Standard sizes of interior doors

The standard dimensions of interior doors require compliance with strict parameters of the length and width of the structure. This is important during the installation and further use of door blocks. The calculation of the dimensions of the interior door is carried out together with experienced craftsmen who use special equipment for measurements.

What are?

As a rule, we are talking about parameters 200×80 cm. These dimensions allow you to install doors of various designs. Thickness is an important criterion for choosing. You can choose models with high noise insulation. This is important for large families with small children and the elderly. Installation of interior blocks is a process that requires a professional approach.

Depending on the results of the installation of the structure, we can talk about the level of comfort of living and the aesthetic appeal of housing. In this case, it is important to follow a certain algorithm of actions. Installation of interior doors is carried out at the stage of finishing work. Standard dimensions of doorways assume fixed frame parameters, width and height of the structure.

Experts recommend choosing designs with a door height within 200 cm and a width of up to 80 cm from trusted manufacturers that have proven themselves in the domestic and foreign markets. If you do not calculate the parameters, the box simply will not fit into the opening and this will entail additional costs.

Ordering a custom door will create additional difficulties with the installation of the structure. Installation of platbands will give doorways an attractive appearance and complement the interior design.

Installation of an interior door with an extension assumes focus on standards. This applies to the measurement of height and thickness, the choice of model, accessories. High functionality and safety allow using these structures in the private sector and offices. Aesthetic appeal is achieved through a well-executed installation. Experienced specialists will install the structure and provide advice on its effective use. This will keep the technical characteristics and appearance of the door in its original form for as long as possible..


The choice of interior doors should be made in strict accordance with the dimensions of the opening, the shape and parameters of the box, and the modification of the canvas. The parameters of the box must correspond to the dimensions of the door leaf. Technological gaps are eliminated using special materials. Completions compensate for the resulting free space.

Double-leaf doors are a stylish design that effectively complements any interior design. When installed, one sash is fixed motionless, its width is about a third of the width of the other. Two identical sashes are mounted if the dimensions of the apartment allow it. Such a door allows you to get an original appearance and expand the useful space of the room..

The standard height of room doors is 200-210 cm. If the doorway is too high, a special insert is used to facilitate the installation and operation of the canvases. These double doors decorate public chambers and government offices..

One-and-a-half and double-deck structures are original design solutions. With the help of the skill of specialists, you can achieve a form of any complexity. In this case, the fastening of the canvas must withstand overload, the material must be shockproof, moisture and heat resistant. Sliding structures (compartment models, “accordions”, “books”) – a great option for compact rooms that require an economical approach to the use of space:

  • Non-standard forms are quite often used in the arrangement of premises, carried out according to individual projects. They differ:
  • height, with a decrease in which there is a visual narrowing of space;
  • special durability;
  • the specifics of the installation.

The dimensions of the box are selected in accordance with the parameters of the interior linen. At the same time, it is important to correctly determine the ratio of the structural parameters: the length and width of the door and the dimensions of the opening must match, otherwise there will be a need to “fit” the required parameters.

The gap between the wall surface and the patch is not closed, this is important for the correct installation of the structure: there should always be reserve centimeters in case of incorrect measurements. The door should be smaller than the frame in size, which will eliminate the possibility of rubbing.

Swing doors almost always fit into any interior, but their installation should be carried out within the framework of GOST and SNiP, to meet the preferences of residents.

Standards of different countries

A spectacular door originally from Italy is often considered a premium class product. Italian doors are in great demand in the market, combining high quality workmanship with exquisite design.

European companies offer products from solid natural wood, Chinese manufacturers – models from veneer or MDF. The striking surface is complemented by panels and stylish glazing beads. Doors made of specially treated wood ensure high efficiency of door use in domestic conditions. They can be installed in rooms with high levels of humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms..

Well-known manufacturers are working in promising areas, providing an opportunity to purchase models of standard and non-standard sizes.

Exclusive options are original and effective, they meet the high requirements of modern design.

How to measure correctly?

Replacing the door block is preceded by measurements of the opening. After that, a model is ordered that corresponds to the obtained indicators.. It is necessary to make measurements taking into account:

  1. the distance between the lower level and the upper one;
  2. thickness of wall structures;
  3. slope at skews.

Measurements are made using a tape measure in the central zone and the upper level. Measurement of parameters is carried out, as a rule, along the inside of the opening. Indicators from different sides may differ. This should be taken into account during installation..

