Round fireplace

The popularity of fireplaces is now so high that almost everyone wants to have it at home. Most people choose a round fireplace for their home. It doesn’t matter where you live – in an apartment or in your own house, you can build a fireplace anywhere. For a long time, only the main purpose has changed: if before the fireplace was given the place of the family hearth, which heated the room, now the structure serves only as an addition to the interior.

What? Where? When?

The first fireplace in the form of a circle appeared before the Second World War – in 1935. Its unusual flowing features have attracted immense attention. The popularity of such an unusual design has not diminished to this day. The designer of the round fireplace was the famous Englishman Frank Lloyd Wright, who was fond of interior brutalism.

The very first round fireplace still exists and is in the home of the popular musician Timothy McCord..

Currently, the choice of round fireplaces is very diverse and everyone can find something special for their interior. At the peak of popularity are brutal and laconic models with a polished metal finish. Such models are chosen by people whose home interior is made in a strict and minimalist style..

Round fireplaces have a variety of variations, here are just the main ones:

  • Island circular fireplace. It is distinguished by the presence of an unusual suspended chimney made of steel and glass..
  • Fireplace stoves in the shape of a circle, decorated with intricate carvings.
  • Wheel type fireplaces.
  • Wall-mounted and back-to-wall fireplace capable of running on biofuel.
  • Country fireplace.
  • Mobile fireplace in the shape of a ball.

All types of round fireplaces are both part of the interior and a first-class source of heat. Some models are even capable of heating up to several rooms at the same time.

What are they?

Round fireplaces are difficult to call simple. This is probably why the round shapes of the hearth attract buyers so much. The variety of round fireplaces is so great that it will not be difficult to choose a fireplace even for the most original interior..

Round fireplaces:

  • Metal fireplaces in a discreet minimalist style.
  • Fireplaces decorated with multi-colored marble. Such designs have smooth lines and soft contours. Ideal for classic and country interiors.
  • Fireplace stoves made of ceramics, decorated with stucco moldings. Ideal for a living room with soft furnishings in pastel colors.
  • Semicircular foci. They are often decorated with a wide variety of tiles. Such structures can often be seen in a small cozy living room or in the country..

Fireplaces are also distinguished by the way of heating:

  • There are wood burning fireplaces, the main fuel of which is wood. Such options are more suitable for summer cottages and cozy country houses..
  • Gas fireplaces are very original in terms of heating, but very discreet in appearance.
  • Electric fireplace. This option is most suitable for installation in an apartment. Such structures are simple and inexpensive to install. However, you won’t see real fire with it..
  • Bio fireplaces. This particular type of fireplace is the embodiment of new technologies. Such a fireplace does not require the installation of a chimney, since special fuel does not emit smoke, and does not leave ash and soot.

Correct location

Fire is the main source of heat. The presence of a hearth has always brought comfort and warmth to the house, so it is so important to choose the right place for its location. Many people prefer to put the fireplace in a corner, but such a place is not very good in terms of heating, and the wise science of feng shui rejects this option altogether. Any fireplace, especially a round one, is better placed in the center of the largest room. Thus, the stylish structure can be viewed from all sides, and it will heat up the room much faster. The island fireplace located in the middle of the room looks very good..

First of all, the installation of a fireplace should take place taking into account the design of both the foundation and the entire room, since fireplaces often have large volumes and mass, and not every house or apartment can withstand such a load.. When installing a fireplace in a house in which there was no such structure before, you should consider:

  1. The construction of the base of the place where the fireplace will be placed;
  2. Sizes of fire protection indents and sections;
  3. Dimensions of the smoke exhaust structure; it is very important that the chimney exits in a suitable place so that the smoke from the fireplace does not cause discomfort to anyone.
  4. Room area.

A few interesting points:

  • It is not recommended to install the fireplace opposite the door.
  • It is undesirable to have a fireplace, both in the children’s room and in the bedroom for adults.
  • Fire and water should not be adjacent, so the fireplace should not stand next to the water supply.


It is impossible to say right away how much a round fireplace costs. The price depends on many factors such as materials and manufacturer. Based on this, the cost of the fireplace is divided into several categories..

Economy class

This includes inexpensive, both domestic and some foreign fireplaces (CIS countries) of good quality. Here prices vary, but do not exceed 100 thousand rubles.

Middle class

These include better quality hearths made in Europe. Prices are relatively low for well-made goods: 100 – 300 thousand. This includes a semicircular fireplace with a water jacket..

Premium class

These include designer fireplaces, which are made in a variety of styles from all kinds of and only the best materials. The price of a designer fireplace can sometimes be very high. Individual structures can cost both 500 thousand and a million rubles. This category includes a round pendant revolving fireplace.

Luxury class

This category includes fireplaces made in single versions, as well as structures that are made to order according to original sketches. The prices of such centers are not limited..

With a strong desire, you can choose absolutely any fireplace as a heater and decoration for your interior. This can be either a round fireplace located in the center, or a hearth that can even be hung on the wall. It all depends on you.

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