Beveled laminate: features and characteristics

Beveled laminate: features and characteristics

Laminate flooring is considered the most popular flooring today. When planning to purchase it for their cozy home, buyers often come across beveled laminate flooring, previously unknown to them, in building materials stores. In order to make the right choice, you need to carefully study this type of coating and its characteristics..

What it is?

A chamfer is a small recess at the junction of two laminated boards. Such depressions are obtained by pressing during production. This type of product appeared on the building materials market relatively recently..

Many people, when choosing a laminate, think about why a chamfer is needed:

  • Firstly, the presence of a bevel makes the product very similar to expensive parquet. And therefore, designers are able to embody a wide variety of ideas using beveled laminated panels in a modern interior..
  • Secondly, when such products with beveled edges are produced, they are impregnated with special means and covered with protective materials, thus protecting them from contact with moisture. Ordinary panels without a chamfer are not protected by this..

To lay the laminate flooring, a secure fit is required. The interconnected panels must withstand various loads.

When the first laminated coatings appeared, they were attached with glue, but after a while the glue dried out and a complete replacement of the product was required. Now the boards are connected by locking systems, which made laying faster and more practical..

Therefore, choosing a laminate, you need to carefully examine the locks. Currently, the Lock system is considered the most popular and inexpensive in cost. Using these locks, the panels during installation must be knocked out from the end with a hammer until the gap between them is eliminated. Despite the ease of installation, such locks have their drawbacks. During operation, friction occurs in the lock system, and because of this, floor coverings quickly wear out and gaps form. Coverings with such a lock cannot be dismantled..

The most modern and convenient locking system – Click. It connects the panels by snapping a lock. To do this, a 40 degree beveled panel is carefully inserted into the groove and lowered onto the floor. When stapling occurs, a click is heard. These locks are very reliable and durable to use. A huge advantage of such products is that they can be repeatedly disassembled and reassembled without causing any harm. To protect any locking system, it should be treated with a sealant..

Advantages and disadvantages

Buyers before purchasing flooring should be aware of all the positive and negative aspects of beveled and non-beveled laminate. Consider below the pros and cons of having a chamfer in laminated panels.

The main benefits include:

  • constant loads, temperature and humidity changes contribute to the appearance of cracks and other defects over time on the coating of a simple laminate, in products with grooves, irregularities will be almost invisible;
  • beveled laminate outwardly resembles a solid wood covering;

  • the presence of depressions does not adversely affect the elements of the coating;
  • beveled laminated panels, depending on the direction of installation, can visually expand the space of the room;
  • well absorbs the load;
  • long service life;
  • the possibility of laying such products not on an absolutely flat surface.

The disadvantages include only the fact that the beveled laminate price range higher, than usual.

It is believed that dust and dirt collects in the grooves, but this is just a myth, because the groove depth is small.

It is also believed that beveled edges are not strong enough and therefore the surface does not withstand loads. But this is also a fiction, since the chamfer is applied to products with a thickness of 8 to 12 mm..


The modern market is represented by a laminate with a double-sided and four-sided bevel. In the first version of the deepening only from two sides of the board, and in the second – from all four.

The following bevels are distinguished according to the application method:

  • curly. By cutting off the parts, they give a curvature to the chamfer. The edges are sanded to achieve a perfectly smooth finish. The curly structure will give the floor the appearance of a natural wood covering;
  • rolled. The required bends are squeezed out with special rolling rollers.

According to the shape, 2 types of chamfers can be noted:

  • V-shaped. Bevel at the edges of a straight line. A Latin letter V is formed at the panel joint. Groove depth up to 3.5 mm;
  • U-shaped. In this case, the chamfer is rounded. Shallow groove – about 2 mm.

The classic chamfer was one of the first to appear. She’s deep enough.

According to the processing option, there are:

  • laminated bevel. It is durable but expensive. Reliably protects against external factors. Rarely used for v-shaped cuts (with the exception of European premium laminates), more often for U-shaped;
  • painted chamfer. A special coloring agent is applied to visually enhance the deepening effect. Wax and other protective materials are usually not covered.

You can also find brushed laminate in stores. Its surface is treated with a metal brush and then varnish is applied. Such a coating is as close as possible to natural wood..

Beveled laminate is only available in single-strip, but the width of the panels may vary.


Laminated panels for chamfering should not be thin (optimal thickness – 8, 10, 12 mm). This is due to the fact that the strength of the floor covering in the places of the recesses decreases markedly. And if, for example, you put a heavy table with iron legs on a thin laminate, then it can deform. For this reason, manufacturers choose boards with a certain thickness for chamfering..

Beveled laminate is wide and narrow. The width of the strip of a narrow laminated panel is on average 9-15 cm, and of a wide one – 18-19.8 cm.

The narrow beveled laminate flooring is ideal for small spaces, but also looks great in large rooms. Outwardly, it is very difficult to distinguish it from natural parquet boards. By using narrow laminated panels, it is possible to bring into the interior uniqueness and unique style.


When choosing the color of the laminate, it is important to take into account certain nuances. The color palette of the flooring and doors in the room should be identical and in harmony. The best laminate color is the one that matches the intended style of the room..

