Black floor tiles in interior design

For a long time, consumers ignored black, preferring light shades. Due to the apparent gloom, this color was used in interior design very limitedly, and the owners of apartments with “coal” finishes were considered originals. However, modern trends suggest using this color as a way to create an expression of the interior setting, to emphasize the laconicism and clarity of designs, as well as to show the dizzying depth of the interior. Let’s get acquainted with the rules of using black floor tiles in design.


Black floor tiles are produced in a wide range. The surface texture is matte and glossy. Matte black floors do not provide a stark light contrast to the surroundings. Rather, such a surface resembles the noble tones of a valuable wood (ebony, wenge or bog oak). This floor goes well with the classic interior design and is suitable for creating African motives..

A more effective and stylish option is glossy ceramic tiles. The gloss of the surface deliberately emphasizes the contrast of the interior. It gives the atmosphere a special sophistication and radiance. This type of ceramic is used in modern technological interiors in the minimalist style and in chic art deco finishes..

If the interior needs to add respectability and solidity, do not be afraid of black. It promotes concentration, a serious attitude and efficiency, at the same time, attracting with its uniqueness and depth.

Black matches perfectly with any other color, both calm and bright. This facilitates the selection of materials for the design of walls, furniture and accessories..

However, this color requires large spaces, as it visually reduces the size of the room by its nature. Only in spacious rooms or halls can you feel all the splendor of this regal color. The presence of bright lighting also plays a big role here, as black absorbs light. In shaded interiors, it will “crush” with its gloom.

It should be borne in mind that the abundance of dark shades can have a depressing effect on the psyche.. Do not decorate rooms for children or elderly family members with such tiles.. It is better for them to choose more optimistic colors. Black is a rather shocking option for interior design. It is more suitable for the room of a fashionable young man, for creating an ultramodern and unusual interior of a living room or a room for holding business negotiations..

Finally, the practicality of glossy floor tiles may not live up to your expectations. A black shiny surface requires more maintenance than a light one. Stains and scratches on it are more noticeable than on a neutral background.

If used improperly and not regularly cleaned, this floor can quickly become messy. If you are not ready to spend a lot of time scrubbing floors, you better give up this idea..

Combinations and styles

Any color relationship is based on a contrasting or nuanced combination. Contrasts are most often used with black floor tiles. If the entire floor is lined with monochromatic ceramics, then the walls and light-colored furniture will neutralize the gloom and add freshness to the interior. The classic is the combination of black tiles and white walls or the alternation of these two colors in the decoration. Wherein, any minor accent color will dominate the room.

With a lack of light, brightness can add a yellow tone. It will slightly soften the contrast of the interior decoration and become an imitation of electric light..

The interaction of charcoal and purple colors will become more intense and even dramatic. Both colors have a serious impact on the emotional background of a person, and in union they will become elements of gothic luxury.

Black and white tiles with blue kitchen units and chrome details create a fantastic alien spaceship setting.

A patchwork finish will soften the harshness of a dark floor and give a country feel to it. Such an interior does not carry a psychological load, it is quite democratic..

Unrivaled in luxury, the combination of gold and black floor tiles is ideal for creating oriental, regal interiors..

Colors can be combined with each other and on a nuanced basis. The combination of a black floor with gray or black walls is not often used. These rooms look too gloomy. These combinations are suitable only for very large originals, because after a while you will want to add colors to the black room. but with the right selection of furniture, such a room can become an effective stylistic solution.

Royal decoration with malachite green, gold details, crystal chandeliers immerses you in the atmosphere of the palaces of the Baroque and Classicism era. The black floor finish with bright pink decor items looks original. Such an environment will appeal to artistic natures..

Choosing a tile texture

Ceramic tiles of the same color can completely cover the entire floor surface. In this case, the seams are closed with grout of the same tone. The result is a seamless monochrome matte or glossy finish. To give clarity, the seams can be repaired with a contrasting material, making the squares of the tile explicit, such a cage will become a kind of pattern.

Another option is to use a textured material. Patterned tiles can easily get rid of monotony. It can be both floral and geometric. Tiles with longitudinal alternation of glossy and matte black stripes, laid along the narrow side of the room, will visually expand the room.

