Fireplace in various style interiors

The fireplace is not a relic of the past, but a stylish and luxurious addition to any, even the most modern style. With good taste, this unusual detail can be made part of the interior in any style. Let’s see how to do it..


High tech

In the modern world, such a style direction as minimalism is very popular. High-tech style is its full-fledged embodiment. In this style, all things should be as simple and functional as possible..

This style is good for small spaces. But even in a room like this, a fireplace will look good. In high-tech style, it should ideally be small, complemented by a metal or glass shelf. On such a shelf you can store books or functional trinkets..


Another undoubtedly popular style is Mediterranean. Creating an interior in this style, designers are inspired by warm countries. The style itself originated in the forties of the last century in Tuscany. At that time, most people sought to leave for the city, leaving their comfortable rural homes. As a protest against such massive urbanization, the Mediterranean style emerged, contributing to a leisurely life and everyday relaxation.

Small wicker chairs, natural furniture and pastel colors all around help create this style. In a Mediterranean-style interior, a bio fireplace or an electric fireplace made almost entirely of glass will look good.


If you do not have enough comfort in your life, then the chalet style will help to create a warm atmosphere in your house. It is very simple, romantic and original. It originates from the dwellings of simple Alpine shepherds who lived in small houses in the mountains..

The main distinguishing features of this style are simplicity, romance and the use of natural materials. The chalet-style interior is stone or wood floors, the same walls and the presence of wooden beams under the ceiling. A chalet-style room itself begs for a small fireplace in the same style. Such a fireplace resembles a small stone stove, which immediately gives the room a cosiness..


Scandinavian-style interiors are also distinguished by their laconicism and simplicity. Residents of Scandinavian countries try to be closer to nature. This trend is reflected in the style, which is inspired by the cold northern nature..

The Scandinavian-style interior is very moderate – there is nothing superfluous in it. As in previous cases, stone, metal and wood are often used here. But it differs in the predominance of cold shades. Fireplaces in this style, most often, are used as simple and concise as possible. A small square fireplace made of smooth stone or metal will emphasize the good taste of the landlord.


One of the fundamental and most famous styles is Art Nouveau. It belongs to the classics. This style appeared at the beginning of the last century and became a symbol of the transition from past and seemingly outdated trends to something new and more modern. It arose not only in architecture, but also in art, music and literature. But it is in architecture and interior design that its framework is easiest to determine..

The Art Nouveau style is, first of all, clarity and smoothness. All interior details are extremely simple, but this does not interfere with decorating them and combining several bright colors within one room. When choosing a fireplace in a living room decorated in a similar style, it is better to pay attention to metal structures, complemented by ornate patterns. An Art Nouveau fireplace should not be the center of the interior, but only its functional addition.


Country style is quite famous, both in America and here. In order to recreate an interior in this style, it is not necessary to live outside the city. To decorate your home in country style, you should combine simple things in retro style and avoid excessive modernity..

This style is very close to the rustic one. Often, wood, fur carpets, capes and other details are used to decorate rooms in this style. A fireplace in a similar style not only helps to heat the room, but is also a platform for demonstrating all sorts of different little things – photographs, figurines or antique dishes.


The English-style room also looks cozy. In general, we associate the British style with solidity, restraint and careful selection of suitable details..

A fireplace in this style should be luxurious and sophisticated. It is often complemented by wood paneling with decorative patterns. Also pays attention to various fireplace accessories.


When creating an interior in the style of minimalism, all the details are very carefully selected for each other. They must be functional and perfectly compatible with each other. On the walls and tables in this style, there should be no unnecessary decor. Minimalism has a special love for neutral and creamy tones. Most things in this style are very light and graceful..

The same applies to a decorative element such as a fireplace. A classic fireplace for an interior in a similar style is white, made of marble or other light stone. Electric fireplaces are also welcome.


The eclectic style is characterized by a mixture of various details that are taken from other styles. So, furniture in the Baroque or Rococo style may well coexist with floral wallpaper and minimalistic glass shelves. There is also a huge scope for choosing a fireplace. It can be open, closed, functional, or purely decorative..


The more ancient Baroque style is characterized by a love of luxury and all kinds of excesses. Since the term “baroque” itself is translated as “pearl of irregular shape”, then in interiors in this style, many details are unusual and asymmetrical. Also, this style is characterized by an abundance of expensive decorative elements. Baroque fireplaces are very often decorated with complex forged patterns and other details that give them special splendor and significance..

Art Deco

Another bright and luxurious style is Art Deco. It originated in the golden twenties of the last century. In this short period between the two wars, people tried to get the most out of life. This also manifested itself in the Art Deco style. It was characterized by catchy details, expensive accessories and voluminous plants..

In this style, a large number of figurines, floor vases, flower pots, frames with photographs and paintings, and other details are often used. These details include a fireplace. It can be decorated with gilding, ornate bronze inserts or glass details.


Living on the territory of Russia, it is advisable to be familiar with most of the traditions of this country. The rustic style in the interior is not a complete stylization for the housing of old nobles or peasants. But some details that came to us from the past are still present here..

