Round cornices

One of the most important decor elements in the interior of a room is curtains, they make the home much more cozy and comfortable. Moreover, it is important to correctly choose not only the color and design of the curtains themselves, but also the option of their fastening.

One of the more traditional classic window decoration options is the use of a curtain rod on a round bar. For many years of their existence, they practically did not change externally and at the same time did not lose their popularity and demand at all. An important role in this is played by the convenience and simplicity of round cornices..


The material for the manufacture of the rod can be plastic, metal and even wood. Due to the variety of materials, the color range of products is also very wide. Wooden eaves can be tinted with light oak, cherry or mahogany. Plastic products are most often found in black, white, gold and chrome colors..

Round models are fixed above the window using special brackets. They can be fixed both to the ceiling and to the wall. Each method has its own pros and cons. For example, if stretch ceilings are already installed in the room, then for the installation of the cornice you will have to disassemble part of the ceiling, and this is very problematic to do. Therefore, in such cases, it is better to resort to the option of mounting the structure on the wall..

The curtains are attached to the curtain rod by means of rings with hooks (which are often sold as a set – curtain rod with rings), or by means of decorative fabric loops on the curtains themselves. The last option looks especially stylish and modern..

Round curtain rods can contain one, two or three rows, with which you can combine curtains and curtains.

Round curtain rods are often used in bathrooms.. There are several types of bathroom products:

  • Direct – the standard familiar option. Fastened to the wall using self-tapping screws;
  • Rounded – the shape of the structure is selected based on the shape of the bathroom itself – an oval, a semicircle, and so on;
  • Metal flexible curtain rods – look like aluminum profiles with rollers that hold the curtains. This profile can be bent without the use of special tools;

  • Spring loaded – their advantage is the simplest possible installation, the principle of their operation is similar to the expander – the two parts of the pipe are connected by means of a spring, thanks to which the cornice will be firmly fixed between the two walls;
  • Telescopic – the product consists of separate parts that can be connected to each other using a thread. This way you can adjust its length..

Bathroom products are often attached directly to the wall. Ceiling options in this room are rarely used..

A semicircular tubular cornice in the bathroom is used to delimit the common space from the shower or bath using waterproof curtains. Additionally, it also prevents water from splashing around the bathroom..

Manufacturing material

As already mentioned, cornices are made of wood, metal, plastic and metal-plastic.

If, when choosing a material, you are guided, first of all, by the durability of the product, then wooden or metal models will be a winning option. However, often too massive curtains are not used in apartments, so a plastic or metal-plastic product will also serve you for a very long time..

If your apartment has a wood-like finish – laminate, parquet, natural wood furniture – then you should definitely opt for wooden round cornices. They also fit perfectly into the classic interior, which is dominated by warm light brown and chocolate tones. Wood products usually look beautiful in an interior with light ceilings, the lightest weightless curtains or tulle curtains will look especially stylish in this version.

Plastic curtain rods have an advantage in price – it is significantly lower, another plus is their low weight. This cornice will be ideal for light curtains and tulle. The plastic cornice fits perfectly into the modern design. The advantage of this material is that it most often goes well with any kind of ceiling. Plastic products are often installed in the kitchen and in other rooms where it is necessary to create a modest and simple interior..

And here metal cornices suitable for those who plan to use heavy massive curtains in the interior. Iron curtain rods withstand heavy loads very well.


This type of curtain rods is very popular due to its ease of use. In these types of curtain rods, one, two or three fasteners are provided for different types of curtains. The products are fastened directly to the ceiling above the windows.

The rounded ceiling cornices for the hall look very stylish and original. The most popular color of this model is white, as well as pink and blue..

Wall mounted

Their main advantages are:

  1. Simplicity and ease of installation, since there is no need to drill out reinforced concrete floors;
  2. The convenience of use;
  3. Stylish appearance.

The most commonly used metal and wooden round wall cornices.

A very original solution for a country house would be to create a cornice with your own hands from a dried, longest, most straight stick of any tree – birch, maple, aspen and others.

How to install?

Everyone can install the cornice at home, it does not take much time and effort. The most important thing is to plan and calculate everything correctly..

Follow these guidelines:

  • Make a choice in advance where the product will be mounted – to the ceiling or to the wall;
  • Keep in mind that the distance from the stick on which the curtain will be fixed to the upper border of the window must be at least five centimeters. If this important point is not taken into account, light can penetrate into the room above the cornice, and the curtain itself will partially lie on the floor;
  • Usually 3 brackets are used to attach the eaves. The two extreme ones should be at a distance of at least 15 cm from the sides of the window, and most importantly, arrange them perfectly symmetrically. The third bracket should be located exactly in the middle between the two outermost.
  • Another important parameter that should also be thought out in advance is the distance from the bracket to the surface of the ceiling or walls. In this matter, you need to focus on the material of the curtains. If you plan to use light curtains or tulle, the distance from the wall can be about 15 centimeters. If you are choosing more massive curtains for the hall, then the indent should be at least twice as large..

Thanks to their versatile and very convenient design, round cornices have been at the peak of their popularity for a very long time. With the help of round cornices, you can make a room stylish, elegant and cozy..

Further, see the installation instructions for the round cornice.

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