How to beat a fireplace in the interior?

It is generally accepted that a fireplace is a luxury item in a house or apartment. However, this is not quite true. The fireplace makes the atmosphere in the room warmer and more comfortable. It is, of course, the central composition of any interior..



There are several types of fireplaces that are used when decorating a home interior. Consider the main ones that are present in design projects in recent years..

  • Trilateral. It is no coincidence that he received this name. This design is an overview view of the hearth. A three-sided fireplace will perfectly heat more than one room in a house or apartment. The considered model of the fireplace has its own design features. The presence of three glasses is required. The option looks stylish when all the doors can be opened. For the safety of family members, many models of this type have doors with a lock. In this design, the side walls are made of fireproof glass. This provides additional safety during the operation of the fireplace..


It is mounted in a special niche. Due to this technique, designers have more opportunities to create unique and inimitable interiors. The downside is that it will not be able to heat a sufficiently spacious room. Due to the presence of only one reflective surface, most of the heat is deposited on the glass.

  • Built in. The model built into the wall implies a hidden main part, in which the furnace niche and chimney are located. This option is perfect for a small room. There is a fireplace model that is built into furniture. This placement model is extremely rare. As a rule, it plays a decorative role. The main advantage of this fireplace is space saving. However, when installing this fireplace, space is still needed. Some manufacturers have suggested a way out of the situation. They began to produce models with a double-sided firebox. Many consumers liked this option. By purchasing one model, they can enjoy the view and heat two rooms at once.

The wall into which the fireplace will be installed must be at least sixty centimeters thick. It also has to withstand high temperatures. In wood-burning fireplaces, for example, the temperature can reach six hundred degrees..

  • Falshkamin. As a rule, such a pseudo-fireplace is made of drywall. Even building it yourself will not be difficult. The obvious advantages of this model are that this fireplace can be installed in an apartment and no special permits are needed for this. A plasterboard fireplace can be of various shapes and designs, which will allow it to look harmonious in any interior.

To create a pseudo fireplace, ordinary materials are used, which are sold in large quantities in any hardware store. This type of fireplace is quite safe, since there is no source of open fire. This is a fairly budget option that many can afford if they wish. An electric fireplace is often installed to simulate a flame..

Many designers advise against screwing the structure to the wall. This technique will allow you to move the fireplace around the apartment or put it in the pantry. There are three subspecies of such a pseudo fireplace. A portal or niche is made of drywall, inside which there is an electric fireplace. The second option is a fireplace, which completely imitates a heater, but only externally. Or the third option, which only with a lot of imagination can resemble a real fireplace.

Plasterboard construction can be placed in the front or in the corner of the room. For a large room, it is better to make a full-size false fireplace. In a small room, experts recommend placing a fireplace in the corner. This will preserve the illusion that the fireplace takes up little space. Do not install the fireplace near radiators or too close to the door..

  • Hinged. It is not always the purpose of the fireplace to heat the room. Modern requirements and models are more often the subject of aesthetic pleasure and design skill. Often the owner of an apartment or a country house does not have the opportunity to install a bulky fireplace model. In most cases, it will be much more appropriate to place a model of a wall-mounted fireplace. This model is suitable for many design solutions. It is the best option for small spaces..

Some types of wall mounted fireplaces can look like paintings or be built into the wall. This option is lightweight and compact, which in some situations is a big plus over bulky and heavy models. These fireplaces are usually powered by electricity and biofuel. Due to this, there is absolutely no need to equip the room with a chimney and a special ventilation system..

The wall-mounted fireplace is very easy to maintain, and for its operation, it is enough to have an electrical outlet nearby. It does not create soot or grime and therefore requires only periodic wet cleaning. This design can even be installed independently, which is another big plus. A wall mounted fireplace can be square, round or rectangular. Basically, these models are made of glass, drywall, metal or polyurethane. By the type of fuel used, they are divided into electric, bio-fireplaces or fake ones. Many may decide that this design has little to do with the fireplace, but such a model has a right to exist..

  • Electronic. This fireplace model is one of the most popular today. It is easy to install it in an apartment or a country house. It is quite easy to operate, needs very little energy, looks beautiful and heats the room. The construction of plastic wood and a cut of fabric imitating fire may seem like a rather simple option, but such a composition looks very impressive. Another device of an electronic fireplace is a reflector. Due to the special illumination, the effect of glare is obtained, which creates the effect of a burning flame. Modern models of such fireplaces have a more complex device and can even carry out a soundtrack, reminiscent of the crackling of a fireplace..

