Ferlux fireplace stove

There are many ways you can keep your room warm. If you want to combine business with pleasure, then installing a fireplace stove is the best option. It will harmoniously fit into almost any interior.

One of the most famous brands of fireplace stoves – Ferlux (Spain).

The Ferlux fireplace stove can rightfully be considered a first-class product that meets even the most demanding international standards. The best and most durable heat-resistant materials are used for its manufacture. In addition to reliability and durability, the products are endowed with a sophisticated design..


For over 20 years, Ferlux has been manufacturing fireplace and stove equipment in Europe. Today the manufacturing company has 3 iron foundries, 2 of which are in Spain and 1 in Serbia..


Lava cook

Let’s consider the most popular model. The first thing that draws attention to is an unusual design solution and a beautiful pattern. It is not too flashy, but it is present both on the sides of the stove and on its front part. Also, importantly, the stove is made entirely of the most durable material – cast iron. Not simple, but high-strength spheroidal cast iron. The Lava Cook oven has a vitroceramic observation glass and handles made of very thick steel.

The design of the fireplace is made in a vintage style, which is very popular now. The surface of the oven is covered with heat-resistant French paint enamel, which does not age with each subsequent firing, but, on the contrary, crystallizes, becomes more and more durable. This means that in a few years the oven will look like new.. The presence of a fireplace bull is a useful and functional attribute. He warns against the possibility of falling logs on glass and then smoking it..


This fireplace stove is a modification of the previous Lava Cook model. The fundamental difference is that hobs appear on its upper part, which are heated using direct fire. A valve also appears, which allows you to regulate the combustion process..

Its handle has been slightly improved – it has been lengthened, in connection with which heating to extreme temperatures has ceased to occur. At the bottom there is an ash box, which can be accessed even during combustion..

This model of the stove has the ability to supply the chimney from both the rear and the top. The combustion chamber door opens 180 degrees, which is a convenient and practical solution. Thus, when using the oven, the door will not interfere.


The advantage of this model lies, first of all, in the appearance of a lever that allows the forced discharge of ash into the ash pan. In addition, there is a regulator on top that activates the clean glass function. This regulator is fixed for greater sealing..

On the back wall of the Zeus furnace there is a lever with which you can turn on / off the air supply for the secondary combustion. Only it is no longer carried out through the bottom, but through a special two-stage perforated plate. That allows not only to better heat the room, but also to save wood resource.

Also an interesting functional solution is the external gate valve. Which, thanks to the spring mechanism, is able to be installed not only in the open or closed position, but also take intermediate positions.


Some parts of this model are made of cast iron, and inside there is a fireclay stone, which takes in heat and retains it for a long time.

The Guca stove has two adjustable air flow doors that allow you to set up a slow burning system. The oven is equipped with a full-fledged hob, which has a removable cooking pan in its arsenal.

In this model, in addition to the main one, now the ash door also opens 180 degrees. The ash pan itself is so roomy that it will need to be cleaned no more than once a month..

However, the chimney on top of the stove makes it difficult to clean. And the condensate descending from it falls on the front surface and burns.


  • heat-resistant premium material;
  • harmonious design;
  • the presence of a hob;
  • long burning system;
  • glass screen;
  • nice price.


  • slow heating of large areas;
  • requires care.


The fireplace stove must not be used before the operating instructions have been read..


The Ferlux fireplace stove is in great demand and has a lot of positive feedback from both professionals and users..

Of course, each model has a certain set of its advantages, but with a careful study of the model range or consultation with experts, you can definitely choose the one that will be right for you..

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