Fireplace stoves: model overview

For a modest summer house, as well as for a solid cottage, you can choose a fireplace that will not only solve the problem with heating, but also create a cozy atmosphere in the room.

Main characteristics

Traditional ovens do an excellent job with all the responsibilities that are assigned to them. They not only heat the room, but are also considered a symbol of all Russian traditions, if you do not take into account that you will not be able to admire the fire in it..

Conventional stoves cannot always fit into the interior of a modern home. The fireplace, on the other hand, allows you to admire the tongues of flame, is able to heat the room and adds charm and sophistication to the interior. Thanks to a wide selection of claddings, the portals can fit into any interior. Along with this, design, laying of the foundation and construction activities take up a lot of time. Special work is also assumed that cannot be carried out in an already built structure..


There are several reasons why you should choose a fireplace stove:

  1. you do not need to reinforce the floor or foundation;
  2. the equipment has a lower price compared to full-size fireplaces;
  3. simple and quick installation;
  4. compact design;
  5. the presence of a large firebox;
  6. some models have a stove.

At the moment, there are many varieties of fireplace stoves on sale. You can choose for yourself a model of any design, size and color scheme.

Among the simple and inexpensive Russian heating units, the Meta Group is popular, which also offers fireplace stoves with a water circuit. There are many decent models among European manufacturers that will fit into the interior of every home and are of high quality..

The fireplace stove will be the best option for that category of people who do not have the opportunity to put a full-fledged fireplace in their home. There are three main elements in the design of the unit:

  1. firebox;
  2. facing;
  3. chimney.

If we talk about the material of manufacture, then there are cheap options where black steel is actively used. It is strengthened with fireclay bricks. This measure allows you to avoid early burnout and prolongs the life of the structure. At the same time, even with such actions, the stove can be disturbed in its geometry if you heat it at full power for a long time. For this reason, it is recommended to purchase a more expensive option, where cast iron is used as a material..

Cast iron is able to withstand a large temperature drop, and is not prone to deformation, unlike steel. But this does not mean that you can pour water into a flame in such ovens..

The fireplace stove must be maintained, which consists in cleaning the firebox, cleaning the glass and the door, as well as the chimney from soot.

Cast iron painting is carried out using heat-resistant paint in black or gray. The interior portal can be covered with special shiny enamel in various colors. You can also use ceramic tiles, tiles or decorative components made of stainless steel as a finishing material..

Tiles are used for facing work with the outer wall and are not only a decorative component, but also an auxiliary heat accumulator.

Most fireplace stoves use modern technologies that improve their functional qualities. For example, the “clean glass” option helps to preserve the door glass, behind which there is a flame. It provides excellent visibility of the fire due to natural pyrolysis. Air currents move along the door glass and at the moment when the temperature reaches 400-500 degrees, they burn out soot, which settles on the glass.

Each oven comes with an instruction manual, which indicates the technical characteristics and qualities. When it comes to performance, you should take a closer look at the build quality and the elaboration of small components. For example, how tightly the door closes. The presence of gaps between the door and the firebox not only negatively affects the aesthetic image of the fireplace, but also lowers its performance.


Advantages and disadvantages

The heating equipment market contains many fireplaces that differ in their external design and characteristics. Based on the purpose, the portal can be of the following types:

  1. heating fireplaces;
  2. heating and cooking.
  3. According to the principle of action, they are:
  4. standard;
  5. long burning.

Due to the variety, it can be difficult to determine the model, because each device has its own advantages and disadvantages. Due to the fact that most people are repelled by fuel costs, the priority is given to the long burning fireplace stove made of cast iron.

They have the following advantages:

  1. high level of productivity;
  2. profitability;
  3. original appearance;
  4. mobility;
  5. the ability to maintain a certain temperature for ten hours.

The disadvantages include increased requirements for the installation work of the fireplace and chimney itself, the need to use only dry firewood.

What you need to install

You should know that the installation work of any fireplace implies compulsory adherence to safety rules..

Installation is carried out on a flat surface where there is a high level of resistance. There are modifications of fireplace stoves that do not need to create a special base. However, even if the instructions indicate that you do not need to equip a special base for installation, you still need to prepare the site. It is enclosed in covering the site with a non-combustible material.