There are options with a thermostat, as the temperature in the room changes, it turns it on or off. It is great for apartment buildings. The electronic fireplace is absolutely silent and does not require a chimney or firewood to function. Such a fireplace can heat a standard living room in just thirty minutes. This fireplace looks like a stylish and interesting design element. If you create a tab of artificial stone and place an electronic fireplace there, you get an excellent imitation of a real fireplace..

  • Bilateral. The fireplace will look great in a spacious living room and adjoining rooms. Most owners are wary of purchasing this type of fireplace. They believe that a two-sided fireplace will take up a lot of space in an apartment. This opinion is wrong. The fireplace takes up exactly the same amount of space as the one-sided version. In addition, significant budget savings occur during its construction. Since there is no need for another model for the next room.

Many owners choose a pass-through version of such a fireplace. The disadvantage of this option is that a through fireplace will not be able to heat the room well, unlike a conventional model or a two-sided brick fireplace. Of course, such a fireplace is an unusual design, but when using it, you need to remember about some of the features of its operation..

The double-sided fireplace must not be left unattended during operation. Manufacturers prohibit opening both doors. This can cause burning firewood to hit the floor or, due to back draft, a stream of unpleasant smell and smoke can flow into the room..

When installing such a fireplace, it is important to observe the safety precautions of the space around. It is better to lay the floor near it with non-combustible materials, for example, tiles. As a result, we can conclude about the advantages of this model. By installing one fireplace, you can create the effect of having two fireplaces in different rooms. Due to modern technologies, the cast iron firebox can fit into any interior. When installing the firebox in a plasterboard box, there are more opportunities for decorating its facade.

It is important to adhere to strict technical specifications and operating rules. Additional installation of the necessary parts will be required. The fireplace is decorative and will not be able to heat the room well. Such a model must be carefully monitored in terms of cleaning. Due to the fact that the glass of a double-sided fireplace does not have blowing, a large amount of burning will settle on them..

  • Tiled. In our country, such fireplaces received recognition only in the seventeenth century. The estates and estates of the nobility amazed with the beauty of the tiled fireplaces. This type of decoration can be considered a work of art. Currently, the demand for such fireplaces is growing exponentially. The presence of such a fireplace creates a feeling of warmth, a fusion of modernity and ancient traditions, and also forms a unique look for the interior. Tiles are a specific type of ceramic.

In Russian models, the Suzdal and Dutch versions of tile painting are more often used. They are used in various configurations in the decoration of the fireplace. This model has a lot of advantages. It keeps the room warm longer than marble. Saves fuel when heating and can maintain its attractive appearance for many years.

  • Central. This type of fireplace is also called an island fireplace. As the name implies, such a fireplace is placed in the center of the room. Manufacturers claim that the fireplace is a kind of island or stronghold around which all family members can gather..

The difference between this type of fireplace and others is the need for a large area. According to the technical requirements, there must be a platform with a diameter of at least one meter around such a fireplace, in order to exclude a fire in the room. This fireplace is quite impressive in size. Experts recommend installing such models in a room of thirty or more square meters. If the structure weighs more than half a ton, then an additional foundation is needed for strengthening. The presence of such a fireplace in the house requires compliance with safety precautions. The fire in such a structure is in the open accessibility and it is possible for burning elements to get out of the fireplace..

  • Semicircular. You can find both stationary and bulky samples, as well as small glass options for small rooms. As a rule, such models can be conditionally divided into three types: island, built-in and wall-mounted. Wood-burning semicircular fireplaces can heat several rooms. Models of electric fireplaces with semicircular glass are also popular..

  • Fireplace stove. This option is perfect for summer residents who like to leave for their plots in early spring and return in late autumn. The metal stove is an excellent and budget option for summer residents. Modern models of such a stove can act as both an additional and a main source of heat..

It is easy to install such a fireplace in an already built and renovated house. The potbelly stove does not require the installation of an additional foundation. A cast iron surface can act as a hob on which simple food can be easily cooked. The design of a modern potbelly stove is so diverse that even the most discerning consumer can find a suitable option..

