Sliding doors to the kitchen

Doors in the kitchen are not only the final part of the interior, but also a necessity: many people do not want the smell during cooking to penetrate into other rooms of the apartment. The kitchen is a separate island in any home. All family members spend a lot of time in it: they eat, communicate with each other, prepare food. The cosiness of this room and the correct interior play a very important role. Today, many people choose sliding doors for the kitchen..


Doors in the kitchen are designed to protect the rest of the rooms from odors, soot, steam and smoke. Excessive sounds (such as the rumbling of pots and plates or a popping refrigerator) will also not disturb household members.

Often in modern apartments (especially in the so-called Khrushchev houses), kitchens are small, but at the same time heavily loaded. The placement of furniture, cabinets, chairs, tables and household appliances is thought out to the smallest detail. Every free centimeter counts.

In such cases, sliding doors between the kitchen and the living area will be an excellent interior solution..

The use of sliding door designs has many advantages.. Some of them are worth considering:

  • Saving space. The operation of such structures allows you to save the required area. This is especially important for small studio apartments..
  • These products connect two different spaces – or divide a common room into specific zones.
  • Such designs imitate walls. This is important for creating integrity.
  • Safety and durability. The sliding mechanism of the canvases is reliable and will serve the owners for many years.
  • Easy installation. Assembling structures of this type will not give you much trouble..
  • A large number of materials for the manufacture of canvas. This allows you to match doors to almost any interior.

Materials (edit)

Sliding kitchen designs are made from a wide variety of materials. When creating, a profile is used, which is trimmed with veneer from trees of various species. Relevant aluminum and steel profiles.

The door frame during manufacturing is filled with the following materials:

  • Glass. It can be either frosted, transparent glass, or various decorative stained-glass windows..
  • Veneer.
  • Wood of various species. Natural wood, painted or varnished, looks flawless. Such materials are environmentally friendly, but they have a very impressive weight. They are suitable for spacious dining rooms.
  • Plastic of all kinds of colors.
  • Chipboard.
  • Natural options (bamboo, jute material, rattan, and so on).

The choice of raw materials that are used to create a structure is determined by the tastes of the owners of the house, the environment and the functions of the room itself..


Sliding structures are usually divided into the following types:

  • Overhead – sections move along the wall.
  • Built-in – sections move inside the opening.
  • Sliding – opening sashes move into the partition of the wall.

Sliding structures that separate the hall and the kitchen will become a bright accent in the interior. The doors can be fully opened, expanding and consolidating the space, or closed, creating isolated zones.

When choosing the type of sliding doors, it should be remembered that the design of the door and the supplied fittings should not stand out from the general style of the environment. For example, delicate carved vintage handles will not look very good in high-tech, loft styles.

Interior doors are usually divided into one- and two-leaf structures, and accordion doors are also distinguished:

  • Usage single leaf doors are typical for small kitchens. They are compact and save space. During installation, there is no need for additional installation of the door frame.
  • Bivalve Partitions are designed for wide openings and are ideal for large dining rooms. Such products can be bright decorative elements, they are practical, many models look simply luxurious.
  • Folding doors by the principle of operation, they are similar to blinds. Such products significantly save the surrounding space. Models are created using MDF materials. You can use glass or plastic inserts. Such products come in a variety of colors, which greatly facilitates the selection of the most suitable option..

Such models are safe to use, there will be no injuries from them..

“Pencil case”

The door-pencil case is suitable for rooms where an opening for the door structure was not originally provided. It looks neat and very easy to use..

Installation of the door is carried out by building up the opening, which is later disguised as a wall. Using drywall, an empty partition is created from the inside, which has a hole on the side.

Such a door will occupy a small part of the opening and will become an imitation of a wall. When opened, the sash will be completely hidden in the partition. If you strengthen it additionally, then it will be possible to hang cabinets and shelves for the kitchen..

Sliding door

Multifunctional type, such products are very easy to use. For sliding compartment doors between the room and the kitchen, the same mechanisms are used as in wardrobes. The canvas looks standard.

The doors move along the guide – along the walls. The guide is attached above the opening, the door is suspended. Installation of the guide from below is possible.

The disadvantage of such a system is that it is undesirable to place a kitchen set, household appliances or floor plants close to the door. This option is cheaper and easier to install..

Glass products

Glass sliding doors will become a separate decorative element in the house. Their main plus is a visual increase in the surrounding space. During installation and operation, these models do not require large costs. They work thanks to a mechanism that locks at the top or bottom. Such doors are silent, they provide good sound insulation..

If you want privacy, then for the canvas you can use not transparent, but frosted glass. It will hide your vacation from prying eyes..

Mobile partition

Acts as a subspecies of compartment doors. When closed, such products isolate the entire passage. When opened, the sash moves to the side.

When creating such partitions, matte or transparent glass is used. The main advantage of mobile partitions is that you do not need to use additional materials when decorating an opening in the wall..


Such a device is best used if there is a long narrow corridor at the entrance to the dining area. The section is secured to the top rail using a rolling carriage. It moves in different directions from the opening, and also scrolls. The pendulum door is characterized by significant space savings, which is especially important for the dining area..

The materials used in the manufacture of such doors are the same as for simple sliding structures – chipboard, fiberboard, drywall. For beauty, you can trim the canvas with mirrors. Mirror surface will increase the area and add zest to the room.

The modern kitchen sliding door market will delight any consumer. Designers present models of various trends and styles. A variety of materials will complement any interior. Correctly selected doors will become the final accent of the kitchen, they will update the environment with their non-standardness. Of course, when choosing a suitable option, you should take into account a variety of nuances – then you will not be disappointed after making a purchase..

For how to install a sliding door, see the next video.

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