Homemade fireplace

Nowadays, there is a great alternative to a bulky brick fireplace – a homemade fireplace. Such a fireplace can be made and installed by each person in his apartment, in the country, or in a country house or even in an office. A homemade fireplace, unlike a brick one, takes up less space, it is much lighter and, accordingly, cheaper and easier to install.

A homemade fireplace can be both “working” and “decorative”. “Worker” means that a real fire can be kindled in his furnace. It is impossible to light a fire in a “decorative” fireplace for objective reasons..

Let’s take a closer look at the types of homemade ovens.



This fireplace is “working”. To create it, you will need a metal frame (cast iron, steel and other iron). First you need to fix the metal corners to the floor. Attach iron walls to the corners to make a small box. The firebox must be made of a double layer of metal in order to increase the productivity of the fireplace.

After the iron frame of the stove is ready, it is necessary to install a chimney. To do this, use pipes, round blocks. We install the oven door. It will also be made of metal.

In the end, you need to take care of the safety of the structure. Check all joints, seams, prepare the wall adjacent to the fireplace using a special material.

Such a metal stove is usually not decorated with anything, but sometimes special cladding materials are used. Despite the low weight of the structure itself, this stove can independently heat a small room.


This fireplace is “decorative”. He will not be able to warm him physically, but he is able to satisfy mentally, since such a stove looks very elegant, unusual, and cheers up. Decorative plasterboard fireplaces are much easier to make and install than metal ones. There are no more technical moments here, but more creativity, imagination and creativity. This design allows you to transform any design ideas and creative impulses into life..

Plasterboard is very easy to install, so it is possible to take any shape of the fireplace. To create such beauty, you will need: sheets of drywall, metal profiles, self-tapping screws, a knife, dowels, a perforator, a screwdriver. Holes are made in the wall for dowels, then a metal profile is attached. Drywall is attached to the finished frame. Further, paints, various 3D stickers, toys, etc. are applied to the drywall..

A decorative homemade fireplace is usually tiled with special glue. Other cladding options are possible – artificial brick or stone, film. In the firebox itself, there is decorative firewood with LED lamps, which will delight you with their smoldering glow for a long time. Decorative firewood with LEDs can be purchased at a specialized store in the city..

In addition to decorative firewood, imitation fire is also used. This fire can be obtained in several ways:

Using holograms

This imitation is not difficult to do. You will need a hologram with a built-in flame of fire effect. We embed this hologram into a decorative oven so that the edges of the hologram itself are not visible. For the best effect, we make a subdued light in the room..

Using the illusion effect

This requires several mirrors to be installed in the fireplace. At different distances, these glasses are installed at different angles. Embed the image of the fire flame itself into the middle of the furnace. For a more effective result, LEDs are used inside an artificial fireplace. Refraction of light from mirrors.

Water vapor

At the bottom of a cardboard box, maybe a metal one, 3 ultrasonic fog generators are placed. A fan is attached to the box. Pour water into a container and put it on the generator. You will also need special lighting from RGB lamps, which give the effect of a burning flame.

Cold fire with a fan

You will need a cardboard or metal box to which several triangular scraps of fabric are glued. Install a fan at the bottom of the box. We install LEDs (red, yellow, blue) and optical filters in the corners of the box. Install mirrors on the sides of the box.

Using a liquid crystal screen

This fireplace will require an LCD screen of a size that will fit the future fireplace. We install the LCD screen in the fireplace frame and turn on the recording of the burning of the fire flame.

From old unnecessary furniture

Surely in every house or apartment there is already a wardrobe, bedside table, etc. that no one needs. and throwing it away is a pity … Feel free to get it out, you will get an excellent fireplace from the old cabinet. To do this, you will need: sheets of plywood, a screwdriver, acrylic paint, LED strip, putty, various decorative elements.

From the listed tools, it is necessary to build a box with a middle hole for the firebox. We remove the cabinet doors, they are no longer needed. It is also possible to leave a small hole at the bottom for storing decorative firewood.

When the structure is ready, you can start decorating the oven. Decorate the firebox by putting decorative charcoal there and gluing LED strip around the perimeter. The result is a wonderful homemade oven in the style "Vintage".

From other materials

These ovens can be built from various materials at hand, such as boxes, wood, paper, rods, artificial rattan, etc. The main thing is to correctly draw up a sketch of the future design, carefully cut, securely fasten the parts together, and then attach them tightly to the wall. A homemade decorative fireplace can be simply glued to the wall using decorative stone or self-adhesive bricks. Such a design will certainly create a cozy atmosphere and comfort in the house..

If space permits in the house, then such options are possible: make and install different home-made fireplaces in different rooms. For example, install a metal homemade fireplace on the first floor, or install a brick fireplace, and install decorative stoves on the second floor.

Do not forget about the permits for the installation of a “working” fireplace at home. But if you nevertheless decide to install, for example, a homemade metal stove, then you have the following steps: first, assess the technical condition of the house itself, then we get permission and their recommendations from the Ministry of Emergency Situations (fire brigade).

Only after a certain time, after spent nerves and money, you may receive permission to install a fireplace. It is cheaper and faster to build and install a homemade decorative fireplace.


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