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Carpets from Belarus are very popular not only among the inhabitants of this country, but also among Russians. Brest carpets have long been identified with high-quality natural products at an affordable price. The cost of these wool floor coverings is half the price of Serbian ones, and the quality is no different. A huge advantage over other types of carpets is the production of carpet tracks per meter in rolls from 0.5 to 2 meters wide. This gives great flexibility in choosing the length of the product. Most tracks have a pattern that can be cut anywhere and will still look organic.


Floor coverings produced by Carpets Brest have a number of advantages:

  • High content of natural wool. The maximum wool content in carpets is 80%, the minimum is 30%. The factory does not have completely woolen carpets, this is due to the fact that the carpet is more often used as a floor covering, therefore, to improve its performance, the most modern material is added – polypropylene thread;
  • Variety of carpet shapes. Brest products are produced in oval, square, round, rectangular and octagonal shapes. Moreover, they have a fairly flexible dimensional grid in length and width;
  • Large assortment of colors. Not only classic jacquard colors are on sale, but also themed floor coverings for children’s rooms, for example, football, geometric shapes, monochromatic coverings, large flowers and others;
  • Different type of coating (pile). The catalog contains models with flat pile, looped, sheared, thread;
  • Except for individual carpets, the plant presents carpets with fine patterns width from 2 to 4 meters (under the plinth) and carpets with a classic jacquard pattern per meter;
  • All products manufactured on German Schönherr and Belgian Van De Wiele machines.

Children’s collection

Carpets for children are presented in two collections: “Kinder” and “Kinder-mix”. The difference between them lies in the purpose of the prints. The Kinder-mix collection includes round and rectangular models. Round covers are cute faces of animals: frogs, lion cub, bear cub, tiger and others in sizes 50×50 and 100×100 cm.Rectangular models ranging in size from 1×2 to 2×4 (large dimensional grid) have funny prints from the life of the animal and the underwater world.

The “Kinder” collection is a developmental one. They use prints that imitate roads, a dollhouse, a village, a city, a Lego city, and even a football field. Among these models there are round models in standard size with abstract color prints: circles, spirals, triangles.

All coatings for nursery are half-woolen, they are very warm and at the same time are easy to clean and even wash. The pile size is 1 cm, it is sheared, dense, soft. The pattern on the carpet is made in a mixed technique of alternating pile of different lengths and alternating loops and sheared pile. Some models are available in several colors.


This collection represents floor coverings with pile not only of different lengths, but also of different weaving types. Very often there is a combination of high cut pile with a loop, as well as a low flat pile flat with a loop..

A feature of the collection is a wide range of sizes from 60 cm to 300 cm in length. The length can be up to 4 meters. An additional advantage is the presence of a carpet in a roll for each color, which allows you to cover even the narrowest and longest corridors. Some of the models are made in several shapes: circle, oval and rectangle.

The popularity of this collection is also due to the modern colors and muted colors. Coverings “Grand” can be with geometric or mosaic prints, with abstract prints, depict stylized floral motifs or realistic flower patterns with stylized engraving. There are also colors that mimic the rugs from Central Asia.

All carpets are made in either gray-blue or beige-brown pastel shades.

Therefore, they will easily fit into both cold and warm interior design..

Floor coverings

Coverings of this type are short-pile carpets up to 4 meters wide, sold per meter. Their advantage is the possibility of joining between the canvases according to the pattern, laying from wall to wall (under the skirting boards) or laying on an adhesive base.

All colors are small geometric, floral or stylized ethnic ornaments. Each print model has at least three color options. The same ornament can be made in red-brown, golden-green or blue-violet tones..

Thanks to such a variety of colors, the Brest carpet is suitable for both a children’s room and a living room, a bedroom in a modern, classic, oriental design..


Belarusian Shaggy carpets are an excellent sound absorber. The entire collection is fully consistent with the canon “shaggy” carpet: high pile 3 cm, high level of sound insulation (great for a room with children), plain colors or minimalist print.

Shaggy models have antistatic and hypoallergenic properties (polypropylene thread), they repel dirt and maintain a normal indoor climate. In addition, they are easy to clean despite their high twisted pile. To clean them, it is enough to use a plastic vacuum cleaner attachment..

The catalog contains coatings in natural natural colors: ocher, beige, white. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not make carpets in cold shades, but makes a covering with a pile of different lengths – “Sheggy” + low-profile loops.


This collection is similar to the one described above, but it contains coatings in brighter shades: fuchsia, grassy green, bright yellow, sky blue. In terms of quality, these products are in no way inferior to the famous models from Ikea, and at a much lower price. But the main feature of this collection is that each model has up to 20 color options.

Each color includes a standard rectangular carpet from 60×110 cm to 300×400 cm), an oval and a carpet runner with a width of 0.8 to 4 meters.


Most buyers are satisfied with the quality of Belarusian flooring. 70% of consumers prefer them to carpets from far abroad. They determine their choice by the fact that Brest carpets are easy to clean at home. At the same time, they are resistant to household chemicals and rough mechanical stress (the pile does not creep out). Also in favor of coatings from Brest speaks a large assortment of color palette, shape and size range. In the company’s catalog you can find both classic jacquard colors and modern stylish solutions..

The disadvantages of Russian consumers include not very bright, muted colors, as well as a small selection of carpets in stores located far from Belarus..

You will learn more about how to choose a carpet in the following video..

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