Modern fireplaces in the interior of the living room

The relevance of the decor

The living room is called the heart of the house, because the whole family gathers there on warm, cozy evenings to have a good time together. The living room is the best part of the house for welcoming guests. That is why it must be beautiful and have a modern design. To add comfort to this room, you can complement its interior with a modern fireplace. The fireplace symbolizes irreplaceable and timeless classics, it can radically change the home interior.

A fireplace is associated with a home, it can become a highlight of your living room. On its basis, you can build a very original and elegant home interior. According to old traditions, family members celebrate all significant holidays, and especially the New Year, by the fireplace. Meeting friends by the fireplace in the living room can be very cozy and unforgettable..

Real fireplace

Modern technologies make it possible to install various models of fireplaces both in a private house and in an apartment. A real fireplace in a classic style is relevant at all times. A real brickwork fireplace can only be installed in a private house, and you should take into account that the living room where the fireplace will be located should be quite spacious, it is desirable that its area be more than twenty square meters. In addition, the floor of the building must be very solid, since a brick fireplace is a rather heavy structure. It is better to entrust the work of installing a fireplace to a master who knows his business, because if you install it yourself, you can easily break the masonry, which can subsequently lead to a fire.


Residents of apartments can also complement the interior of their house with a fireplace, only in this case an electric fireplace is a suitable option. It is no less beautiful than natural brick. Moreover, there are many models of electric fireplaces: some act only as a decorative element, and some, in addition to the aesthetic function, perform the function of a heater in the living room. Such models have only positive qualities, because they are very easy to use, you can independently set the required temperature on them. This design is very beautiful and, moreover, completely safe..


As a rule, living rooms in which a fireplace is installed have a more classic design, since a fireplace is a thing, as a rule, of a classic design. Therefore, it is important that this structure does not stand out from the general interior of an apartment or house. Modern fireplace designs are usually characterized by metallic decor, natural stone or marble decor, glass and other materials..

Best of all, the fireplace will fit into living rooms that are decorated in a vintage style. Now such an interior is very fashionable and relevant. This style is an ensemble of light walls and floors, lacquered wood furniture and stucco decoration. It is very easy to choose a fireplace model for such an interior. Modern models are also great for a country-style living room..

As for the furnishings, it is best to place the fireplace against the wall opposite a sofa or armchairs with a small table. It is advisable to remove all large technical devices away from the fireplace, since they will distract attention from the main detail of the living room interior – the fireplace. The fireplace can be decorated with stylish details such as vintage clocks or quirky figurines, and family photos mounted on the fireplace add warmth and comfort to your home..

The fireplace will make any modern living room unusual and fashionable. Near it, you can sit down and relax after a hard day’s work. Such a pastime will help relieve emotional stress and will have a beneficial effect on you..

Hi-tech style

Manufacturers present a huge selection of fireplaces that will suit any interior. So, you can even find a high-tech model that fits best into any modern living room. To create such an interior, designers use the newest and most unusual materials, as chrome-plated metal is very often used..

A high-tech fireplace will be a very bold and unusual solution. The fire in such a fireplace can seem to be in the air. In addition, such an element of decor is often installed not against the wall, as is customary, but in the center of an apartment or house. Some fireplace models do not have a classic rectangular shape, but a triangular or round shape..

Minimalist style

This interior is best suited for a living room with a small area. This style is created thanks to the small elements of the home furnishings. The furniture in these living rooms is usually small and neat. As a rule, fireplaces that fit into the minimalist design of the room are located in the corner of the living room, since it will take up the least space there, but this is not a mandatory rule. A fireplace in a minimalist living room can literally sit on a shelf or table.

Provence style

Provence-style interiors are usually very gentle and romantic. But at the same time, a fireplace in this style will look very elegant and stylish. Such a setting inspires warmth, so the fireplace, as its source, will perfectly fit into this interior. A fireplace made in the Provence style should be somewhat reminiscent of antiquity. This effect can be achieved with an image of a broken brick or a piece of paint..

Designers advise to give the entire Provence style interior an artificial antiquity. For decorating a fireplace and other furniture elements, finishing with a stone and other natural materials is perfect. Famous brand "Beaumont" offers a large selection of Provence style fireplaces, most of the models are presented in black, dark green and light sand shades.

Retro style

Retro style is a stylish and contemporary design. He came to us from the second half of the twentieth century. Moreover, fireplaces in this style are very similar in style to cast iron stoves. Such designs are produced by many manufacturers, as a rule, they are arranged on gas heating. Renowned brand of fireplaces "Chesney" released a whole line of these products in a retro style, and they can be suitable not only for a private house, but also for a penthouse-style apartment.

Modern modern style

This design differs from the classic, first of all, in its uncomplicated nature and is even a little mundane. A characteristic feature of modern Art Nouveau is the functionality of every item in the house. That is, a fireplace made in this style should perform its main function – heating the room, and only then perform a decorative function, which is practically not important for this interior. Even a fireplace that does not perform its main function and is installed only as a decor item should have a design similar to the real one: most often manufacturers make an imitation of a fire flame and burning wood. The most characteristic feature of all modern style fireplaces is the successful combination of simplicity and functionality with the most unusual fashionable solutions..

Modern biofireplace

Biofireplace is a unique product, the feature of which is a real open flame. Such a fireplace is perfect for installation in every apartment and is completely safe. The device of such a fireplace runs on biofuel, which is ethyl alcohol. Moreover, the fire in the fireplace burns, but the smoke from such a fireplace is not emitted, since ethyl alcohol is split into water and carbon dioxide during combustion. That is why such a fireplace has a beneficial effect on the human body..

The bio fireplace is very easy to use: it is simply ignited and refueled. In addition, by purchasing such a fireplace, you save yourself the hassle associated with cleaning ash and cleaning it from soot. This type of fireplace ensures the cleanliness of the air in the apartment, but nevertheless, the manufacturers of such products recommend regularly ventilating the room in which the biofireplace is installed. The positive feature of this modern fireplace model is its economical fuel consumption..

Many models of biofireplaces externally look exactly like real wood-burning products. But there are some types that differ from the classic models, as a rule, they are made in urban design. Bio fireplaces are divided into types depending on their design. So, portable fireplaces are distinguished, which are small in size and very mobile, they can be placed anywhere, even on a table. The second type is stationary biofireplaces, which are large in size. As a rule, such a structure is placed on the floor or installed in the wall..


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