Diy corner fireplace

Fireplaces have always been the central link of the room, near which households gathered..

However, recently, a corner fireplace has become widespread, which looks original and allows you to save space in a small room..

This type of hearth has its own advantages and features, which should be familiar to everyone who plans to install a portal in his home..

Features and Benefits

Corner fireplaces have many positive qualities that help make a choice in favor of this device. Of the advantages, the following properties should be noted:

  • corner fireplace saves free space in the room. The portal occupies an empty corner, the chimney is also located in the corner of the room, without taking up the entire wall;

  • this type of portal is capable of giving heat to several adjacent rooms at once in a private house or in an apartment, since both walls with which the fireplace comes into contact will be heated;

  • you can admire the hearth from anywhere in the room, which makes it possible to create the perfect interior;

  • installation of a corner fireplace can be done after designing the building. You can install the chimney from the outside of the wall, without interfering with existing structures.

Among the features of the model, it is worth noting that the firebox may not have an angular shape. You can choose a front design that will be located in the center of the device. There are several types of fireboxes:

  • panoramic;

  • with three glasses;

  • with a view from both sides;

  • with two glass walls in the corners.

Depending on your preferences, you can purchase an open or closed firebox. To prevent soot from settling on the glass, the design includes an included option for blowing the glass with air. The technology is called "clean glass".

A corner fireplace is capable of working on different types of fuel, it all depends on the design feature. There are wood, gas, bio fireplaces and even electric portals.

The fireplaces can be arranged symmetrically or asymmetrically. For the latter option, you need to turn the fireplace towards the furniture. Asymmetrical designs have a rectangular shape that allows them to fit into the corner of the room.

How to: step by step instructions

If you decide to build a corner fireplace yourself, you need to calculate the dimensions, the drawings must be developed with accuracy. There are many options for models, and an interesting option is the corner fireplace “Annushka”, which is installed by many owners of private houses.

To calculate the dimensions of the fireplace, you need to know the area of ​​the room. After that, you need to draw some diagrams:

  • sectional structure;

  • a separate scheme for each layer in the masonry;

  • sketch of the front part.

For quick and competent ordering, special software has been developed that you can download from the Internet. Such projects are freely available..

With the correct selection of the description and diagram, you can even calculate the required number of bricks for masonry.

If you decide to place the portal next to a wooden wall, take care of fire safety by equipping the wall surface with special insulation.

Work should be carried out over the entire height, starting from the floor and ending with the upper level.

Side walls should be laid out with a slope in order to increase the draft of the fireplace.

This action allows you to increase heat transfer.

Above the top of the firebox, you will need to create a special protrusion that will block the ingress of soot from the pipe down. Smoke will also not get into the room. The use of lining in the portal walls will increase heat transfer.

How to make a foundation for a corner fireplace:

  • Regardless of what kind of fireplace you have, wood, gas, brick or stone, with a cast iron firebox or a steel fireplace stove, you will need to build a foundation. The base of the portal should be laid out in any case, regardless of what type of foundation the building has. Pay attention to how the rafters of wood and ceiling beams are located, since you cannot bring the chimney closer to them.

  • The width of the foundation should be 10 cm more than the basement row. The pit is about 60 cm, with an allowance of 15 cm.A tamped layer of crushed stone of 10-15 cm will be located at the bottom.You will also need a formwork for the pit, which is lined with a ball of waterproofing or with bitumen.

  • Further actions are to fill and level the rubble layer in a ratio of 1: 3: 5, where there is cement, sand and crushed stone. Keep in mind that the pit must be located a distance in the thickness of the brick lower than the floor level.

  • After you complete these steps, cover the solution with polyethylene and leave to dry for seven days..

How is masonry carried out:

  • When the foundation is dry and hardened, two layers of waterproofing material should be laid on it. Bricks should be soaked in water for a few minutes..

  • Experts recommend for the first time to fold the fireplace with dry masonry, and if everything suits you in the design, apply a solution.

  • The first row, as in the construction of the furnace, is continuous. The bricks should be laid out with their edges. The second row will consist of brickwork laid flat. In the recess, which is intended for collecting ash, you need to put a metal box. The third row should cover part of the box.

  • The following brickwork consists of a fireplace insert and a grate. The fifth row is accompanied by small protrusions of bricks forward, so that it is possible to form an overlap.

