Video peepers for the front door

The products of the scientific and technological revolution continue to delight in everyday life. The article is devoted to an improved device – a hidden video peephole for the front door. Such a device can become a budget alternative to a video intercom. It is worth understanding the features of such a device.

Functional features and characteristics

The video peephole plays the role of a home security controller. It is preferred over a video intercom due to its affordable cost and more informative picture. The device allows you to see not only the space in front of the door, but the entire staircase. Some models support answering machine and host communication. There is a wide range of options on sale – with a wide variety of feature sets and capabilities.

A simple video peephole for an entrance door is a system consisting of four elements:

  • Recorder (camcorder).
  • Communication medium (wireless or wired).
  • Means of information output (display, color or black and white).
  • Power supply unit (stand-alone, removable accumulators or batteries).

The whole principle of work is to shoot an object and display information on the screen. The variety of models is explained by the presence of many ways of technical implementation of this simple principle. Many equipment manufacturers often add all sorts of additional functions, create “smart” eyes – it is worth dwelling on them a little later, but for now it is necessary to analyze the technical characteristics of the existing elements.

Pay attention to the following characteristics of the camera:

  • Permission. The higher this characteristic, the clearer the image on the screen will be. There are models from 240 to 600 TVL on sale.
  • Sensitivity. Specifies the level of illumination at which the camera will register what is happening. Expressed in lux (lux). On sale are options from 0.05 to 1 lux. It should be noted that an illumination of 1 lux is typical for deep twilight..
  • Internal electronic shutter. It characterizes the time interval during which the matrix receives a signal. Responsible for the exposure time and adjusts to the available lighting, which allows you to get an underexposed image. The quality of shooting fast moving objects also depends on this characteristic. Electronic shutter models available from 1 / 50-1 / 2000 to 1 / 50-1 / 100000.
  • Energy consumption. This is especially true for cordless products with a removable battery. This characteristic varies from 20 mA / 7 V to 200 mA / 12 V – depending on the model.
  • Viewing angle. The larger it is, the more space in front of the camera will be displayed on the monitor. Such cameras are called panoramic cameras. The choice of the optimal viewing angle depends on the position of the door on the staircase..

For doors located in the middle, it is better to choose a larger viewing angle, then the display will show the entire staircase. For side doors, a large angle will be useless. Pay attention to the fact that a larger viewing angle will hurt. The larger the angle, the worse the camera distinguishes objects that are in the distance..

  • Chamber dimensions and construction, installation method. The models differ from each other in the degree of protection against all kinds of damage, in size, and in the method of installation. Please note that some of these require a custom hole in the door.
  • Frame. There are both case and frameless designs. The latter can cause difficulties for self-installation..

The output of information is largely dependent on the availability of additional functions. The basic characteristics are size, type of monitor, type of power supply, stationary.


A video peephole (except for a visual view of those standing behind the door) can provide the following capabilities:

  • A video peephole with a microphone will allow you to communicate with those standing outside the door. It is quite convenient, since it does not require opening the door, which guarantees safety.
  • Some models feature infrared illumination. Please note that it is advisable to carefully disguise its source..
  • The motion sensor will help you use up the battery more efficiently. Recording will be carried out only if there are any moving objects in the camera’s working area..
  • Record video files. Saved records can be viewed if necessary.
  • The photographing function will allow you to track visitors.
  • The video peephole can also act as an answering machine – if no one is at home.
  • Some manufacturers offer SMS or MMS alerts (in case someone appears at the door). Such a system can promptly notify the owner of a hacking attempt..

By the type of formation and recording of information, such devices are divided into:

  • analog;
  • digital;
  • mixed (analog signal is converted to digital when recording).

Digital devices can be equipped with a Wi-Fi module, which allows them to connect to the Internet and monitor the situation in real time.

By the method of transferring information from the shooting tool to the information output tool, these devices are divided into:

  • wired;
  • wireless.

Wired devices offer direct connection, while wireless devices do not have a constructive connection. The monitor can be plugged in, have removable batteries, or run on batteries. Connecting to the mains provides a more time-consuming installation process, but the presence of removable power supplies requires periodic replacement or charging, which is not always convenient.

