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For most people, home is associated with warmth and comfort, and for many, the personification of this is the fireplace. And also the fireplace gives the interior sophistication, aristocracy and special charm. But, alas, even with a country house, a real fireplace is more a luxury than a necessity. What can we say about an apartment in a multi-storey building. Here the installation of a real fireplace is from the realm of fantasy. Installing a fireplace in an apartment will require not only material costs, but also obtaining a large number of permits.

But people are inventive, if there is a goal, then there are always opportunities to achieve it. In our case, the goal is to install a fireplace, and the solution may be to install a decorative fireplace..


Decorative fireplaces, they are also false fireplaces, differ from real fireplaces in that they do not provide for the main function of the fireplace – heating the room by burning solid fuel (coal, wood) with the removal of residual combustion products through the chimney. And if there is no need to build sufficiently complex structures with a firebox, chimney, use of refractory materials, then the cost of such a fireplace is much lower, no approval is needed for its installation, it is possible to perform it in any room, be it an apartment or an office. That is, decorative fireplaces have the following advantages:

They can be located in a very small area, which is possible even in a small apartment. Installation of such fireplaces does not require special skills, expensive materials and tools. They can be located in any convenient place. The choice of materials for their manufacture is very wide, up to old furniture, which is a pity to throw away, but it takes up a lot of space..


First of all, decorative fireplaces can be divided into two main groups:

Heated, which uses electricity or biofuels. The use of biofuels creates the possibility of heating with live fire, but has nothing to do with a chimney or chimney. Without heating, where the fireplace acts exclusively as a design element. A great option for decorating a room. Allows you to create an imitation, depending on the free space, it can be either wide or narrow. Allows you to solve some problems of correcting the interior, introducing unusual elements into it.

By location, decorative fireplaces can be divided into:

  • Wall mounted;
  • Corner;
  • Hinged;
  • Built-in;
  • Insular.

Structurally decorative fireplaces are:

  • Just imitation of a fireplace as a portal with an empty insert that can be filled with decor elements.
  • Using electrical appliances to create a fire effect with the ability to simulate not only fire, but also the sound effects of burning.

Without heating

Such fireplaces are used only to create a certain design of the room. They are completely unpretentious, occupy the minimum narrow space. It is possible to make such a fireplace even without special skills. Moreover, for the manufacture of such a fireplace, almost any available material can be suitable – wood, plywood, chipboard, drywall, gypsum, polystyrene. Moreover, the creation of such a fireplace is also possible from completely unnecessary things and objects, such as old furniture (wardrobe, chest of drawers, table, bed backs), cardboard boxes from large equipment (TV, refrigerator), cardboard or old wallpaper. The use of bricks is also possible, but for this it is necessary to take into account the ability of the wall to withstand such a structure..

The construction and design of such a fireplace is not limited by anything except your imagination, space and performance possibilities. Here, the main criteria will be the overall design of the room and its spatial capabilities..

With heater

Modern technologies make it possible to create a decorative fireplace with the execution of its main function – heating. As mentioned, decorative fireplaces use electricity or biofuels for heating. Another option for a fireplace with gas heating is possible, but it requires a special permit and belongs to explosive.

  • Bio fireplaces. These fireplaces use biofuels derived from plant elements. They have many versions: floor-standing, suspended, built-in. Available in various sizes and designs. Can be supplemented with combustion intensity control systems and temporary.

  • Electronic fireplaces. In such fireplaces, electricity acts as a heater, which allows them to be used without restrictions in any room where there is access to an electrical outlet. And new technologies make it possible to recreate the complete illusion of open fire. With LEDs and LCD screens. Can be controlled remotely and create not only a visual image of fire, but also the sound of firewood burning.

We create with our own hands

With the help of a decorative fireplace, you can not only decorate a room, but also hide some details in it that you do not like. For example, close an old radiator, avoiding high costs for its replacement..

We see an old radiator that is not very pleasing to the eye. Using step-by-step instructions, you can cover it with a decorative fireplace..

  • A decorative fireplace will allow you to close it and decorate the interior of the room. The fireplace will be made of plywood. It is worth starting with the choice of a fireplace design and drawing up drawings. It is easier to choose based on real fireplaces, it is easier to choose a design, schemes and finishing method.

  • The next step is to prepare the body and frame parts. It will not be superfluous to immediately make spare parts for the case, so that if necessary, you can easily replace the worn ones. The frame is easiest to make from a wooden bar..

  • Then we sheathe the body with plywood. It is preferable to use screws for fastening, because if there is a battery inside, nails may not provide a reliable connection.

  • Attach an imitation of the firebox to the back bar, and glue the outer part of the portal with self-adhesive film, you can wallpaper with the selected pattern. Gently glue all corners of the portal.

  • The structure will be lightweight, removable without being attached to the wall. To decorate the radiator, we use a metal tray filled with stones, small logs or other filler of your choice..

  • For decoration, you can make a fireplace grate from copper or aluminum wire, painted with bronze paint. The completed grille is attached to the body.