  • The sixth and ninth row consists of a fuel chamber layout. In the future, it will be necessary to lay out the corners for the portal, along with the construction of a firebox and external walls.

  • In the thirteenth and fourteenth layers, you need to start folding the base of the mirror, which will end on the nineteenth layer. Accompany the masonry with a vertical position of the material with a slope.

  • The next two layers should narrow the firebox by pushing the bricks forward a little. On rows 21 and 23, an oven tooth with a 20-degree protrusion will be formed.

  • The mantel is laid out on 24-25 rows. After that, you can install a stove grate and build a chimney..

With the help of these instructions, you can fold a fireplace for your home or lay out a suburban mini portal. Any material can be used as cladding. The structure that you decide to decorate with marble will look spectacular.

If a corner wood-burning fireplace is not for you, there are electric models. Anyone can build portals for electric fireplaces. Initially, you will need to determine the style of the future design, size and location. You can use brick, natural stones, chipboard, drywall and even glass as a material. You should not use plywood and solid wood, as they deform and dry out.

Gypsum and stucco are suitable for creating bumps and patterns. When working with a portal for an electric fireplace, it all depends on your imagination and wishes. Start by creating a frame, after which you can start forming the walls.

How to make a decorative fireplace

Decorative fireplaces are popular among residents of apartment buildings. The structure is a dummy of a traditional portal, which can be made of any material: boxes, cardboard, plywood, foam and drywall. Simulated fire creates a cozy and warm atmosphere.

To create a fake fireplace, you will need to create a full-size sketch, which is then transferred to the material. The picture should contain a detailed description of the details of the fireplace.

If you have at hand a cardboard box for household appliances, such as a TV, this item is suitable for creating a future portal. Remove any excess parts left after transferring the picture to cardboard and staple the box with a stapler.

Construction tape will help you seal all the joints. A clerical knife is required to cut the firebox itself. You can cut only the top and side by folding the cardboard into the depth of the firebox. This action contributes to the creation of a mantel, which is also secured with tape..

Then you can attach the future fireplace to the wall. Decorate the portal powerfully with ordinary wallpaper or self-adhesive film. The upper part of the structure is decorated with foam or cardboard.

Most of the manufacturing methods are similar to each other. Initially, a drawing is drawn, then you should transfer the image to the material and proceed to making the base.

For such a fireplace, a foundation is not required, because it performs only a decorative function, without heating the room..

In addition, fake carmine is lightweight..

As a decoration, you can use a screen on which there is an image of a flame. Some people buy special expensive appliances that can simulate the flame and sound of crackling firewood..

Some people decide to make a fireplace from an ordinary box from household appliances and paste over the structure with wallpaper, while others prefer to use cardboard-based foam, and decorate their creation with shelves, battery-powered candles.

Such designs can be decorated in any way, depending on your imagination. With this option, you can create an exclusive version of the portal in your home, remembering labor lessons at school. Use a ready-made option to create a decorative fireplace with your own hands, or come up with your own way.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Many manufacturers offer a wide range of corner fireplaces.

You can choose exactly the option that will look perfect in the interior of the living room or in the bedroom. As previously stated, you can choose a symmetrical or asymmetrical portal..

If the main focus of the apartment will be on the fireplace, pay attention to symmetrical designs. Such aggregates are visible from any angle and have the best properties. They cope with the function of heating the room for five plus.

For zoning a room, an asymmetric type of corner fireplace is suitable. If your room has a large area, this portal will look perfect in any interior. Glass models serve only as a decorative item, enveloping the room with coziness and warmth.

When choosing a fireplace, pay attention to its shape. The classic form is a simple open red brick portal. This option will look good in a wooden house or in the country..

If you own a large living room, pay attention to the Empire and Baroque styles. There are many curlicues, finishes and stucco moldings in such designs..

The rococo style is not that big, but it also has columns and gilded details.

High-tech style is suitable for modern rooms. There are no unnecessary elements and finishing materials here, because all attention is paid to the portal. Its unusual shape can surprise everyone.

The Art Nouveau corner portal is made of modern materials. It combines glass and heat-resistant plastic. The U-shaped portal and open firebox resembles the classic version. If your home is dominated by a modern interior, choose this type of fireplace.

Correctly selected style and shape of the fireplace will help make your home unique and chic.

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