Cast iron fireplace stove for giving long burning

You can warm yourself up by the burning flame of the fireplace even in the country. The best helper in this is a long-burning cast iron stove. Let’s figure out why.

Irreplaceable benefits

A heating device such as a fireplace is increasingly attracting the attention of lovers of comfort and convenience. Fireplaces are steel, brick and cast iron. But it is the last option that is gaining special popularity. And for good reason.

A cast iron stove takes the least time to warm up the room. In this sense, the best option is a long-burning fireplace stove for a summer residence. After all, a person does not go there every day. The gardener comes to the dacha in the evening, then in the rain or, for example, in winter. And during his absence, both the room and the fireplace itself manage to completely cool down. The stove should melt quickly and easily, warming up the whole house in a matter of minutes..

This is what cast iron stoves are called to. Their main advantage is that cast iron heats up rapidly and cools down for a long time. This gives excellent heat transfer, which not only heats up the house with high quality, but maintains the optimal temperature in it for a long time..

Another secret is that the case is sealed. This helps the wood not to burn quickly, but to smolder slowly. Pyrolysis gas accumulates in the firebox, which does not escape through the chimney as in other stoves. The gas is burned in the firebox, which is located above the combustion chamber, and thus releases heat energy. As a result, the house is evenly filled with warmth..

Another plus – cast iron does not burn out, even if you heat it often. He is not threatened with rust. And the appearance of the stove can always be freshened up by covering it with silicone-based paint..

And will warm and feed

Only a heating or heating and cooking stove can be installed in the dacha. But more often the preference of gardeners falls on the second option..

With the help of such an oven, it is really possible not only to warm up, but also to cook a meal. To do this, put firewood in the upper section. In this case, the lower section is intended for collecting ash. Above is the hob. It is made of cermet or metal. The temperature of the hob can be adjusted using the pulling force.

Suitable for home too

Of course, such a long-burning cast-iron cooking stove for summer cottages is used most often. However, it is also great for home use. Indeed, even in the presence of central heating in the house, the burning flame of the fireplace creates a special atmosphere of comfort in the house. And additional heating will not hurt, especially in the off-season. And through the heat-resistant glass of the door it will be pleasant to admire the fire both in the country and at home.

We heat with firewood

The optimal fuel for a cast iron fireplace is wood. Wood-fired stoves can work a full day, even if the fuel is thrown up once or twice. But for a summer residence, it sometimes makes sense to take a stove, which can also be fired with coal and pallets. After all, in the country it is not always lucky to find dry firewood and branches to kindle a fire in the stove..

Valuable Tips

  • The cast iron boiler weighs hundreds of kilograms. Therefore, it must be placed on a floor with a solid surface. Better that it was a concrete screed.
  • The wall next to the stove must be made of non-combustible materials and without communications.
  • The draft in the chimney must be regulated in an effort to make it less. Otherwise, a large thrust will suck out the heat and, as they say, it will fly into the pipe..
  • In order for the fireplace to work for a long time and without interruption, it is worth constantly cleaning the chamber from ash, and the chimney and stove from soot. It is better to do this in the spring, when the summer season is just beginning. If there are glass doors, they need to be wiped off soot. But to do it with means without abrasives. With good care, you can enjoy decades at the hearth of a cast iron stove. In some ancient estates, cast-iron stoves are already under 100 years old!


Those who first tested a slow combustion boiler in practice, as well as experienced experts, are in a hurry to share their impressions. They sing praises to cast iron boilers mainly for two reasons: 1 – heat, 2 – cheap.

Many people say that cast iron fireplaces are the best option to thoroughly warm up any room. At the same time, they cost two or even three times cheaper than any others. Russian-made fireplaces can be purchased cheaper than imported ones. And this type of fuel, like firewood, is the most economical option. In addition, environmentally friendly.

Others are pleased with the simple installation and the fact that the cast iron stove will not break. The owners of large, spacious houses with high ceilings are especially pleased with their choice. And someone just likes to enjoy the view of embers and eat food cooked on the stove..

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