The width of the box must be larger than the linen to ensure correct installation. Clearances must ensure free movement of the door when opening and closing. The box performs an important function – it blocks the opening.

The width of the box is measured with a tape measure. The diagonal is measured with a ruler. With its help, the parameters of the opening are fixed, the dimensions of the upper and lower corners are compared.

The absence of deviations indicates competently carried out measurements.

How to choose?

The dimensions of the walls must correspond to the width and length of the door frame, otherwise the structure will be deformed. If these parameters were not observed during assembly, experienced specialists will be able to fix it with the help of special materials and modern equipment. These can be extensions, which are otherwise called telescopic.

The platband is a structure that is durable, it is mounted after installing the door blocks. Its installation must be carried out in accordance with technical requirements and safety standards. During the installation process, experts recommend use parts of increased strength: this refers to fasteners that must withstand increased loads and maintain moisture and heat resistance of the door structure.

Boxes with a platband will become a reliable protection for the entire structure, provide technological ease of installation of the door block. The frame is anchored to the wall. Externally, the spectacular entrance block is made from high quality natural materials and their substitutes. This process should be carried out at a high professional level using special tools, since the external characteristics of the doors should not be affected during installation. By grinding, you can improve the aesthetic properties of the structure, the door surface will become smooth.

In conditions of high temperatures and humidity, the material is capable of swelling, which will cause operational problems, therefore it is necessary to follow the rules for using the product.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Experienced designers will advise you in the selection of suitable models of interior doors that correspond to the general style of interior design, technical requirements and customer preferences. A variety of original modifications, colors and sizes will allow you to choose the option that will provide the maximum comfort of using the doors.

Currently, a contrasting combination of shades is considered fashionable when creating an interior. Designers’ consultations will help determine the choice of colors and modifications of door panels, taking into account the specifics of the premises, the nature of their use and the preferences of the residents. In this case, the nature of the coating is important: to create classic style matte door surfaces are suitable, and for style high tech – grooved or polished.

Interior doors with laminated or veneered surface are the best sellers. Experts will help you purchase durable models with a high level of noise insulation, aesthetic appeal, and standard dimensions. The paneled structure is a wooden frame with longitudinal and transverse details. It is fixed with a baguette using special tools. The carved structure is distinguished by the presence of a glass, plastic or metal insert in the MDF slab, which creates a special external effect.

Decorating is done by means of a cutout: preliminary measurements are taken, the specifics of the insert elements are determined, and installation work is carried out. The cutout is filled with a panel and secured with special details. This design is perfect for installation in a country house, where every detail is important, emphasizing the natural beauty of wood..

Tsargovye doors are made of transverse elements (drawers). The use of vertical beams increases the strength and reliability of the structure, special bars provide fixing of the fasteners.

Modern models with the use of glass, plastic, metal parts look stylish and modern when decorating the interior of any room.

Translucent light-transmitting details allow you to create comfort at any time of the day: thus creating a spatial perspective of the room. Such models are in demand on the market, they are installed in the private sector and office premises. The use of durable and aesthetic designs allows you to complement the classic style in the design of the living room, bedroom, nursery – there will always be a lot of light here, the rooms will be comfortable for living.

Spectacular door designs will help to organically complement the interior of an apartment or rooms in a country house. It can be a classic style or a high-tech trendy trend with an abundance of metallic sheen and glass decor. Glass, plastic, metal inserts allow you to create original constructive forms.

Experts will help you to competently choose suitable double models of interior doors from leading domestic and European manufacturers, quickly carry out measurements and install the structure, advise on the operation of door installations.

It is important to preserve the effective appearance of door structures., to provide high functionality of products of Italian, Russian and Chinese production. The variety of door colors allows you to create a special “mood”. When installing doors in light shades, a spatial perspective is clearly indicated: the rooms visually expand, become light and spacious.

This aspect is especially important for residents of the first floors, who often lack light in their rooms due to dense vegetation in front of the windows. Beautiful, durable doors with smooth, corrugated, matte surfaces allow you to create comfort of living, stylistic completeness of the interior, originality of design.

Saving money is an important metric for door block customers. Specialists in the design and renovation of premises will help you choose products in the “economy” category that meet European quality standards and are designed for the most demanding consumers..

You will learn more about the standard sizes of interior doors in the following video..

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