Step by step guide:

  1. The installation of such fireplaces begins with work on the base. It will be necessary to compact the soil with clay and several layers of brick. Alternatively, a cement screed is suitable..
  2. The next step is to lay the waterproofing material (you can use decorative non-combustible raw materials). For these purposes, special sheets of drywall or tile from a tile are suitable. Remember that the size of this area should exceed the area occupied by the fireplace by 30-50 cm.
  3. Then you need to prepare the wall, near which the fireplace will be located. It must be treated with a fire-resistant material. This completes the preparatory work..
  4. Now you can install the stove and install the chimney. Fixation of the pipe starts from its middle by installing a bracket, followed by fixing.
  5. In the place where the chimney channel intersects with the overlap, you should wrap the work with asbestos and fill the area around with expanded clay. Make sure that the chimney section above the roof does not exceed a height of 1.5 meters. You will also need waterproofing and a deflector..

With the help of this manual, you will be able to install a modern fireplace stove and eliminate possible mistakes in your work..

Popular models, manufacturers and reviews

Among domestic manufacturers, the first place in the rating of consumers is occupied by the Meta Group, which offers a variety of options that are distinguished by a high level of quality and an affordable price. The assembly of fireboxes is carried out in Russia and Belarus, although components are ordered from European companies..

The Viking fireplace stove, which has a wide panoramic door, is very popular among buyers. To style it like a stove, you only need to install the foundation. If you do not plan facing work, then reinforcement of the foundation is not needed, since the weight of the structure is 195 kg. Such a portal can heat a building with an area of ​​100 square meters..

Separately, we should consider the Varyag stove, which has the option of “clean glass” and its brutal appearance will appeal to every man. Such models of fireplace stoves, such as: “Narva”, “Okhta”, have a hob and allow you to cook.

The Volga model from the Meta company is characterized by excellent performance and affordable cost. The equipment has a closed firebox with a heat-resistant glass door, as well as two side windows. Fans of corner portals note the Amur fireplace-stove, which is not inferior in its qualities to other devices.

Among other Russian manufacturers, the Bagheera heating and cooking stove-fireplace stands out. It is capable of operating effectively in wide temperature ranges of the external environment with a lower limit of -60 degrees..

If you want your summer cottage or cottage to be not only warm in winter, but also cozy, you can buy the Malta stove-fireplace, which is offered by the Greivari company. The model is economical and compact. Buyers prefer this device because of its low price and reliability..

The wood-burning stove “Ermak” is used in wooden baths, the area of ​​which is 6-50 cubic meters. You can choose an economical or elite modification.

Also, the FireWay brand is respected among domestic companies. The stoves combine a distinctive style with the latest heating technology. Thanks to their design, they can be combined with any interior. In the long-term burning mode, such equipment is capable of burning for 6-8 hours on one wood-burning tab. Each fireplace has a glass anti-fog system.

Among foreign brands, the following are in demand: the French company Invicta, the German brand Spartherm, the Norwegian manufacturer Jotul, the Czech company Romotop. These companies produce standard and avant-garde fireplace stoves..

Also popular are the Thorma fireplace stoves, which belong to the products of a well-known European brand. The company has shown itself as a reliable supplier of heating equipment that meets all the necessary standards..

Wall-mounted fireplaces “ABX Puris” are the brainchild of a well-known Czech brand. The model is made in a classic design, where there are strict forms and elegant lines. Such a portal can effectively heat a room with an area of ​​up to 180 cubic meters..

Among the promotional models, the Supra Tomero stove from the French company should be noted. The equipment has all the necessary options for high-quality work: a system for supplying an air flow for afterburning gases, blowing glass, a high-quality cast iron body and a large glass where you can observe the flame.

Eurokom is popular among Polish brands. Its ovens have quality certificates and are high-tech devices with a capacity of 78%. Most often, buyers choose the “Ambra” and “Harold” models, which are able to accumulate heat and gradually release it into the room. In the room where there is such a fireplace, the temperature is maintained for 24 hours after the fire.

In Serbia, the Tim Sistem brand has become famous, which owns the Magic Stove fireplaces, called the new generation. In such devices, there is a chimney with an upper outlet, and the nominal power level reaches 11 kW. This heat transfer is sufficient to heat rooms with an area of ​​up to 90 square meters. The portals have a modern design that can be combined with any interior.

Serbian manufacturer “Guga” takes the lead in creating a fireplace stove from high quality cast iron. The brand is based on high quality casting and the creation of reliable heating units. Due to a serious and strict attitude to production, the very first heating stove “Arina” was able to fully justify all the wishes of the engineers. This fireplace is entirely made of high quality cast iron.

These manufacturers are leaders in the production of fireplace stoves. Customers who choose this or that equipment note the high build quality, performance and attractive design of each model. Depending on your financial capabilities and the premises in which the portal will be installed, you can choose the fireplace you need.


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