Electric curtain rods for curtains

When arranging any residential building, people try to optimize the use of certain household systems as much as possible. Increasingly, electrical mechanisms are used for this, facilitating the work of many structures.. Among all this diversity, electric curtain rods for curtains should be distinguished. The products are simple and practical, which allows them to be mounted in almost any room..

Principle of operation

Electric curtain rods have appeared on the market relatively recently. This type of mechanism is a complex system, which consists of several structural elements:

  1. Aluminum profile serving as a frame. There is a steel cable inside this product. The last element is connected to a special control carriage. This system moves the mounts on which the curtains are fixed..
  2. Electrical engine. This mechanism drives the cable, which transfers movement to the carriage itself. The power of the device depends on the specific manufacturer.

These devices form the basis of any automatic curtain rod. Almost all modern models are powered by an electrical network. To do this, they are supplemented with a special transformer, which reduces the input voltage.. It should be noted that many modifications are equipped with timers. This allows the curtains to be opened without human intervention for a certain period of time. There are cornices that have light sensors. The control of the canvas here already depends on the amount of light falling on the sensor..

Suitable models

Electrically operated curtain rods are versatile designs. With their help, you can operate almost all types of curtains:

  1. Sliding curtains. To move the canvas, a special cable is attached to its retainer, which changes the position of the product in space.
  2. Roll products. The principle of operation of such a cornice involves the transfer of engine power to the shaft, which twists the canvas. Thus, you can operate both pleated blinds and Roman counterparts..
  3. Japanese panels. The control of such curtains is carried out using several electric drives..


The design features of the cornices have some differences.. Depending on the type of drive, electric curtain rods can be divided into the following types:

  1. Lifting. Devices of this type allow vertical movement of the web. Please note that these systems can either roll curtains or simply move them..
  2. Sliding. The most common type of cornices. The movement of the canvas is carried out in different directions relative to the window. Such systems are often used to organize work with heavy curtains..
  3. Devices for working with curtain-panels. They are quite rare, since they are a complex structure. They combine automatic and mechanical control, which allows you to work comfortably with Japanese curtains..

Control methods

Automatic curtain rods are quite complex systems that are being improved every year.. The operation of these mechanisms can be controlled in 2 main ways:

  • Stationary. This type of control is one of the simplest. All adjustment operations are carried out using buttons that are mounted on the wall. They are often located close to the cornice. Technically, they consist of several switches that indicate the direction of travel. There is rarely a programming function here.

  • By remote. The most modern and versatile control method. Remote controlled systems are gaining immense popularity. The process of adjusting the parameters can be carried out using a special remote control, as well as various sensors that react to light and other external stimuli. Today it is possible to control the eaves via the Internet. To do this, you can use almost any gadget that supports a connection to the global network.. Similar functionality is available for both iPhone and Android OS devices..


Electrically operated curtain rods – a great alternative to classic products. Several positive properties of these devices should be highlighted:

  1. Versatility. The system can be adapted to almost any style of room and curtain, regardless of their weight or size. The electric drive will perfectly cope even with classic blinds and roller blinds.
  2. The convenience of use. The operating procedure is intuitively simple and involves only pressing a few buttons. If you want to simplify this process at all, you should give preference to products with multiple sensors. This will allow you to control the curtains, excluding human influence. Even a child can move heavy curtains.
  3. Aesthetics. The modern market offers many design solutions for these products. It can be easily adapted to almost any interior, giving it originality and practicality. The shape of the frame can be either rectangular or resemble an arbitrary curve. With the help of such products, you can divide a room into several functional zones, installing them in the middle, and not near the window..
  4. Minimum noise level. When the canvas moves, the system is practically inaudible in the room. This is due to the use of an electric motor and high-quality components..

Among the shortcomings, one can single out the high price for this type of product. Another disadvantage of such models is complex repairs. This is especially true for breakdowns of the electric motor and the remote control system..

Application in the interior

Powered curtain rods are versatile mechanisms that make opening curtains pleasant and easy.. These elements will perfectly complement public premises:

  1. Theater, museum, etc.. Often they are installed over large openings, where heavy canvases need to be automatically moved to change the scenery..
  2. Shopping and restaurant complexes. Here, the drives are very relevant, since with their help the territory can not only be decorated, but also divided into certain zones..
  3. Logistic complexes. Remote control allows you to adjust the parameters of canvases that are installed in hard-to-reach places.

But such systems have gained immense popularity in ordinary residential interiors:

  1. Designs are great for high ceilings. Moving such large curtains is very difficult. Therefore, the systems make it possible to simplify the solution of these tasks..
  2. Interiors with heavy curtains. Here again the problem of their constant opening arises. With the help of automatic devices, this is done much faster and better. At the same time, sharp jerks do not affect the structure of the canvas, which can reduce the service life of the product..
  3. Zoning. Cornices can be fixed at almost any point of the canvas. At the same time, by attaching curtains to them, you can visually divide the room into several visual zones. Today it is used by many designers to create practical and modern interiors..

System selection

Today, there are many modifications of electric curtain rods on the market, which often complicates the choice of the buyer. To acquire a high-quality and reliable design, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Engine power. The optimal indicator is considered to be a value of 45 watts. Motors of this type can move relatively light curtains that are installed in standard openings. There are also lower power models, but they are intended for very light webs..

If the weight of the curtains does not exceed 50 kg, then this characteristic should be equal to 75 W. For heavier curtains, 100 W motors are used. Please note that the opening speed also depends on this parameter..

  • Control system. The simplest is considered a push-button, which is located on the wall near the window. If you need a remote model, pay attention to the functionality of the remote control. There are models that can control separate groups of curtains (up to 4 at the same time). Some consoles are equipped with a programming system and allow you to adjust all characteristics for each point separately..
  • Manufacturer. This factor is one of the main ones. Therefore, before purchasing curtain rods, you should clarify the reviews about the selected model. You should trust only well-known brands that have been on the market for a certain time.

As for the installation, it is better to trust it to the specialists of the selling company. This will give a kind of guarantee of long-term and reliable operation of the system..

Electrically operated cornices Is a unique opportunity to turn your home into a comfortable and beautiful place that does not require a lot of effort to control its parameters. How electric curtain rods work, see below.

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