Heating fireplace stoves

Fireplaces have always been characterized by a special energy. They not only heat the room, but also warm the soul. It is always nice to sit with a loved one by the fireplace, watching the dance of fire. Flames draw their own pattern, which attracts attention, bewitches and makes you drop all problems and worries, which are replaced by a feeling of peace and satisfaction..

Almost no country house, dacha or cottage is complete without a fireplace. But today, not only decorative fireplaces have become very popular, but heating fireplaces-stoves that perform various functions: from heating the house to cooking..

Interest in this kind of stoves has so captured modern society that craftsmen began to make them from various materials. Today there is a fairly large selection of fireplace stoves, which differ in size, installation method, materials used, type of design, functionality. To make the right choice, you need to familiarize yourself with the proposed options in advance, study the advantages and disadvantages, and determine your own wishes and preferences. The choice of a heating fireplace-stove should be approached carefully and deliberately..


Today, hardly anyone can be surprised by the presence of a fireplace in the house. However, not everyone can afford this luxury. A more profitable option, both from a financial point of view and in terms of functional use, is considered to be modern heating stoves, fireplaces, which not only serve as a kind of interior and decor items, but are also used to heat rooms. Relatively low cost, high efficiency, simplicity and rationality of use are the key factors that have significantly increased interest in this type of heating devices..

Manufacturing companies of various heating systems have significantly expanded the model range and provided customers with a wide range of stoves for heating private houses, cottages, summer cottages.

Heating stoves-fireplaces can be classified according to the following criteria:

Furnace type:

  • alternating combustion devices that require periodic shutdown;
  • long burning stoves for home.

Location and installation:

  • frontal;
  • corner;
  • freestanding;
  • internal;
  • external (installed outdoors).

Material for production:

  • cast iron;
  • steel;
  • brick;
  • stone;
  • combined type.

Used fuel:

  • firewood;
  • coal;
  • pellets (pellets are specially processed granules that include wood, peat and other elements).

Functionality and additional features:

  • with a heat exchanger;
  • with air circuit;
  • with a water circuit;
  • with a couch;
  • with a hob;
  • with an oven;
  • other options.

Varieties of heating stoves meet almost all the needs of a modern person, when much attention is paid not only to the functionality, practicality and efficiency of the device, but also to its appearance..


The now popular fireplace stove is a kind of heating system. The combined view of the heating device is ideal for small-sized summer cottages. Unfortunately, this kind of stove, according to its technical characteristics and properties, cannot heat large rooms. Heating fireplaces-stoves are designed to heat living quarters, country houses and cottages with a relatively small area.

Modern heating devices combine the functions of a fireplace and a stove:

  • stylish interior decoration of the premises;
  • fast warming up of a house or summer cottage;
  • excellent ventilation due to the presence of a chimney;
  • high coefficient of performance (efficiency);
  • presumably long operational life;
  • multifunctionality;
  • the possibility of cooking on fire, which gives the dishes a special taste and aroma;
  • some models are lightweight (for example, steel stoves), which makes it possible to install them both on the first and second floors;
  • safety (unlike a conventional fireplace or stove, here the firebox is closed with a special protective door, which is most often made of tempered glass);
  • wide range of models;
  • various types of “fuel”: coal, firewood, pellets;
  • ease of installation;
  • variety of exterior design styles;
  • acceptable price range.

For rooms with an area of ​​up to 100 m2, it is recommended to take a closer look at models with heat exchangers, with air or water circuits..


A modern fireplace stove with a boiler has become a popular device that is installed to heat small houses in summer cottages or cottage villages..

Heating fireplaces-stoves warm up the room faster, while the consumption of “fuel” is several times less than that of conventional open-type fireplaces. At the same time, fireplace stoves are safer to use, since most of them are made with a shield that covers the fire. Models with an oven deserve special attention. Cooking in such conditions takes a little time and gives incredible pleasure..


Stoves-fireplaces, which are used to heat country houses, are both angular and frontal. If corner stoves look more stylish and interesting in the interior of the room, then front ones are less attractive, but they are considered more functional. The fireplace, which is installed on one of the walls, is more open to access, respectively, it gives off more heat and heats the room much faster. The corner-type heat center is more profitable only when its location is of the internal type, that is, both walls are internal, and not external.

There are also fireplaces-stoves, which can be installed even in the middle of the room, as an independent piece of furniture. Usually, this type of installation is used for cast iron fireplaces, which will look stylish in country houses..

You should not install the oven yourself, it is better to trust experienced professional craftsmen. Often it is not just one person who installs the fireplace, but a whole team. Today there are special companies that provide a full package of services for the installation of a heating fireplace-stove. In order for the work to be performed correctly and comply with safety rules, the foremen first make drawings, on the basis of which projects are subsequently made. The installation of the fireplace is carried out according to the project approved and agreed with the owner of the house..

A fireplace stove in a modern home is a special atmospheric item that is popular for its versatility. After all, it is the combination of a fireplace and a stove in a single heating device that makes it possible for households to gather in cool long evenings by a cozy fire, while the house is always warm and comfortable.

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