Many people think that a light colored floor needs some special and careful maintenance. In reality, this is absolutely not the case. If you buy a white laminate, then cleaning won’t take longer, or, on the contrary, it will decrease in time, for the reason that dust is less noticeable on a light floor than on a dark surface. Colors are especially popular among buyers – bleached oak and light oak.

White laminated products with recesses are often used in hi-tech and French Provence style interiors. Gray laminate is great for loft and futurism. Thanks to light-colored floor coverings, the space visually expands. Also, light beveled panels are made with a texture like a natural board, stone and with an imitation of artificial aging..

Laminate in neutral colors is made similar to solid wood. This option is suitable for all styles and remains fashionable at all times. It is actively used in apartments, houses and other objects. Using classic laminated panels, you can change the style of the room in the future without removing the cover. This option is unpretentious in care.

Laminate in dark colors ennobles the room and emphasizes the aristocracy of the owners of an apartment or house. Suitable for premises in classic style. Full black laminate is ideal for hi – tech and Japanese style. A dark coating with a light bevel looks advantageous and unusual. It is recommended to wash the dark floor using special products to prevent the appearance of streaks on the surface..

The multi-colored laminate looks bright and very unusual. This type of coating is often found in shops and offices. It is also suitable for decorating a children’s room..

Laying methods

There are many ways to install beveled laminate flooring, and they are similar to those used for laying simple laminated panels. It is possible to mount panels along, across, diagonally to the room and figuratively (with rhombuses, herringbone).

Laying the cover across the room will visually expand it. Planks laid along, lengthen the room.

The diagonal method is original and allows you to emphasize the features of the floor. Diagonal installation also visually increases the size of the room. Using this method, the consumption of materials increases by 10-15%.

Installation of a beveled laminate, when the joints are displaced against sunlight, contributes to the visual highlight of each seam.

When installing laminate with beveled edges, you need to follow some rules:

  • for tight fastening of the panels, it is necessary to use wooden blocks and a rubber hammer (or any soft one);
  • wedge each row of the laminate;
  • doors can be mounted only after the floor work is completed;
  • it is desirable to install skirting boards with a width of at least 20-25 mm.

Selection rules

Choosing a laminate with or without a bevel, you will notice that there is no significant difference in the price range, methods and technology of installation. But it is important to remember that coatings with grooves still have a large number of positive and significant differences..

Today, the installation of laminated flooring is becoming more and more popular. on the ceiling. For the ceiling, a large bevelled laminate can be purchased. This option will look original in rooms with high ceilings..

The quality of the panels and their manufacturer is what each customer should pay attention to when choosing products. Manufacturers of good laminate flooring always have documents confirming their high quality. And the rest should be based only on your own preferences..


Any product must be looked after and the operating rules must be followed. Beveled laminate is no exception. Especially it is necessary to take care of the coating when rearranging furniture and in contact with shoes with heels..

Bevelled panels are recommended before wet cleaning pre-vacuum, to get rid of possible dust in the recesses.

You need to take care of this type of coating using non-abrasive products, to maintain shine and aesthetic appearance longer.

You can use a wax crayon to remove any scratches or other imperfections on your laminated board. He will easily restore the surface. To protect the floor from moisture and dust, you can treat the floor with mastic or emulsion..

Once every 8-10 years, the laminate for renovation must be varnished or oiled.


A large number of Russian and European companies are engaged in the production of beveled laminate. Below we will consider the most popular manufacturers:

  • Pergo. One of the most famous European companies – manufacturers of flooring. Their products are environmentally friendly, easy to use, equipped with unique PerfectFold ™ 3.0 locks. Laminated panels have a variety of colors and textures;

  • Quick-Step. The Belgian-Russian company produces a huge number of laminated panels from classic to trendy models (marbled, leather). The coatings of this brand are known for a variety of board sizes 31-33 strength class, resistance to defects, as well as a long warranty period;
  • Tarkett. This manufacturer has a huge selection of beveled laminates with good technical performance, but the price of the products is somewhat overpriced;

  • Kronostar. This company produces laminated flooring 31-33 class of resistance at an affordable price. Products are equipped with two types of locking systems, have a standard product size;
  • Balterio. They are known in the building materials market as manufacturers of some of the most durable and resistant laminated coatings of 32-34 wear resistance class. The brand’s products are distinguished by their beauty and naturalness, rich color palette, excellent technical characteristics;

  • Ritter. The company is a manufacturer of original laminated coverings with imitation only for natural leather. They produce panels of 33-34 class, with a warranty period of up to 30 years;
  • Egger. They produce panels for floors and walls, guarantee up to 25 years. Quite expensive products are made under this brand..

Unusual interior solutions

Beveled laminate flooring is often used by designers to create unusual solutions in the interior of an apartment..

Coating with imitation stone looks original and stylish in the living room and kitchen. Such panels are much warmer than stone floors, so there is no need for additional heating.

In the bedroom, you can use beveled panels not only on the floor, but also smoothly transitioning to the wall.

To make the nursery bright and stylish, designers offer a multi-colored laminate as a floor covering.

White flooring looks beautiful in combination with white doors and bright accessories.

Brushed laminate with a four-sided bevel will make the living room more stylish and noble. Also brushed panels are ideal for cabinet design.

In rooms where the windows are not centered, you can use a wenge-colored coating with a four-sided bevel. It is mounted regardless of the direction of the sun’s rays..

You will see how to lay the laminate yourself in the next video..

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