Wall mounted fireplace

Today the fireplace belongs to one of the most popular decorative components in the interior. A wide variety of models allows you to choose an option in accordance with the specifics of the decor in the room. Functionality, durability, safety – all this can be said about modern electric fireplaces. Wall systems are a special type among a wide range of models. Compared to many options, they do not take up much space in the room and create a warm and cozy atmosphere..


Modern electric fireplaces that decorate the wall can be attributed to the original and versatile option. Such models are quite often used in apartments, since they do not require additional arrangement of a chimney and other bulky elements. The main advantage of electric fireplaces is safety. At the base, there are no elements that could provoke ignition or short circuit. Only high-quality and reliable materials are used for creation..

As for wall-mounted models, the advantage of these options is the minimum power consumption. They do not take up much space, and additional decorative or functional elements can be placed under them. Systems do not need careful and regular maintenance, as is the case with classic designs with a chimney.

Electrolux wall-mounted fireplaces deserve special attention. A laconic wide frame and a bright flame inside can decorate any interior. Basically, such models are used in modern styles, due to their appearance..

The most interesting are the round wall fireplaces. They are based on a large portal that provides additional security. It is worth noting that the design of such models is significantly different from the usual designs that we are so used to seeing in the interior. Round wall fireplaces are best used for a high-tech room.

Flat models look no less interesting. Wall-mounted fireplaces resemble a built-in screen with the effect of reproducing a natural flame. Most often, such systems are used to equip and decorate modern interiors. Often, models also play a functional role..

If you are a fan of classic design, check out Blyss wall fireplaces. Such options are reminiscent of the external qualities of the Electrolux system. A distinctive feature of these designs is wide functionality.

Those who decide to complement a classic interior with a wall fireplace should take a closer look at Madison electrical systems. They have a beautiful portal that has clear and straight lines. Basically, such models are used to equip spacious rooms..

If you decide to purchase a fireplace, but have not decided on a suitable option, you should refer to the reviews. Electrolux and Blyss systems are especially popular among buyers. Features Win Madison Products.


Manufacturers produce several basic types of wall-mounted options, each of which needs to be familiarized with:

  • bio fireplaces. For combustion, special alcohol is used that does not have a toxic effect. Such biofuels are absolutely safe for those around them, since smoke and soot are not released in the process;
  • electronic. The most common type that creates an imitation of live fire. Inside the fireplace there are additional decorative elements that give the flame the effect of reality. Combustion simulation is provided by a special steam generator;
  • French. These options are based on beautiful design and high functionality. Models have high performance, complement the classic interior favorably.


If you decide to decorate your apartment with such a decorative and at the same time functional item such as a fireplace, it is best to choose types that run on biofuel for this. Experts noted that these systems are among the most economical.


The most popular are models that are used exclusively as a decorative element. A wide range of products allows you to choose an option in accordance with the specifics of the interior. Basically, such fireplaces do not have functional capabilities, and therefore do not heat the room..

An integral part of electric fireplaces is the hearth. Models based on such a system are intended not only for decorative purposes. Electric fireplaces are suitable for heating small spaces. The main advantage is the absence of additional overall structures in the form of a chimney.

Infrared wall-mounted fireplaces are a popular type. The main function of the models is to quickly heat the room. It should be noted that such options cannot be used as the main source of space heating. The fireplaces are powered by electricity. Such options are somewhat different from the usual types, since the heating of the room occurs due to the heating of objects, and not the air in the room..


A fireplace based on a humidifier will become a versatile and useful solution for your home. It often happens that when heating elements are used, dry air is felt in the room. Such changes and the elimination of moisture due to heating can negatively affect not only the quality of furniture, but also human health. Therefore, if you choose a fireplace for heating the room, pay attention to the models, the hearth of which is equipped with a special humidifier..

How are they attached

When choosing a wall-mounted electric fireplace, special attention should be paid to the type of attachment. There are standard options that are set in the classic way: they create a portal near the wall, and then build it into the inside of the hearth. This solution is not very successful, since the structure takes up a lot of space in the room..

If you want to equip a fireplace in a small room and save a little space, look at the slim models. In this case, installation will take a few minutes. You need to create a special bar on the wall, and then hang the electric fireplace with the help of auxiliary parts. Consider the weight of the product in the process.

Built-in fireplaces are no less popular options. For the installation of the structure, you must first prepare a special niche in the wall. As for the electrical wiring, it is best to hide it in a niche during the installation of the fireplace..


Interior design

There are many original ideas on how to properly equip the decor in the room, using a wall-mounted fireplace as the main element. It often happens that a person is unable to install a wall structure in the house, but he wants to feel the constant warmth of the hearth. In this case, the use of a mini-fireplace will be a unique and popular solution..

The peculiarity of such models is their small size and modern design. The fireplace is closed on all sides with stable and reliable materials. This option will be an excellent portable decoration for any room in the house..

If you are a fan of multifunctional items, you should pay attention to such a versatile option as an electric fireplace with shelves. The hearth is located in the central part of the structure. On the sides there are additional shelves for storing various decorative items or important trifles. You can even put books here, which will save on buying a special cabinet..

Pictures or photographs embedded in frames can be used as additional decorative elements. This will create a homely and family atmosphere and a harmonious ambiance in the room. Images can be placed in the side parts or you can equip an additional shelf under the fireplace, and put pictures there in frames.

A good option is a fireplace set, which can be made with artistic forging.

A rather popular decorative and at the same time functional element is a watch. Basically, such items are placed on the fireplace portal, which looks aesthetically pleasing and attractive. There are special models that are original and expensive. Mantel clocks are most often the result of handwork by a master. There are many complex and small details in product design..

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