Fireplace in the interior of the apartment

Fireplaces today are not only traditional functional sources of heat, but also an integral part of the decor of a room, which can give it the comfort of a home, luxury and zest. This piece of furniture can have a wide variety of shapes and sizes..

Types of fireplaces

To understand which type of fireplace to choose from those offered on the market, you will need to decide on its location in the room, as well as estimate the area of ​​the latter.

For a small, for example, one-room apartment, a built-in fireplace, which is mounted directly into the wall of the room, will be a good solution. Its installation will require considerable financial, material and labor costs..

A corner fireplace will also be a good option for an ordinary small room. Its installation, unlike the built-in one, is simple. It fits perfectly into the corners of the room, which often remain not involved in the interior, thereby transforming the shape of the room favorably..

In a small room it will not be difficult to place a wall-mounted fireplace – a device with a thin body made of metal, MDF, plastic or glass, reminiscent of a plasma screen, which is hung on the wall and simulates the combustion process.

For more spacious rooms, wall ovens, installed along the walls of the rooms, and island ovens, which are located in the central area of ​​the room, are suitable. An island fireplace can become the main accent around which the future interior will be formed later. He can divide functional areas in a studio apartment. Next to wall and island fireplaces located in spacious rooms – halls, living rooms, it is possible to harmoniously place a cozy relaxation area with armchairs, couches and a coffee table.

Fireplace styles

Modern fireplaces are so diverse in their shape, size, configuration and materials used that they can fit into any interior, support any conceived stylistic solution. They can be performed in a wide variety of stylistic solutions..

Classicism as a design trend originated in Europe at the end of the eighteenth century. It is distinguished by the use of discreet decorative elements made from natural materials such as wood and stone. A marble fireplace decorated with antique bas-reliefs will be a wonderful accent throughout the apartment. The stone goes well with other types of finishes, both artificial (for example, cast iron) and natural (wood, etc.).

Baroque style translated from Italian means “artsy”. Rooms in this style are replete with rich décor. It can be a mosaic, ornate drawings, stucco. The color scheme is also characterized by luxury: gilded elements, various shades of marble, bronze. Fireplaces in the Empire style, which originated in France at the end of the nineteenth century, are distinguished by their pomp and use of drawings, ornaments in a military theme and the Egyptian style. Columns, laurel wreaths can serve as a decoration for such fireplaces.

A huge amount of artsy decor highlights the purely aesthetic function of the fireplace, rather than its heating properties. Therefore, it is often appropriate to install an electric fireplace in apartments designed in the Baroque and Empire styles. It itself will become part of the luxurious decor of the room..

An electric fireplace is sometimes difficult to distinguish from a real one: the soundtrack of a crackling flame and a realistic image of the fire give it a natural look. Such a fireplace is also convenient in that it does not require any complex communications, installation of a firebox and chimney, which is important in an ordinary apartment. It is a safe source of heat that can be turned on and off as needed. It does not require fuel, it does not need to be cleaned and ash removed.

Country style will help to give your home the atmosphere of a country house. A fireplace, finished with natural finishing materials, will add coziness and tranquility of a country house to your apartment. Arrange in the living room a kind of hearth, with a real firebox, decorated with natural materials, which can be wooden panels, stone, shells, brick, sandstone, thereby creating the illusion of suburban life.

Classic style in the interior combines elements of baroque, empire and classicism. For many of us, a classic is the embodiment of coziness and comfort, which makes it extremely popular in design. The classic interior is characterized by soft unobtrusive colors, calm lines, muted shades. A fireplace in such an interior becomes an appropriate addition rather than a central accent. Forged decorative elements, bronze details, a forged basket for firewood, a poker – these little things will add to your fireplace the nobility and restraint inherent in a classic interior..

Lovers of experimenting with style will appreciate the direction modern, which is very often used by designers in modern interiors. This is such a harmonious combination of several, at first glance, not quite compatible with each other, stylistic solutions. Elements of empire, baroque, high-tech, etc. can be present here at the same time..

This is a rather austerely furnished room, in which a fireplace can have a completely unexpected, cosmic shape or finish. Lightweight structural elements, glass, metal – distinctive features of modern style fireplaces.

Lovers of non-standard solutions in the interior will also appreciate avant-garde. Here the designer can fully express his imagination. Fireplaces in such an interior become the main accent of the room, around which the rest of the space is formed. They have a very bright, non-standard shape and finish – everything in order to attract attention..

Also, fireplaces fit perfectly into minimalistic interior. If you are an opponent of pretentious shapes and finishes, who value free, uncluttered space, then this style is for you. These fireplaces will easily fit into small apartments that are not burdened with complex pieces of furniture. Strict colors in decoration, metal, plastic, glass constructive elements, combination with technological interior items – all this gives minimalism style fireplaces and modernity..

The savings on facing materials are also obvious, because a minimalist fireplace can literally be a flame in a niche in the wall, without any additional elements. It should be noted that in the off state, such a fireplace will not represent any aesthetic value..

Decorative fireplaces in the interior

Often, apartment owners do not need to use a fireplace as a heating device. To date, there are a large number of decorative fireplaces on the market that carry only aesthetic value. New in this area – bio fireplaces. Just like natural ones, they are different in the way of arrangement (they distinguish wall, floor, corner, desktop) and can be installed in those rooms where, due to design features, the ventilation system is not established.

You only need to periodically ventilate the room by opening the windows. Bio fireplaces are harmless to the atmosphere, as they run on environmentally friendly vegetable fuels. Their price, in comparison with their real counterparts, is not high enough.

To simulate a fireplace in a room unsuitable for its installation, installation will also help false fireplace. It will completely repeat the structure and appearance of a real fireplace, but at the same time it is completely safe to use, does not require material costs for maintenance and installation. With minimal knowledge in decor, making a false fireplace is quite simple, even with your own hands. Plasterboard, polystyrene, polyurethane are most often used as materials..

In order to visually form the firebox, a mirror is used. A false fireplace is a portal on which designers often place vases, candlesticks, figurines and other decorative elements..

With such a huge variety of types and styles of fireplaces on the market, everyone can choose something to their liking. Fireplaces will help revive any interior, add a piece of comfort, warmth, beauty and functionality to it. They will create a unique atmosphere of luxury in your apartment and contribute to warm, lively communication in the circle of loved ones.

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