Wireless video eyepieces are popular among owners of country houses or large apartments. The information output means can be placed at a certain distance from the camera. Signal transmission is carried out by means of a microtransmitter. Some manufacturers, in addition to the main display, also offer an additional (portable) option..

The advantages of wireless models include:

  • ease of installation;
  • autonomy (batteries do not depend on the general supply of electricity);
  • convenience;
  • the ability to connect to a computer, to the Internet.

However, the cost of such models is higher than that of wireless counterparts, besides, the need for periodic replacement or charging of batteries will not appeal to everyone..

By type of camera, devices are divided into:

  • black and white;
  • colored.


Video eyes have been on sale for about 10 years..

The most popular are the following manufacturers:

  • Tantos;
  • Rollup;
  • SitiTek;
  • Optimus;
  • Falcon eye.

Consider the most popular device options.

The best customizable option is the Tantos TSc-190DV. The main advantage is integration into professional video monitoring systems. The device does not have its own display – the picture can be displayed on a PC, which allows not only storing a record of a large number of events, but also watching them live. The disadvantages include the lack of autonomous power supply and backlight.

Among the devices with a motion sensor, the leader is the Falcon Eye FE-VE02. The motion sensor can work even in conditions of a lack of light, reacting to any activity in its area of ​​operation. The ability to customize the operating parameters will help to avoid false alarms. This model records only when there is movement, which provides a month of battery life (without the need to recharge the battery).

An interesting feature is the ability to charge the device using a USB cable. The advantages of this option also include the presence of a battery indicator (not available on all models) and a convenient system for setting parameters. There are no significant shortcomings, but especially picky ones can be upset by the number of ringtones and the lack of a continuous video recording mode..

Rollup iHome8 is the best Wi-Fi video eyelet ever. A modern touch screen device can be used not only as a monitoring tool, but also for recording – thanks to the good memory capacity. Wi-Fi and GSM support allows you to use the device for communication.

Communication with a limited number of smartphones is possible. There are two batteries – main and removable. A very convenient device, but this is far from a budget option, which is its main drawback..

Silitek GSM is the leader among GSM-enabled video peepholes. This device provides the ability to communicate with visitors, as well as with the user’s mobile device (sends MMS). Full autonomy is realized by the presence of 2 batteries in the set. Of the shortcomings, users note that the quality of the sent picture is not always sufficient and the battery level is displayed inadequately.

Among wired devices, the most popular model is the KPC-190DV. This is a budget option with crisp black and white pictures and a wide viewing angle. It is possible to output to a PC or TV. Additionally, you can install infrared illumination.

The Radio DVR model stands out among the wireless models. Recording is made in the presence of motion – on a card with a capacity of up to 32 GB. When it is filled in, new files will be recorded by deleting old ones. Among the disadvantages are the high cost and insufficient protection of the camera..

If you need to constantly record the events taking place, the Optimus DB-01 video peephole will be an excellent solution. This device displays a good quality picture on an LCD monitor in any light – thanks to the presence of two infrared LEDs. Records are kept by motion registration. This device has received positive reviews and is recommended for city apartments. The disadvantages include battery power..

A wide variety of models can please even the most demanding users. However, many buyers are not ready to spend their energy and time looking for information about numerous models and their comparison..

You can use the following guidelines:

  • Frequent departures or seasonal living (relevant for summer cottages and country houses) presuppose a well-thought-out monitoring system, or rather, its organization. This assumes frequent changes to device settings..

  • Tantos TSc-190DV meets these requirements best of all on the market. The ability to obtain information about events occurring in the house during the absence of the user is an additional plus of this option.
  • City apartments don’t need many features. A good picture in any light and a low cost are more relevant. Optimus DV-01 is perfect.
  • For summer cottages and country houses, something more serious is required, preferably with an alarm function. GSV IT-2 – surveillance and security system that will be a good solution.

  • A simple option for people who do not want to understand the newfangled functions is BB-mobile GSM. Seniors will appreciate the simple feature set.
  • For another category of people (fans of everything high-tech and modern), more interesting models are suitable – for example, Rollup iHome8 b GSM IT-2. A large number of functions and possibilities, a well-thought-out interface will not leave them indifferent.

