False fireplace in the interior

Advantages and disadvantages

In private homes, cast-iron fireplaces have long taken their place in the living room, where the whole family gathers in the evenings. With the phrase "family idyll" often a picture comes to mind where adults are sitting in soft armchairs and talking, and children are playing with pets or reading sitting on a soft carpet, and all this happens near a large fireplace.

Unfortunately, it is problematic to install real fireplaces in city apartments, so they began to produce special, so-called false fireplaces, which outwardly look like real ones, but they do not have a chimney and fire as such. These include bio and electric fireplaces with a firebox, which have not only a fireplace appearance, but also an imitation of a real fire..

Fake fireplaces have a lot of advantages, and first of all, this is, of course, safety, which is most important for families with small children, who strive to climb everywhere, especially in those places where it is most dangerous. These fireplaces do not require additional maintenance, so that after each warm gathering you do not have to scrape out kilograms of coal, which will first of all need to be spent on, and clean the fireplace. There is no soot or noxious smoke, which are indispensable companions of all real fireplaces. It is only in the picture that it is beautiful to sit and bask in front of a real cast-iron fireplace, in real life, after such gatherings, it takes a lot of work to preserve the beauty of the fireplace externally and its functions from the inside.

To install a false fireplace in a city apartment, you will not need to run through hundreds of instances, collecting signatures for permission to install a fireplace in your home. It is enough just to have an outlet in the right place where the fireplace will stand.

But these fireplaces also have their drawbacks. For example, judging by the reviews, the most noticeable of them will be the consumed electricity, thanks to which you will receive not such budgetary bills for electricity as in other cases. This disadvantage, of course, is significant, and it can greatly influence the decision to purchase such a fireplace. Another drawback is still a fake fire, which is only an imitation and you cannot get heat from it to the extent that it is possible to get warmth and comfort from a real fireplace with a chimney.


A false fireplace in the interior is a very beautiful addition that makes the living room cozy. You can reproduce the appearance of a burning flame in different ways, in addition to buying a fake fireplace. For example, some people create a gypsum portal and put firewood inside, then candles are placed next to the firewood, which create the appearance of a burning flame in the fireplace. Another non-primitive way is to purchase an electronic photo frame that will reproduce the effect of a burning flame when the appropriate mode is selected. These types are called imitations..

Electric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces have a more decorative function than heating, but they still generate heat. Of course, it is not as tangible as in real fireplaces, but it is still present. By the way, modern stores offer models in which the heating function can be turned on or off at the request of the owner. This is very convenient, especially when it is already hot at home. Electric fireplaces have a firebox, but naturally there is no chimney.

Electric fireplaces are of the following types:

  • Wall. This is a type of electric fireplace that can be placed directly on the wall. Such fireplaces are installed with a special design and if it is not possible to place it on the floor..
  • Wall-mounted. This type of fireplace is the most common among fake ones, they are placed right along the wall..
  • Ostrovnoy. Such electric fireplaces are a separate structure that can be approached from any side. They can be installed both on the floor near the wall and on the countertop, and some models are even built into a post..
  • Corner. The location of this type of electric fireplaces becomes clear from the name. Neat and miniature corner fireplaces will be a great addition to any corner, and if you decorate it correctly, you will get a cozy corner for evening gatherings with your family.
  • Embedded. This type of fireplace is built into the furniture and looks very beautiful, completing the design of the room..

Bio fireplaces

A bio or eco fireplace is another type of false fireplace. It is based on a burner or fuel block, which must be filled with a bio-standard. This liquid has a vegetable base and, due to this, does not have harmful gases, unpleasant odors, soot or smoke. Bio-reference gives a uniform and beautiful fire without bluish tinge.

This type of fireplace can be decorated in a variety of ways and fit into any interior. Thus, it turns out that a biofireplace is a kind of transformer that can adapt to any atmosphere.

These fireplaces have their own subspecies:

  • Portal furnace. This is an outwardly classic fireplace that is installed on the floor along the wall. It can be decorated in different ways, depending on the design of the room..
  • Wall or tabletop. This subspecies of biofireplace can be hung on the wall or built into furniture or a post. Built-in bio fireplaces are a great solution for small rooms.

Interior design

Of course, the most common place for fireplaces is the living room. False fireplaces with marble, wood or stone decor look very nice. Often this piece of furniture acts as a shelf or stand, which can be decorated with figurines, clocks, as well as frames with photographs..

There are times when a TV is hung over the fireplace. In principle, this is a good solution, because there is always a lot of space above the fireplace that needs to be filled and instead of large pictures they hang a TV there. Unfortunately, this solution is not always correct and practical, since a fireplace and a TV set working at the same time distract attention from each other, thereby not giving the opportunity to concentrate on one thing. Still, a fireplace, regardless of whether it is real or not, is a self-sufficient piece of living room interior and will not tolerate a number of such bright competitors as himself..

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