  • You can also close the pipes by continuing the podium..
  • You get a nice bar under the mantel..

  • the result was a very realistic fireplace, which tore off the old unsightly radiator and added coziness to the interior of the room.

How to finish

If you were attracted by the option of a decorative fireplace with your own hands, then the option of finishing it will depend on your imagination and capabilities. Decorative plaster will be an excellent finishing option with the introduction of aristocratic minimalism into the design..

A fireplace with a marble finish and stucco trim will fit well into a classic interior..

For a room made in country style, a very unassuming version of film or wallpaper with imitation of brickwork is perfect..

In the presence of a solid wall and fireplace structure, it is possible to use ceramic tiles for tiles or decorative artificial stone. It will also be convenient to use a new material for decoration – flexible stone. The colors of this material will make it possible to create a fireplace in the design of marble, granite or expensive jasper and malachite..

It is important to remember that if you plan to use heating devices or candles in the firebox of a decorative fireplace, then finishing should be done with heat-resistant materials..

How to arrange

As well as decoration, design completely depends on imagination and desires to achieve a certain effect..

When decorating a fireplace, you can use various decor items. In order to bring the image closer to a real fireplace, you can use logs, both real and made of corrugated cardboard. To create the illusion of a living flame, backlighting with LED lamps of white, yellow and red colors is used.

A mirror attached to the back of the firebox can be a good decoration option. It will expand the space, and in the presence of illumination, it will enhance the effect of fire in the firebox..

An unusual and beautiful option would be to decorate the fireplace with candles of different sizes, shape colors, located in the firebox. The candles will burn with real living fire, which will bring romance and comfort to the interior. This type of decorative fireplace is called candle.

The presence of a decorative fireplace will make it possible to add additional festive details to the New Year’s decoration of the room.

Here you can use a variety of New Year’s decorations by placing them both on the fireplace portal and next to it.

In general, decorating a decorative fireplace will take a variety of approaches, depending on the taste of the owners. Someone may prefer ceramic parts, someone will like glossy stones, for others, fireplaces with cats will be an ideal option..

A decorative fireplace can be brought closer to a real fireplace, real accessories located nearby are a basket for firewood, it is possible with firewood, a stand for a poker and the poker itself, a fence.

There are many options for using a decorative fireplace, not only as a design element, but also performing certain functions – a TV shelf, a bookshelf, a bar.

Decorative hearth

After there is already a fireplace portal, you can start creating a hearth and there are also several options when it will delight as close as possible to a real fire, giving the room an atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

  • A good option for creating an image of fire in the hearth can be an LCD screen placed in the firebox. It is enough to connect to it a roller simulating fire with the sound effect of crackling logs and the effect will delight you.
  • Using volumetric holograms can also be a suitable way to bring your fireplace to life with real fire. To do this, you need to place the picture in 3D format in the fireplace insert, fix it so that the edges are not visible, decorate it with flickering LED lamps and enjoy such a fire..
  • But the use of a steam generator will most accurately reproduce the fire in the fireplace. This small structure, consisting of a fan, ultrasonic fog generators, an LED lamp, and distilled water in a suitable container, will decorate your hearth with almost indistinguishable from real flashes and overflows of fire..
  • There is also a useful option for simulating fire using salt lamps. These are ordinary incandescent lamps housed in a solid salt crystal lampshade. When heated, salt emits beneficial negative ions, neutralizing harmful positive ions as well as tobacco smoke. All this has a beneficial effect on people’s health. If you choose a salt lamp in the form of crystals, then illuminated from the inside, it looks like burning coals..

What is the price

The price of decorative fireplaces ranges from several thousand rubles to several thousand dollars. The price range will depend on the design of the fireplace, the material from which it is made, functionality and the manufacturer.

If you do not take into account the most budgetary option, when you make a fireplace yourself and the cost is determined only by the materials required, then electric fireplaces are inexpensive.

Taking into account the choice of a reliable manufacturer, electric fireplaces will cost from 9,000-10,000 rubles for a regular corner fireplace, up to 18,000-20,000 rubles in a wall-mounted version.

Will have an impact on the cost and availability of sound and visual effects, remote control of the fireplace, adding a few thousand more to the price. Portals are sold separately for decorative fireplaces, but their cost is quite high and can exceed the cost of the electric fireplace itself, reaching 22,000 rubles.

Bio fireplaces are also an expensive option. The price for them starts from 10,000 rubles.

Thus, it is still the most advantageous option to make a decorative fireplace yourself..

Interesting solutions

  • Original decorative corner fireplace made of foam blocks.

  • Plaster fireplace with stucco molding, decorated with candles

  • Decorative fireplace with New Year’s decoration

  • Wonderful transformation of an old cabinet into a cozy fireplace using a mirror in the firebox.

  • Decorative fireplace with a steam generator built into the firebox

  • Decorative fireplace with a hologram of fire

  • Simulation of fire in a decorative fireplace using a video.

  • Making a decorative fireplace with flowers

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