Advantages and disadvantages

At all times, people cared about the safety and protection of their homes. The development of technology and technology helps them a lot in this. So, video peepholes are installed instead of a regular surveillance camera due to their appearance, which does not differ from the appearance of a conventional door peephole. This ability allows information to be collected discreetly. Consider all the advantages and disadvantages of video eyes for the front door.


  • appearance indistinguishable from a regular door peephole;
  • cost – video peepholes are much cheaper than intercoms;
  • integrability – easily connects to the general video surveillance and security system of a house or apartment;
  • the ability to shoot in low light conditions;
  • the ability to record all visits and subsequent viewing;
  • the ability to track the situation in real time;
  • safe distance – no need to come close to the door to obtain information about who is behind it;
  • a motion sensor will allow you to know if someone is outside the door, even in complete darkness;
  • no need for a license. Traditional CCTV systems must be licensed.


  • like ordinary door peepholes, video peepholes can be pasted over, painted over, which makes these devices useless;
  • the complexity of installing frameless models;
  • high cost of models with high image quality and additional functions;
  • the need to periodically replace batteries or recharge batteries for wireless models.

How to choose?

The many different models offered by manufacturers can be confusing when buying a video eyelet.

Below is a list of factors to consider when choosing a device:

  • Place of installation. Requirements for a street video peephole and a device for an apartment will be different.
  • Features of the installation site, door location, illumination.
  • Installation method. Not all eyes can be installed by yourself. Not all doors provide the ability to install such a product..
  • Mechanism design. Open-frame models are cheaper, but their installation is laborious and often requires specialist intervention..
  • Transmission type – wireless and wired models.
  • Manufacturer. Even the most reliable devices break down and need repairs. Pay attention to the warranty period.
  • The need for additional functions.
  • Target. Think about what a video eye is needed for, what specific task will be assigned to it. Based on this, you can determine the need for additional functions..

The cost of a video eyelet varies from a thousand rubles to several tens of thousands. The most popular are models with an average price. They have a number of additional functions and provide a fairly good image quality. The cheapest options are most often open-frame models with a black and white picture – not the best quality, which explains their low popularity.

Users in the reviews remind that not all doors are suitable for installing video peepholes. Often you have to select the door to the device you like, and not vice versa..

How to install?

Installation of the video peephole is easy enough. To put the video peephole with your own hands, you must:

  • Determine door thickness – it should be between 30 and 70 mm. Please note that there are models commercially available that come with adapter rings. They allow you to install fixtures in doors with different thicknesses.

  • Prepare the door for installation. This item is not needed in the case of standard size models that match the size of a regular door peephole. If the device is non-standard, it is possible that it will be necessary to widen the hole. A puncher can help with this..

  • Insert the device and secure its housing. For this, bolts are included with the device. On the case of some models there is a thread, in this case, there is also a special nut in the kit.

  • Hang up the monitor. For wireless models, installation is possible anywhere. For wired – only on the back of the door (opposite the peephole).

Installation nuances

All door eyes are installed according to the same principle described above. Of particular interest is the installation of eyes on a metal door. Metal is the most dense and rigid material from which doors are made, so installing a peephole on a metal door will require more effort. Such doors often have different interior cladding and different decorative elements, which only complicates the installation..

Installation instructions:

  • Choose a place to install the device, while taking into account the most comfortable height for all family members. Mark the location of the future video eye with a pencil or marker.
  • In order not to deform the interior decoration, stick tape or electrical tape to the drilling site..
  • Choose a drill that matches the diameter of the device. If there is a thread on the body of the product, then take a drill more than half a millimeter.
  • Start drilling from the inside of the door. When you get to the exterior finish, stop and continue drilling from the outside of the door. This will preserve the appearance of the door..
  • Insert the device and secure. Hang your monitor.
  • Installation completed.

Some manufacturers offer dual mirror models and devices with additional video cameras (for a larger view). They must be installed in inconspicuous and inaccessible places – for the safety of the video monitoring system. After installing the camera, pay attention to the device settings. Set the exact time and date. In the case of a crime, this will help determine exactly when it happened. This will help the police find the perpetrators..

Consider the need to signal the appropriate services. This is especially true on departures, when the house remains empty for a long time..

For information on how to install eyelashes on the front door, see the following video.

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