In a room in this style, you can find many different decorative elements that make it look like a museum. You can decorate a room in the Russian style with samovars, lace napkins, nesting dolls and other similar things..

In the modern world, the Russian style is conventionally divided into three categories. The first is a la russe style. This is, for the most part, a stylization for old interiors. Mostly foreigners who want to “touch” our culture show interest in it..

A more attractive antique stylization, such an offshoot of rusticism as the “Russian hut”. Such interiors are characterized by minimalism and, accordingly, great attention to detail. Decorative items in this style are openwork napkins, expensive paintings, original objects of ancient art. A similar style, although it looks more modern, but still, for the most part is suitable for summer cottages and country houses..

But if you want to add a part of the Russian style to modern housing, for example, to decorate a city apartment in this way, then pay attention to the direction “terem”. This branch of the style called “Russian urban style” is better known. But, whichever direction, whatever you prefer, a fireplace in a similar style will be very appropriate.


Recently, there has been a growing interest in the countries of the East. That is why many modern designers are happy to take on the creation of interiors in an oriental style. It combines the motives of the Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Egyptian styles. Therefore, there can be a lot of manifestations of this style..

Fireplaces in the countries of the East are less popular than in Europe. But, if you want to complement your interior with such a detail, it should also be complemented by characteristic oriental details. As an oriental finish, inlays are usually used, decoration of the surface with original patterns or even carvings..

If you are creating an interior in Japanese style, pay attention to their calligraphic painting – the pattern in this style looks interesting and luxurious..


Many today are fond of a healthy lifestyle and prefer an ecological style. In this style, preference is given to natural materials and neutral colors. There is a place for fireplaces in such an interior, but they must organically fit into it. So, it is best to choose the option from natural stone..


Contemporary American style is the ultimate in simplicity and relaxation in detail. For Americans, a fireplace is not so much a functional detail as a part of the decor. Such fireplaces are distinguished by their conciseness and simplicity. Most often, they are made in white..


The Victorian interior looks truly royal. In such a luxurious style, there is a place for expensive and sophisticated details and the use of quality materials..

During the time of Queen Victoria, fireplaces were very popular. And mansions and castles and residences of nobles were complemented by massive luxurious fireplaces that often occupy most of the wall.


The Renaissance interior is simpler. Smooth lines and pastel colors in it are quite successfully combined with luxurious patterns and expensive jewelry. Fireplaces in this style fit perfectly into the rich interior of a country house..

Art Nouveau

This modern French style looks very sophisticated and combines quite a number of different details that make it complete. Art Nouveau style fireplaces are simplicity and clarity of lines, barely noticeable, but very high quality finish.


During the Middle Ages, things in the severe Gothic style were popular. This style is characterized by the clarity of lines and the decoration of all things with forged details and a small imitation of spiers..

Fireplaces in this style are often complemented with metal panels and take up almost the entire wall. Despite this, the Gothic style is very functional. Therefore, Gothic-style fireplaces are complemented by comfortable shelves on which you can place all your trinkets..


In a rustic style, which has a lot of similarities with country, fireplaces also look very organic. They are usually as simple and small as possible. For greater convenience, such fireplaces can be located anywhere in the house or apartment, since there are both open and closed options..


Along with Art Nouveau, the classic French style is also popular. It is more luxurious and complemented by a large abundance of decorative details..


Since Japan is a small country, space is especially appreciated. That is why the Japanese style is considered one of the most functional and minimalistic. In the setting of such a room, there is no individuality, because in Japanese culture, its manifestations are considered superfluous. A fireplace in a Japanese-style interior should be compact and low, like most furniture..


Another interesting style is marine. It is characterized by lightness. It uses airy fabrics, light colors and themed decorative elements. Fireplaces in this style are rare. If they are present, then, as a rule, they are purely for decoration. These are usually small-sized electric fireplaces that simply help create the desired romantic atmosphere in the evenings..


Italians value luxury and expensive interior more than others. This is evident in every detail, from leather furniture to luxurious massive red brick fireplaces..


The interior in the Moroccan style looks very original and original. It has bright colors – red, terracotta, sand, brown, and Arabian-style decorations..


Bright colors are also used in the Chinese style. Oriental motives and subtlety in details are suitable for creating an original interior in a modern apartment. A fireplace made in contrasting dark colors will complement it..


Egyptian is also an unusual and very authentic style. It is characterized by symmetry and an abundance of gold draperies. A spectacular marble fireplace placed right in the center of the room will look good in this style..


African interiors also look unforgettable and very unusual. If you are unconsciously attracted to this country, you can make all your dreams come true by decorating the apartment with African-style details. The fireplace in such an interior is usually built into the wall and is almost invisible..


Also worth mentioning is the bright and varied boho style. It has room for vibrant colors and combinations of unusual textures and colors. A fireplace in a boho interior should be the center of attention.

Beautiful interiors

Finally, it should be said that a properly selected design reflects the personality of the owner of an apartment or house. Therefore, any stylish interior can be supplemented with a fireplace, which will fit into it quite harmoniously, if you want it..


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