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Is there a fireplace at your dacha or country house? Then it’s time to think about the proper storage of firewood. You can’t just leave them on the street. Unexpected weather can easily wipe out all of your winter heating supplies. Of course, you can store firewood in your garage or garden shed, but it can also get damp and deteriorate. In addition, in winter, they are inconvenient to constantly carry from street to house. The best option would be a specially equipped storage space. It will not only be useful and convenient, but also perfectly fit into the interior of the house or decorate your summer yard..

Fireplace log is a kind of stand for storing logs. It can be made of any material, most often metal. A woodpile or it is called a woodpile can be forged or wicker. Made in the style of minimalism or, conversely, very unusual. If you decide to diversify the decor of your home and install a wood burning stove, then this will be an excellent solution and an interesting addition to the interior. Most often, fire boxes are portable and stationary. It is preferable to choose or make models from metal. As a result, you will get a reliable, convenient and interesting design for storing firewood..

The firebox for the stove is of the same construction as the firebox for the fireplace. In addition, for convenience, it is better to purchase mobile options for more convenient transfer of firewood. After all, sooner or later, the raw material ends and, in order to facilitate the transfer of firewood, it is better to immediately choose small options for firewood stoves that can be carried.


One of the most popular and practical ways to store firewood is with an outdoor firewood or firewood box. It is a small shed. Necessarily with a roof. The main function of such a firebox, first of all, is to ensure the safe storage of forest material. A street firebox can be made of wood or metal. It can be purchased to order or made by hand. Most often, for the street, experts suggest opting for a wood burning stove rather than metal, since metal options do not provide circulation of firewood, so there is a risk that they will damp and rot. A vertical firebox can also be an excellent option; it will look very good in a forged version. This type of woodpile in summer can become not only a practical solution, but also a kind of decoration for your country yard or garden..


Indoor fire boxes are of two types. Stationary and portable. Of course, as already mentioned, the portable option may be more convenient for you. Most often, when buying a fireplace, a home firebox is included.

A room firebox will be a great accessory in your interior, it can be wicker, from a regular vine. This version of the firebox is environmentally friendly and interesting in home decor. You can also use a regular wooden box for storing firewood. But the most practical and successful solution would be, of course, a forged firebox, which not only gives an aesthetic look, but also will be convenient and safe to use. A home firebox is in good harmony next to the fireplace.


Stationary options for wood burning boxes for the house and the street are made of metal. Street woodpiles are most often made of wood. Forged models look very interesting, which are placed not only in the house, but also in the yard. They will be a great addition to a forged barbecue and a recreation area..


Portable models of wood burning stoves are a very convenient and practical solution, very often compact. As a decorative and portable wood burning box for the house, you can use a wicker one. Unfortunately, it has a number of disadvantages. Such a wood burning stove is very short-lived, and also not so practical, therefore it is suitable for carrying only a small amount of firewood..

A portable metal firebox will not only become an excellent decor element in the house, but will also serve you for more than one year. Most often, such fireboxes are covered with a special anti-corrosion coating, due to which they do not lose their aesthetic properties and do not collapse..

Style solutions

When purchasing a fireplace, very often a firebox is also included in the set. This is a very nice bonus, and quite a profitable option, because such accessories for the fireplace are made in the same style and design. Very often, such fire boxes are portable, which is also a big plus. In addition, a fireplace or stove and a wood-burning stove, made in the same style, will look great in the interior, they will add a special twist to it..

A vertical mini firebox will look very stylish and tasteful. It will become not only a stand for storing firewood, but also a great addition to your cozy home. Will look perfect next to a fireplace or stove.

Stopping your choice on forged firewoods, you can choose not only intricate and delicate options, but also those that are made in the style of minimalism. The main thing is that all wood burning boxes made of metal will be a very good solution for your country house. Not only for aesthetic needs, but also for safety.

An unusual solution can be the choice of various abstract wood burning stoves for the house. For example, a herringbone-shaped wooden firebox will look very interesting. Most manufacturers of fireplaces, stoves and accessories for them offer a huge range of different wood burning stoves. For every fastidious taste. You can definitely choose what you need exactly. And if you want to make your own individual design, then you can easily try to make a firebox with your own hands..

Very often fireplaces already have “built-in fireboxes”. Storage space for firewood. With this option, an additional firebox is most often not needed. If you have decided to lay the fireplace yourself, then it is quite possible to make a place for storing firewood in its lower part..

Materials (edit)

A huge variety of different models of wood burning stoves will delight even the most fastidious buyers. In addition, woodpiles and woodpiles are made from various materials. As mentioned, braided options are not very durable. But they are made from natural materials, so they are popular from year to year. Street woodpiles are most often made of wood. Sometimes you can see wooden fireboxes in the interior of the house, which is also a very interesting solution. In addition, this design is also environmentally friendly. For lovers of something unusual, some manufacturers produce leather fire boxes. They are portable, quite convenient and practical to use. If you want to make a fire box yourself, then it is best to make it out of plywood..

Do-it-yourself firebox

A rather simple and uncomplicated solution for storing firewood can be a firebox made of plywood. You can easily make such a firebox with your own hands. You don’t need a complicated project. The main thing to remember is that in most firewood stoves, the bottom should be made concave in order to accommodate more firewood in the future. It is important to make the product strong and practical so that it does not collapse under the weight of the logs..

For more convenient transportation of logs from the logs outside, you can make a logs on wheels. This will be a very convenient option. The bottom can be made of plywood. To perform such an uncomplicated carrying for firewood, you need to determine the dimensions of the future product, then draw up a drawing and, of course, prepare all the necessary materials for making a firewood stove and tools. When decorating a firewood, you can turn on your imagination and make various unusual elements, so your “stand” for firewood will not seem boring.

An unusual solution can also be a firebox from an old barrel. From the planks of the barrel, you can make the bottom of the future firebox, and with the help of iron rims you can make the handles and edges of the firebox.

Of course, you can always buy the option of a firebox you like, but a hand-made product will always delight your eye, moreover, you will put a piece of yourself into it..

Such a firewood stand will be very useful in any house with a fireplace. After all, this way you will not stack firewood on the floor and spoil the flooring. In addition, with a firebox, the debris from the logs will not spread throughout the house. And finally, it is a great decor element..

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