Tambour doors

Tambour doors

Keeping a home safe, especially an apartment building, is not easy. Uninvited guests paint walls, throw rubbish at the entrance, behave defiantly. One of the best solutions is vestibule doors, but you need to be able to choose them properly..

What it is?

Tambour doors keep peace and comfort in several dozen apartments at the same time. Therefore, the requirements for them are very high. Since the operational loads, even in a small entrance, are huge, you should be interested in buying:

  • fortress;
  • durability;
  • wear resistance.

For partitions placed in the vestibule, metal of the highest quality can be used, but decorative finishing is rarely practiced for them. In production, such doors can be made from an all-metal sheet or from a lattice. In many models, these elements are combined to ensure both strength and the ability to observe what is being done outside..

In this case, the lattice must be supplemented with high strength glass, the cost of such combinations is low..

It is very difficult to break open the doors of the vestibule type, and if someone tries to do it, then it will not work silently to enter the entrance at all. As already mentioned, the finish is very limited, the reason is not only the utility of the products, but also that they all belong to the economy class. Doors to the site are painted only with powder paints, because they serve for a long time and vandals, hooligans, it will be difficult to damage them. If you wish, you can buy a steel door decorated with hand forging on the staircase, it is relatively inexpensive.

The technology also allows:

  • insulation of doors;
  • covering them with clapboard;
  • use of vinyl leather and some other materials.

Designers always provide for equipping entrance and doors on the floor with release blockers and effective locks. The fittings that are used in the doors for an apartment building differ from those installed at the entrance to the apartment. The scheme of the device also differs, the main importance here is the number of doors covering the opening.

Inter-apartment doors made of metal not only make life difficult for burglars and hooligans. With their help, it is possible to form a common space (corridor) where all residents store shoes and even larger things at once..

If there were no vestibule doors before, they can be installed at home only with the official permission of neighbors and the management company or the housing office. Replacing the old structure (it does not matter – with the expansion of the opening or in the same dimensions) will not require approval.


The classic solution (canvas plus box) is a single-floor vestibule door. It can be used even in a narrow opening, the product is ordered in the same place as the usual entrance structures. A double-leaf door (also known as a double-leaf swing door) is intended for a wider space. It is impractical to use such in an ordinary house (as opposed to hotels and supermarkets). It’s just a waste of money for the bandwidth you don’t need..

Intermediate in format or one-and-a-half doors are more common than others: they are a combination of two canvases, the main one and the one located on the side (reduced). The sidewall is opened only as needed (when you need to bring in or bring in a sofa, wardrobe, refrigerator).

Such systems are used not only in apartments and offices, but even in private houses..

The transom is placed either upward from the door frame, or around the entire perimeter, in order to ventilate the locked space or additionally illuminate it. Metal vestibule doors, in addition to steel sheets and frames, also contain:

  • platbands;
  • door handles with built-in locks;
  • stiffening rib;
  • loops.

The metal frame is responsible for strength, the canvas – for sound insulation and heat conservation. In the first place is the castle, because the effectiveness of the protection of houses and apartments depends on it. When intertambour partitions are installed, it is imperative that both the insulation and the lock are installed immediately. The handle operated electromechanical lock is considered the most convenient type. Exactly the same locks are at the entrance to any entrance equipped with an intercom, so it is easy to use them.

The main advantages of electromechanical door closing are:

  • automatic cover (no need to insert a key into the well, scroll);
  • the ability (in the most complex systems) to use the console;
  • ease of connection;
  • independence from the mains in a number of options (battery operated);
  • automatic blocking when trying to break the sash;
  • very long service life even with active use.

Lattice models are attractive in that you can clearly see the visitors and their actions. A blank canvas with a small window is not so practical, but safer. Attackers, seeing the door, will be able to estimate the number of locks, their type and better prepare for burglary. The peephole is less comfortable than the window, it can fog up and will not provide a wide view. Top and side grille inserts that complement the solid canvas in the rest of the area are another way to see visitors.

The partition on the basis of one sash reaches a maximum of one meter in width. The side sections are welded to the frame, they are considered additional flaps, but already fixed. The double type of vestibule partition is arranged as follows: on the right, the sash is equipped with a lock, handle and latch, and on the left one mounts the upper and lower valves. Maximum door height – two meters.

Systems with a video intercom is not a cheap pleasure. And it is justified only if the apartment really has things very valuable for criminals.

The first group of stability does not justify the money paid at all: even a schoolchild will be able to open such doors, and they break very often. The second group of stability means that an attacker will have to use a “grinder” and similar tools when hacking. The third level of stability is occupied by doors, which can be broken open in at least half an hour. The fourth (highest) category is occupied by those structures that cannot be damaged even by a shot from a gun or pistol.

Burglary protection also depends on its type. So, resistance to intelligent burglary is guaranteed by anti-removable crossbars, locks of complicated design, reliable hinges. Resistance to brute force burglary is determined by the configuration of the vestibule door and the quality of the materials used. The main protection classes are calculated by resistance to mechanical burglary (using tools).

