such premises:

  • Glass. Tempered glass, in terms of its performance characteristics, is ideal for installation in the bathroom. It is highly durable and resistant to daily heavy loads. In addition, moisture does not harm such material at all, which is very important.

Don’t worry about glass not being suitable for you because of its transparency. Modern technologies make it possible to make a mirror coating on glass canvases, tinting of any color – or even photo printing. This door option will be a stylish and practical addition to your apartment..

  • Plastic. It is the most popular material for bathroom sliding constructions. Plastic doors are very lightweight, but durable. Buyers are very pleased with the cost of plastic structures, as well as the variety of design options for canvases. The main thing is to make sure that the plastic is of high quality and does not emit harmful substances into the environment..

  • Wood (veneered options, solid wood). Doors made of this material are very durable. They are not “afraid” of any stress and external mechanical damage. Real wood door leaves look very nice, but they are quite expensive. Therefore, not everyone can afford such a purchase..

  • MDF. Such a modern and affordable material is a great alternative to real wood. It is strong and durable, while it costs much less than structures made of natural material. Externally, MDF doors are very similar in color and texture to real wood. Structures are most often made with a galvanized profile for a pencil case. They will perfectly fit into any interior and will serve their owner for many years..

Color solutions

A variety of colors for modern sliding doors to the bathroom will delight even the most discerning buyer. The most popular doors are “wooden” or classic discreet shades: white, beige, brown, gray.

When choosing the color of the door leaf, it is important to rely on the general interior of the apartment and the bathroom. You should not buy too bright canvases if your apartment is decorated in a classic style. It is important that the door looks harmonious in the interior and does not attract too much attention..

When choosing a door, you should take into account a variety of nuances. Compare several options and choose the one that best suits your situation.

Beautiful examples in the interior

For clarity, we present several specific options for sliding structures in the interior of different apartments:

  • White single leaf door. This design is ideally combined with the laconic and modern design of the apartment. It matches the color of the walls, which creates a sense of integrity and unity in the interior. Such a practical and beautiful design option is just perfect..

  • Stylish red sliding door. This model consists of two red glossy canvases. This option is perfect for a designer apartment, it will become its functional decoration.

  • Glass sliding structure in a metal profile. This is a real example of luxury and grace. The door consists of two transparent sheets of considerable size. It perfectly emphasizes the overall style and lightness of the whole room, but this model is suitable only for spacious apartments. In addition, not everyone will appreciate transparent doors in the bathroom..

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