Fireplace stoves Nordica – model overview

Stoves-fireplaces of the Italian company La Nordica will add warmth and comfort to your home. The models of this company are made of cast iron and sheet steel in accordance with European safety standards. Such fireplaces can be heated with firewood. The room will be protected from fire and flying sparks by a glass-ceramic door equipped with an auto-lock.


Isotta con cerchi

The Isotta Con Cerchi model weighs 210 kg and has a power of 9 kW. The stove is equipped with a chimney. The model is made of cast iron and has a box for ash. The surface of the oven is a round hotplate. This model will surely appeal to the most demanding customers..

A sturdy glass door allows you to watch the fire. The air in the oven heats up very quickly and enters the room immediately. The model has a fairly compact size and does not take up much space. Long wood will allow you to lay the side door. The Isotta Evo model also has such parameters..

Fortuna Panorama

Lovers of elegance and style should take a closer look at the La Nordica Fortuna Panorama fireplace stove. This model attracts attention with its beautiful cladding. You can choose white or red. The firebox doors are curved and made of glass ceramics, which allows them to withstand 750 degrees. Another feature of this oven is the rotating base.

Carillon classic

The Italian Carillon Classic stove from La Nordica is made of cast iron and has a power of 7 kW. Additional materials used in this model are steel and ceramics. Unlike the previous fireplace, this stove has a more elongated and fashionable shape..

La Nordica Super Junior

This model of a cast iron stove is available in black and green. The floor-standing fireplace has a volume of 143 cubic meters and a power of 5 kW. This model has a good value for money. And it will help to create the interior of a cozy village house.


The La Nordica Giulietta stove is small in height and fits well into a small living room. The cast-iron walls of this model are heated, so that it will be possible to warm a cooled lunch or tea on it. The fireplace is installed on four legs.


The La Nordica Nicoletta model looks elegant and even delicate. This traditional Italian stove can heat a room up to 80 square meters. With a choice of colors (burgundy, beige, cream), this wood-burning fireplace will become a decoration of any home. Nicoletta is made of thick cast iron and has a colored cladding.


Another stylish home solution is La Nordica Fiorella. This oven combines steel and burgundy or beige ceramics. It will fit in a room of any size due to its compactness and will perfectly warm both the room and you. The facing of the fireplace is decorated with patterns, which will add originality to the interior..


This stove differs from the previous model by the absence of patterns on the lining. The fireplace will delight you with a juicy apricot color, calm beige or bright burgundy. Such a stove does not take up much space and is suitable for a room no more than 60 square meters. The model includes a system of clean glass and long burning. This will create additional comfort and safety..

Max Panoramic Oven

Fireplace La Nordica Max successfully combines excellent external qualities, which have been worked on by Italian designers and good heating possibilities. By installing this model in your home, you will emphasize your good taste and will not freeze even on the coldest day. Manufacturers offer two colors – green and black.


The Nordica America model belongs to cast iron heating and cooking stoves. It combines a spacious oven with a large two-burner hob. With such a stove in the house, everyone will be both warmed and fed.

Falo 1XL

The model is equipped with a primary and secondary external air supply system. The color of the oven is light sand. The hearth is made of cast iron, the slab is made of turquoise ceramics. The Falo 1XL model not only heats the room, but also allows you to cook in it.


Those who managed to get to know the Italian brand La Nordica personally note the quality and environmental friendliness of the stoves. The models successfully combine good heating properties and fashionable design. Another plus is fuel. Firewood and pellets can be used. Fuel consumption is low enough to save.

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