Traditionally, the alternation of black and white tiles in a checkerboard pattern. If you apply the idea of ​​an irregular quadrangle, you get a very effective combination. This pattern simulates space..

The surface texture of the tiles can be stylized to look like natural wood. A beautiful woody texture can create an interesting play of different dark shades on the floor. Black marble effect tiles with white veins will adorn the most sophisticated interior.

Black ceramic floor tiles can be decorated with a pattern or ornament in the form of a panel. At the same time, the “pressing” effect disappears, and the mesmerizing beauty of the drawing attracts attention and contributes to the zoning of space..

Application in different rooms

It is traditional to use black ceramic floor tiles in bathrooms. For small rooms, small-sized ceramics are selected or contrasting jointing is done. Large tiles can make a small bathroom look even smaller.

Black requires good lighting. Otherwise, in a semi-dark bathroom, morning procedures may seem too melancholic. For finishing, choose a glossy texture. Its reflective surface adds light to the room. On the walls, you can repeat the black motif in the form of one side, decorated with dark wall tiles, or using a black pattern.

A dark floor visually narrows the space, so tiles of a different color are often added to the decoration, laying it out in the form of an ornament or in a checkerboard pattern. Walls can be lined with black glitter mosaics, adding gold luxury lamps and faience with gold details to the design.

For the kitchen, black tiles are used less often, but for creating interiors in the style of minimalism, hi-tech and techno, it will be appropriate. They are used both for joining tiles with white or colored grout, and for creating a monochromatic coating.

Silver or white kitchen appliances and polished furniture of the same color look good on a black background.. If both the floor and walls are trimmed with black tiles, then it is better to choose kitchen furniture with glass doors..

If you want to create a baroque atmosphere, the golden finish with elaborate handles in the kitchen set and appliances will be a luxurious addition..

The living room, decorated with black floor tiles, will give the interior a certain status. Here the floor can have a solid glossy finish, a “checkerboard” design, and the presence of a large ornament. The main condition is a large area of ​​the room. Only then will the floor look impressive and modern..

Do not use decor with numerous patterns or multi-colored tiles, this will break the space. Here, it is better to finish the floor as much as possible of the same type, and use the pattern in the form of a border or central composition. Modern manufacturers offer collections of floor tiles with different pattern options to create a stylish interior. A good addition would be massive upholstered furniture, covered with leather.

Polished tiles made of black natural or artificial marble will emphasize the wealth of the owners of the house.

There are three options for the overall design of the living room. The first is a black floor, light walls and colored furniture. The second option involves the use of only black and contrasting white, yellow, blue, pink. Furniture is selected here in one of the finishing colors. The third option is that all surfaces are finished in black, and furniture is selected in contrast. It can also be black, but with gold or silver inlay.

For bedroom floors, dark ceramic tiles are often used to add a special atmosphere of passion. Such a bedroom requires a corresponding luxurious setting. It is better to finish the walls with black fragments..

In a small bedroom, you should make the floor and ceiling black. Walls should be light or saturated. In the long bedroom, the wide walls are painted black, and the narrow ones are light. This allows you to visually expand the room. Black floor tiles lined with wide stripes alternating with a different color will also simulate the space. The horizontal direction will bring it closer and widen it, and the vertical direction will move it away and narrow it.

Ebony floor tiles or matte ornamented materials add an oriental touch to the setting. Animalistic prints bring elements of African style to the design. It is better to choose a warm shade, close to bog oak. Lots of point light sources are welcome. They will create a fairly intimate lighting. Dark inlaid furniture, crystal sconces, metal candlesticks complete the tropical interior.

In the office, black color will create an atmosphere of seriousness and efficiency. For creative people it is better to use other tones. Offices are designed in classic proportions (equal number of light and dark shades). On the floor, a geometric ornament or a continuous covering of textured or glossy tiles is appropriate. In large offices, zoning can be carried out by combining black and tiles to match the walls or furniture. You can also lay out the tiles in an unusual pattern..

Beautiful examples

Royal marble finishing.

A classic mix of black, gold and white in an ultra-modern office. Drawing a pattern on the floor and walls simulates lighting.

Sharp zoning in contrasting color, where half of the room is trimmed in charcoal gray and the other half in white trim, is a new word in interior design.

For information on how to choose the right floor tiles, see the next video..

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