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In the modern world, for convenience, comfort and coziness, people often use carpet as flooring – something between linoleum and carpet. Due to the variety of colors, it is currently not a problem to find a suitable solution for floor decoration. It is important that the color of the carpet creates the general mood of the room, the desired visual effect and harmony in the interior design..

Popular shades

The color of the carpet should create the required atmosphere, organically linking all the decorative elements of the room:

  • The beige color of the coating is always in demand. With its help, you can visually enlarge the room, it is the most unobtrusive and harmonious, perfectly sets off bright interior items. But to create the specified effect, it is advisable to choose a tone suitable for furniture or wallpaper..

  • A pink carpet will add romance to the room; it can be combined with brown, burgundy and gray tones..
  • The lilac color is quite mysterious, mystical and enigmatic, such a floor covering will emphasize the originality of the owner, however, combinations with red, yellow, black should be avoided.

  • Yellow and orange shades give the room maximum warmth and light, bring vigor and good mood, go well with gray, brown, black.
  • Turquoise and blue are cold shades that can both pacify and relax, and at the same time inspire creative ideas. But you should not abuse such a color scheme, since an overabundance of these colors in the interior leads to disagreements..

  • A burgundy carpet, which does not cause excessive relaxation, improves tone, and helps to concentrate, can become a wonderful addition to the design of the room. The burgundy coating will be an excellent solution for an office or living room..


Regardless of the location, green or light green carpet is able to bring maximum liveliness and energy into the room. It is harmoniously combined with elements of red, yellow, gray. This color is a cold shade type..

Despite the fact that it is bright enough and should activate the psyche, green has a relaxing and calming effect..


The very bright, active and energetic red color of the carpet does not tolerate the presence of large objects of the same color in the interior. To create an atmosphere of positive energy, sophistication and elegance, to give an accent to the interior, for the contrast of the red flooring, the walls should be in white or other light colors. This is not the best option for bedrooms, the ideal solution is a hall, front door, corridor.


The blue color of the carpet is a bright color accent in the interior design of any room, complementing the general atmosphere with peace and tranquility.. This is a great opportunity to add freshness and color to the room., especially in a harmonious color combination with items of mint, emerald and white tones.


The violet color of the flooring will become quite an elegant and sophisticated solution, giving the interior charm, juiciness and depth. Well suited for both classic interior style and modern trends. Light and muted shades are relaxing, richer and darker shades are psychological stress. Combinations with elements of white, black and silver are effective. Perfect for a hallway, bedroom, office, as well as a children’s room.


The most versatile and demanded carpet color is brown, ideally suited to all interior styles, harmoniously fitting into any room. A wide range of shades provides stylishness, practicality and an excellent background for various pieces of furniture, decor, accessories. Coatings of this color are easy to clean, therefore they are very often used in hotels, halls of public buildings. Light shades will give naturalness to the children’s room, darker ones will help emphasize rigor and laconicism in the kitchen, in the hall they will create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.


Due to its nature, the black color of the carpet brings notes of sophistication, mystery and strength to the interior of the room. Black will perfectly complement any color palette, but the most effective combination with green, yellow, or gold colors.

An excellent solution for places with high traffic of people: offices, hallways, corridors.


White tones of carpet are an ideal choice for those who want to bring lightness, freshness, naturalness and airiness to the room. Regardless of the style, texture of interior items, white carpet will organically complement any room design, visually expand its boundaries. It is a neutral color and does not have any psychological effect.. When combined, white can either dilute or enhance the effect of any other color. Perfect for a nursery, hall, living room, bedroom, as well as kitchen.


If the carpet has a pattern, then the choice of its design should be approached with greater caution, since for a harmonious interior it is necessary to choose the right color and type of ornament. In dimly lit rooms, it is recommended to use pastel-colored carpet with a bright yellow or coffee print. A room with an overabundance of natural light will harmoniously fit a carpet with patterns in blue and green tones..

On a coating with a multi-color pattern, the debris will not be so noticeable, for a longer period of time, an illusion of cleanliness will be created..

It is important that the color and pattern on the coating are a continuation of the design, do not stand out as a separate element of the decor. In modern style directions, all kinds of abstract stains will look best. Stripes are always relevant, with the help of which you can visually lengthen or expand the space.

Refined and delicate colors with lilies, as well as other plant elements, are more suitable for the interior in the style of classicism. If the room is decorated with an ornament, then the flooring can also have a pattern, but its size and line style must be identical.

For children’s rooms, you can use a carpet with a bright thematic pattern, for example, images of cartoon characters, toys, fairy tales.

How to choose?

For stairs and corridors, given the frequent traffic, choose a carpet of dark shades, monochromatic or patterned from a material resistant to wear, with a dirt-repellent effect. In these places, it is possible to use textured coatings with a low pile..

For the living room, you should choose a carpet with a higher density and high pile texture, as well as multi-level carpets with embossed patterns. Such products will give a feeling of comfort. The color gamut can be very wide, its choice depends on the interior, but it is preferable in muted tones, with a predominance of gray and green shades..

For a bedroom, a material with antistatic properties will be most suitable. Colored carpet in blue, green, beige, brown and other tones with high pile and low density will look spectacular.

It should be borne in mind that light tones of floor coverings visually increase the space, while dark tones, respectively, limit it. The color of the floor should be in harmony with the color palette of the walls..

Interior options

The color of the floor plays an important role in the overall background of the room. Carpet in warm, unobtrusive colors gives the room a pleasant feeling of coziness and comfort. Light cool shades will bring joy and freshness to the interior. A bright and catchy floor combined with accessories of the same color will fill the room with energy. Various decorative elements can serve as such objects: pillows, photo frames, lamps, blankets, etc., the main thing is that they do not come into contact with the floor..

The color of the furniture on the floor must not match the flooring. It is not the best solution to choose the carpet to match the color of the long curtains, since the room will be oversaturated with this color scheme. The brighter and richer the color of the carpet, the more important it is to combine it with at least one element in the interior..

You can find out even more useful information about carpet from the following video..

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