Materials and finishes

Metal vestibule doors are not the only option, they can be wooden or even plastic (PVC). Individual designs are decorated with artificial leather or armored. But the steel sheet has been out of competition for many years:

  • it does not rust, regardless of precipitation and air humidity;
  • the product is very durable;
  • powder spraying is used for painting;
  • you can add an intercom or electromagnetic lock to the standard security equipment.

An iron vestibule door to replace the old one (or from scratch) is not as difficult to install as it seems. Dismantling the old structure must be done carefully and carefully, making sure that the opening is not destroyed. Its obligatory reinforced with a metal frame and putty or trimmed with mortar.

The lattice vestibule door is able to fit into the design of the surrounding space, however, increased reliability of the entrance doors will be a mandatory requirement. After all, if all-metal structures have to be sawed even with a power tool for at least 10 minutes, then the grate will give in much faster.

Due to the peculiarities of the use of vestibule doors, glass is used to a limited extent, only in the form of small inserts.

Decorating doors with veneer made of expensive wood species will be no less attractive, and this will weaken the security of steel or aluminum doors much less..

How to install a vestibule metal door, see the next video.

Dimensions (edit)

The standard size of a vestibule door is 2 m in height and 0.9 m in width. When calculating, it is worth considering that the total width will be several centimeters larger than that of the frame (the gaps will need to be filled with foam). There is a state standard for vestibule doors, according to it, the height can reach 2.1 and 2.4 m, and the width – 1.3, 1.5, 1.9 m.In the official publication you can find very clear and detailed diagrams, where both types of products and combinations of sizes are shown.

When you need to install a non-standard door, you will have to agree on the decision and the selected sample with the HOA or with the management company, which has the house on its balance sheet. Since vestibule doors are not intended for design purposes, their thickness is relatively small. Each manufacturer acts in its own way, you can find out the parameters of the products when ordering.

Manufacturers overview

There is almost no sense in buying vestibule doors not from manufacturers. German concern Hormann offers its customers about a hundred types of doors, each of which can withstand 100 thousand opening and closing cycles. The line includes doors of both glazed and deaf type, the design is fully consistent with modern trends. Customers appreciate the heat saving, durability and ease of use of such doors, most of the reviews are positive.

Polish company “Gerda” offers insulation with mineral wool, foam or vermiculite foam. Inside and outside the vestibule doors are trimmed with padding polyester in two layers. A rubber seal must be installed, there are over 40 colors in the line, you can order a door of any size. Judging by the reviews, burglary resistance and the level of sound insulation are very strong points of Gerda’s products..

Steel Is a modern Russian manufacturer of vestibule doors that uses original fittings and guarantees long-term, reliable protection for your home. Those who installed these doors emphasize that they are good at dampening extraneous sounds, there is no squeak from the hinges.

How to choose the right one?

The first step is to measure the width and height of the doorway. Understand right away how many flaps you need and what they should be. Decorating is quite possible, but it is secondary compared to protection..

The simpler the design, the easier it will be for you to care for it and keep it clean..

Also, to get a good quality vestibule door, you need to give up saving on fittings, after all, it is she who allows you to protect yourself from burglars. Or it doesn’t. Hinges with a locking system are better than conventional hinges, it will prevent the door from being cut off. The lock should have a complex design, but not make it difficult to open and close with your “own” key. In addition to high reliability and strength, the vestibule door should be relatively light.

Choosing a blank canvas is justified only on the condition that the door is equipped with a peephole with a wide view. Try to contact the manufacturer directly, then even economy class products will not cause you any inconvenience. The optimal safety category is third or fourth. It is recommended to read the reviews before buying and make sure that the door contains a seal, without it you will have to forget about sound insulation.

For information on how to choose a vestibule door, see the next video.

Beautiful and functional examples

Vestibule doors look quite beautiful and elegant, which:

  • painted with nitro enamel on both sides;
  • covered with vinyl leather;
  • covered with laminate.

With a skillful selection, the most common powder paint can make a vestibule door elegant and laconic. At the request of the customer, MDF finishing is permissible. In terms of functionality, vestibule partitions will make the staircase or staircase warmer. Extraneous sounds will annoy you less. In the corridor formed by the doors, you can store:

  • strollers;
  • bicycles;
  • old furniture.

The tambour door is widely found even in the corridors of office buildings (where it prevents strangers from passing). Important: before ordering a vestibule door, find out if it will violate the ventilation mode and fire safety requirements. In an ordinary apartment building, the most correct design option would be simple, without any frills. If the corridor and apartments have an original design, the appearance of the vestibule door should be selected individually..

For formal establishments, neutral colors with a natural wood look are preferred. Knowing these principles, you will be able to make the right and meaningful choice, the result will delight for many years..

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