  • Mini. Such a fireplace will be an excellent option for heating and decorating a small country house or summer cottage. This is a great alternative to stationary models..

  • Vertical. Modern design development of the fireplace. Unlike the classic version, it implies a vertical direction of the firebox. Due to this design, the height of the fireplace is greater than the width. The vision of fire is obtained at the maximum height.

  • French. Such a fireplace will emphasize the taste of its owners and will become a pearl of any interior. For the construction of such a fireplace, natural materials are used, for example, granite and marble. Such a fireplace can be made of onyx. A distinctive feature of the fireplace is handmade openwork stucco molding. It comes in white, beige or black..

There are other options for fireplaces, we have considered the most popular models.


  • In the loggia. A fireplace can decorate even the simplest and most tasteless room. Placing a fireplace on the loggia will turn it into a recreation area. By placing a fireplace and small armchairs with indoor flowers, the balcony can easily be turned into a small living room. This technique is very relevant for small apartments..

  • Living room. Placement of the fireplace can be both in the center of the room and in the corner. It all depends on the designer’s idea and the size of the apartment. In addition, the living room is a gathering place for the whole family..

  • Cabinet. Oak and solid furniture, leather-bound book shelves and a fireplace. An integral attribute of the stability and success of its owner. Wall-mounted fireplaces are perfect for modern classrooms..

  • Canteen. If the size of the room allows, then many modern designers suggest installing a three-sided fireplace in the dining room. A built-in fireplace model is perfect for a classic interior..

  • Small room. Of course, an alternative option for a small room would be a false fireplace or a wall-mounted electronic fireplace. Such options will not take up much space and will give even a small room warmth and comfort..

How beautiful to beat fireplaces

A fireplace is not only a source of heat, but a whole concept in the interior. With its help, an unforgettable look in the house is created and, of course, you cannot do without special accessories. The fireplace insert can be of different shapes and can be located both in the center of the room and in the corner. Candles, candlesticks, paintings or a mirror on the opposite wall will beautifully complement the fireplace. Looks stylish when the staircase is located next to the fireplace, and there is an armchair in front of it. It’s great to sit in an armchair in front of the fireplace in the evening with a cup of tea.

New Year’s decoration

We remember New Year’s decorations for the fireplace from the movies since childhood. This decor creates a sense of celebration and miracles. An indispensable attribute next to a decorated fireplace is an elegant Christmas tree..

Interior styles

  • Scandinavian. Winters in Scandinavian countries are quite harsh. Therefore, the direct purpose of the fireplace is to heat the room. Options for such fireplaces can be vertical, central, semicircular and other options..

  • High tech. In such an interior of minimalism and cold tones, a three-sided or wall-mounted fireplace looks great.

  • Loft. An open fireplace or corner models are suitable for such an interior..

  • Provence. The fireplace in French design is an integral element. Against the background of light furniture and an abundance of embroidery and ruffles, the fireplace should be quite simple in design..

  • Country. Warm shades and light colors in the interior do not attract much attention. The main goal of such an interior is to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. An electric fireplace works well for a country-style apartment..

  • Victorian. Antique and solid furniture, arched windows, the presence of ceiling stucco moldings undoubtedly distinguish this style from all the others. You cannot do in such an interior without a fireplace, decorated with natural materials..

  • Neoclassicism. A sophisticated interior with lots of stylish décor implies the presence of a fireplace in the living room. The classic version is definitely worth considering..

  • English. The brick fireplace is quite simple in design, but so well suited to the English style. Simplicity of lines and functionality make the fireplace a source of additional heating and a central design element in the living room..

  • Classic. To decorate a fireplace in a classic style, marble and the highest quality materials are used. An indispensable element of the decor will be a shelf with antique candelabra placed on it..

  • Art Deco. This style has brought together the best from various directions. This style implies the presence of expensive glass, genuine leather and fur in the interior. A fireplace in such an interior is an additional element of luxury and style..

Impressive interior designs

Any room design will sparkle with special colors if there is a fireplace in it. There is a huge variety of types of fireplaces and stylistic techniques for their placement in the house. The most impressive, perhaps, at all times is the interior of the hunting lodge. The abundance of wood, carved furniture and animal skins is impressive.

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