Fireplace stove

Many people dream of installing a fireplace in their country house, which we strongly associate with family hearth and comfort. But often the area or technical capabilities of the house do not allow it to be built in. An excellent option in this case would be a fireplace stove..



Such a stove, in essence, is a modern version of the so-called “stove-stove”. This is a Russian invention, which, due to its versatile characteristics, such as elegant decor, high heat transfer and compact size, has become widespread in other countries. It differs from a fireplace in that the latter, in general, is not suitable for heating the air in a room. Furnaces have heating surfaces that transfer heat to the surrounding air..

The device is indispensable in situations where the design features of the room do not allow the integration of the usual heating system. Potbelly stoves can most often be found in small country houses, guest houses, as well as in garages and other non-residential buildings. Cast iron is most often used as a material for the manufacture of such furnaces. Fuel can be coal, firewood, peat. Stove stoves function according to the principle of a heating boiler. There are fireplace stoves with a stove and stoves with a stove and an oven.

Modern stove-stove fireplaces are able to fit into even the most exclusive interior. They have a variety of designs – from classics to high-tech style. It is possible to remake the stove for a classic fireplace, decorating it with a fire-resistant facing material: a special dry mixture for plastering, tiles, ceramic tiles or stone.

Installation of this product does not require any special skills. One has only to pay attention to the fact that in order to avoid a possible fire, it is better to place the fireplace stove away from flammable pieces of furniture and interior.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages are the following:

  • Affordable cost compared to the cost of installing a classic fireplace.
  • Easy to install that you can do without any help or expertise.
  • The small dimensions of the product make it possible to place it in any, even the most modest in area, premises..
  • For the functioning of the fireplace stove does not require a foundation and the supply of special communications, such as a capital chimney.
  • Appliance equipped with a hob can be used for cooking.
  • The ability to vary the types of fuel used.
  • In bottom combustion models, there is no need for air regulation.
  • The stove can be moved from room to room, provided that it will be possible to withdraw the chimney.

Among the disadvantages of fireplace stoves, one can single out their fire hazard, the level of which can be reduced by installing a model with a lined combustion chamber on metal legs that do not allow the stove to come into contact with the floor. In addition, after the fuel burns out in it, this device cools down rather quickly. But today manufacturers are solving this problem too, equipping the device with a special system of valves on the air intake, sealed doors made of fire-resistant glass, heat-resistant lining of the furnace, etc..

How to choose

When choosing a fireplace stove, a number of points should be taken into account:

  • The power of the device you need will depend on the area of ​​the heated room..
  • Fuel used.
  • The material from which the oven is made. A steel product retains heat worse than its cast iron counterpart.
  • The presence / absence of the hob.
  • Product safety, equipping with additional functions, for example, reducing the level of fire hazard, slowing down the cooling process, etc..
  • Availability of a special container for collecting ash.


Today the range of fireplace stoves is huge. Products from Italian, Polish, Serbian, Czech, French and Norwegian manufacturers receive the most positive consumer reviews. It will not be difficult to choose the one that will perfectly fit into your interior, will meet the requirements and design features of a particular room. Subsequently, such a stove will serve you for more than one year and will delight you with its functionality and originality of design..

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