Sliding glass doors

Glass sliding doors are a stylish and elegant solution for decorating entrance lobbies inside the house. This solution is chosen by people who keep up with the times and are not afraid of bold experiments. This solution today looks very impressive and unusual in any form. Modern glass doors offer a host of options for any room. Sliding structures are suitable for any interior, adding zest and uniqueness of the style solution.


As soon as sliding glass doors conquered foreign countries, they began to appear in our homes and offices..

They differ in two different devices: some work automatically, others from touch or from pressing a handle..

The sensor design assumes that the system responds to the approach of a person. These options are very popular in modern offices. In terms of popularity, such configurations have surpassed even the beloved model – “accordion”.

Pros of glass structures

A stylish interior should be thought out to every little detail. Glass doors are a fairly economical option, since they do not take up extra space, unlike the swing option. Such a door able to optically make the space wider and more voluminous, and the door itself is very thin – up to several millimeters. The glass door can be of any color, from transparent glass to dark glass, which practically does not allow light to pass through.

Small disadvantages of such doors include poor sound insulation and a low level of heat retention..


Probably, many people remember the bright glass elements of the doors in the form of frescoes and other modest drawings from the entourage of the 90s. How widely the industry has stepped forward today, providing an opportunity to turn a simple door into a work of art. Today, glass doors are a great space for design imagination and the embodiment of the most demanding taste. Perhaps this is the very option where you can choose the most daring solution without restrictions on color and pattern. Landscape, animal painting, photo printing, cartoons and other motifs can be matched to any interior, no other material will give such a stunning effect as drawing on glass.

Combination with other materials

The classical understanding of doors with glass makes us remember wooden doors with inserted glass elements of various configurations. The modern industry has gone much further, so today glass can be presented in combination with plastic or metal, which gives an incredibly beautiful effect – drawings and ornaments make the interior original. The traditional combination with wood is a timeless technique that has always been fashionable.. Perfect combination with other materials allows designers to come up with an incredible variety of different options.

Glass looks very stylish with metal, although at first glance it seems that this is not quite a compatible technique.

Mechanism selection

Depending on the fastening of the door to the wall, different installation options are distinguished to the doorway. It should be noted that modern door mechanisms have minimal sound during operation. The mechanism, as a rule, has the following structure: a track and its guiding elements. In addition, there are many options where structures are opened and closed according to the coupe principle, rollers are used or mounted on rails. Distinguish between open (visually visible), closed (not visible), telescopic and even design mechanisms.

Dimensions (edit)

The modern market is replete with options for sliding designs, but there are also standards here. Depending on where you are going to install the sliding model, you will need the exact dimensions of the doorway. Standard opening doors are identical to standard sizes, but with sliding structures, the situation is somewhat different. Sliding options are in the closed state of the canvas, which can be presented in different sizes. There are great options, for example, to the sauna or to the garden from the living room in private houses.

Security issue

The most common myth about glass doors is the issue of safety in the event of damage. We dare to assure you that glass is tempered during processing, which increases the strength of the material. Therefore, glass doors are by definition strong enough and resistant to any impact. If the glass suddenly crumbles, then it does not disintegrate into small pieces (as it might seem at first glance), these will be large safe fragments without sharp corners.

Nevertheless, we advise you to avoid options for installing glass doors in the children’s room, because children love to test everything for strength..


In order for your interior to acquire a special zest, sometimes at home it is enough just to change the doors. The glass versions do not have any restrictions, so you can put an elegant glass door in any doorway (except for the front door). As a material, you can choose both glass, double-glazed windows and plexiglass, the profile is most often aluminum. Sliding models look most impressive in the living room or bedroom, but no less beautiful and convenient in the kitchen. Let’s take a deeper look at which doors can be used in living quarters..


The most common option is interior doors. This is a graceful aesthetics of forms, and excellent ergonomics, and convenience, and harmony. They are great space savers and visually increase the area. Such doors sometimes “save” the interior of studio apartments or the design of one-room apartments. The standard for sliding interior doors includes single-leaf or double-leaf options..


A glass door fits almost any room, including a bathhouse. The entrance to the bathroom is a special mystery of any home. The modern industry offers an incredible array of marine and other themed design solutions, among which you will definitely choose your own. Dolphins, mermaids, sea foam or just bubbles will cheer you up. Classic glass doors separating the shower area from the bathroom are also worthy of attention and interest..


These doors deserve special attention, as they look very unusual in the interior of modern homes. Such models today are the most advanced, therefore they are not combined with all styles. The structure consists of several panels, for example, three or four.

Each panel has its own staggered retractable configuration. These doors look very impressive in operation..

For more information on telescopic sliding doors, see the following video..


Chic, grace and always flawless. Everyone knows that Italy is renowned for its distinctive style in both architecture and home design. Sliding doors from Italy are no exception. Structures with a sliding mechanism are an order of magnitude higher than manufacturers in many other countries. In general, such configurations are deservedly popular all over the world, because design solutions are very interesting, and the quality is always at the highest level.

Single or double leaf?

Single-leaf doors are one-piece. This option is usually suitable for a small apartment where the doorway is small. The second option is suitable for large living spaces. By the effect of visualization, they make the space even more spacious. Depending on your desire, you can adjust the doorway to the desired size of the sliding door.

How to choose?

As with any purchase, there are some nuances to consider when choosing a door. Tempered glass is characterized by special strength, the triplex will be accompanied by a protective film inside the door. Manufacturers also offer a combination of glass doors with security on both sides.. It is important to choose the right door structure in accordance with the doorway. The choice of a door is carried out, as a rule, at the stage of repair, so you need to think carefully before choosing one or another door..

Interior options

If you think that a simple glass door is trite, then you should definitely consider several options. Modern glass sliding doors are a huge selection of design developments that embody a wide variety of genres. Let’s dwell on some original ideas. Our photo gallery will help you make the right choice. Take note!


The frosted glass effect is a great element for modern living. They look great as an entrance to the bathroom or as interior doors, if combined in style. Pay attention to the combined options, which combine transparent and translucent fragments. A fantasy drawing, which is a decoration, can be done in any technique. The effect of frozen water, snow or broken glass – today there are many design options.

Sliding doors to separate zones

Sometimes we have to use one room as a bedroom and as a workplace. In this case, it is very convenient to “divide” the zones among themselves using a sliding door structure.

This option is very convenient as it transmits light and at the same time provides insulation..

Glass sliding structures can become a stylish divider between the room and the bathroom. If desired, from different sides, they can be performed in different styles..


There are so-called all-glass doors, which are made of tempered glass. Outwardly, they look very impressive and even elegant. For office premises, this is a very good sign of “transparency” and decency. And for home premises, this is the so-called expansion of space and the creation of coziness. Such doors can be of a very different design solution – from complete transparency to a rich dark color..

Care of glass structures

Glass sliding structures have their own maintenance requirements. As they become dirty, such doors should be cleaned with a special solution for glass, and chrome fittings in the form of slats or handles are best washed with an appropriate solution intended for such elements.. From time to time, the mechanism should be lubricated with technical oil.. These funds can be purchased at specialized stores. With timely care and proper operation, such doors will serve you for a very long time..

If you care about privacy, then there is also an optimal solution. In this case, you can choose multi-colored or matte options that do not allow light to pass through and, accordingly, it is not possible to peep behind them. Note that we have covered only a small part of where sliding glass doors can be used. Manufacturers offer to install them both on the balcony and on the loggia, in the form of partitions for the kitchen, and insulated glass variations are currently available. Therefore, such doors can even be installed in a summer kitchen..

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