White front doors

White front doors

More recently, it was believed that white front doors are an attribute of public buildings, devoid of individuality. Not everyone dared to overcome the fear of impracticality and prejudice. But nowadays, thanks to the trends aimed at simplicity and conciseness in design, white doors are gaining more and more popularity..

Features and Benefits

Today, white entrance doors occupy a leading place in the ranking of door systems. Most often they are used in private cottages, where they stand out especially favorably against the background of a beautiful facade. In this case, the outer side of such a product should always be under the visor. Such a detail will favorably emphasize the door structure and protect it from external adverse weather conditions, while maintaining an aesthetic appearance..

In apartment buildings, doors may contain some decorative elements, have a completely different coating than in private ones, therefore it is very important to choose the right model and finishing material.

The white door looks fresh, smart and elegant, creates a feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness. The main advantage of white is that it is versatile and there is no shade that does not match. Entrance doors of this color are lightness and airiness combined with luxury and perfection..

They have several advantages:

  • High level of aesthetics: products are able to look elegant even without decorative fittings;
  • Variety of models and finishing materials. A large assortment is presented in almost every catalog of different companies;
  • Visual increase in space and giving a special atmosphere inside the premises;
  • An opportunity to stand out and emphasize your social status, impeccable taste, express the features of the architecture of the building.


The main disadvantage of white doors is their soiling. You need to be prepared for such inconveniences and understand that fingerprints and any dirt on a white canvas will be much more noticeable than on a dark background. Especially dirt, dust, greasy stains are clearly visible on glossy coatings. Therefore, so that the product does not lose its attractive appearance, it must be regularly looked after..

Some associate white doors with the entrance to public buildings: hospitals, offices, etc. To get rid of the comparison with the simplicity and impersonality of appearance, correctly and tastefully selected fittings, bright contrasting elements will help.

Finishing materials

Currently, metal is used for the manufacture of entrance systems. White trim in such products is often performed in one of three options: only from the inside, only from the outside, or from both sides. White decorative trim is made using the following materials.


One of the cheapest and most common options. To enhance the heat and sound insulation of the door, a layer of foam rubber is placed between the door structure and the finishing material. Kozhvinyl is not afraid of moisture, is easy to maintain, therefore it is perfect for finishing the outer part of the door both in apartments and in private buildings. Inside the room, the leatherette trim will not look spectacular and most likely it will simplify the room, make its interior obsolete, therefore it is not recommended to use it on the inner sides of the doors.


This type of cladding can only be used from the inside, as it is extremely unstable to moisture. Meanwhile, this material is relatively resistant to various types of mechanical damage due to its operational and aesthetic characteristics..

White laminated MDF board

This is a more expensive door trim option. It can be used not only as an interior decoration, but also an exterior one. MDF is quite durable, moisture-resistant, but not waterproof material. Wet cleaning with the help of non-aggressive detergents tolerates well, but still requires some gentle care and use..

Powder paint, enamel

This material is used to cover entrance doors with pressed metal plates. Applied only by the manufacturer on both sides of the door leaf.

Thermal film

It has very good resistance to various mechanical influences, protects against damage. The most suitable option for public institutions. Pasted on both sides of the door.

The front door can also be made of solid wood. This is a fairly reliable product that has a sufficient thickness, but it is not very practical to hide a beautiful expensive material under a layer of white paint..

Plastic entrance doors are also gaining popularity. They are often used to protect the entrance to shops or business centers, but some consumers consider them as an option for a private building. The main advantage of metal-plastic structures is their strength and resistance to mechanical stress. This material is durable, moisture resistant and not susceptible to temperature changes. The door structure has a sealed rebate, which prevents drafts from entering.

The main rule that must be remembered so as not to spoil the snow-white surface, regardless of the material of the finish, is that each door should be provided with proper care and respect..

How to choose?

When choosing an entrance door, it is worth considering not only a presentable view. It should be clearly understood what basic functions it should implement during operation. According to certain properties, the functions of street doors are divided into main (main) and additional.

The main function of the front door is to restrict the passage. The door must prevent unwanted entry into the living space, serve as a reliable barrier, provide complete protection, which means it must have a certain level of security.

Additional features include:

  • Aesthetics. The white front door has a presentable look. A large selection of models will satisfy the taste of any customer.
  • Transparency. The ability of the door to transmit light through the door leaf. This property ensures the presence of a glazed canvas. Apartments do not use such structures as entrance. They found their application in public buildings, sometimes in private cottages..
  • Thermal insulation. The door structure must prevent heat loss. Heat-shielding properties are provided with the help of various fillers placed inside the structure. To improve the tightness of the porch around the perimeter, seals are used.

  • Sound absorption. The entrance system must prevent the penetration of sound, this issue is solved along with thermal insulation.
  • Tightness. This function is an indicator of the density of the doorway and the quality of the installation of the structure as a whole, provides complete impermeability.
  • Moisture resistance. This property is designed to protect the canvas from deformation, swelling, warping, etc..
  • Fire resistance. This is the ability of the door to resist fire, as well as not change shape under the influence of high temperatures. This quality of the door should be given importance when installing in places with a high risk of fire..
  • Surface strength. When choosing, one should take into account the strength of the finish of the door leaf, since all kinds of mechanical loads (scratches, impacts, friction, etc.) can occur during operation..

Interior use

The main rule for the design of the entrance opening is the correspondence of the appearance of the door with the style, design, architecture of the building itself. The building will look dignified only when all the important elements and details are taken into account when creating a harmonious composition in the exterior..

For private buildings, the use of white entrance doors in combination with the facade decoration in light colors is an expression of the refined taste of the owners. For houses built in Provence or country style, the overall atmosphere will be supported by white door structures with glass or a mirror..

The entrance structure made of metal-plastic will find its application in the glazed terrace system. In this case, the use of large double-glazed windows is relevant..

Most modern apartments have a very cramped entrance hallway. A white front door, acting as an impromptu light source, will help to find a solution to this problem. This is a suitable option for those who want to visually expand the room..

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