Carpet colors

Carpets are making a comeback. Modern manufacturers have a huge selection of materials – both natural and synthetic, so the shapes, textures and colors of these flooring are incredibly diverse. Everyone will find exactly what they need.

Popular shades

Despite the huge number of shortcomings that any carpet has (the need for cleaning, “collecting dust”, etc.), this item gives any interior comfort and warmth. With it, you can put a bright accent, make the room lighter or add contrast to it. All designers love rugs because they produce amazing results..

The colors of carpets that manufacturers offer today are varied.. There are no fashionable and unfashionable options – it all depends on the shades you choose in the interior. However, designers, of course, highlight certain colors as the most relevant..

In recent seasons, all shades of blue have reigned supreme. Indigo, sky blue, delicate baby blue are welcome in wall decoration, carpets and curtains. The second most popular group of colors – Marsala – shades of wine, burgundy, deep red. Since eco-style and a healthy lifestyle are also incredibly popular, it is fashionable to decorate interiors in natural colors. Beige, all varieties of brown, terracotta, mustard are welcome here. Shades of gray, different in depth and saturation, do not lose popularity from season to season.

For children’s rooms, bright shades are used – yellow, orange, raspberry, light green. Kids are suitable for gentle pastel colors: beige, pink and blue, milky, mint, pistachio, peach.

The carpet must be combined with the basic colors used in the room. It can be both the main spot in the room, and the background against which other interior items will play brighter. Each carpet color has its own characteristics.


This is a shade of mystery, mysticism. Violet, lilac and other shades of lilac will suit bright artistic natures. It is believed that there should not be too much purple in the interior. Ideally, such a rug should be a bright accent against the background of neutral walls and furniture. That is why most often designers choose such small carpets to emphasize the central part of the room or the area around the sofa. Purple long-pile shaggy carpets look the most luxurious.


Carpets in this color are very practical. They are not too easily soiled, but at the same time they are not dark. Blue brings freshness and coldness to the interior. Such a carpet can be safely laid in a hot and sunny room, the windows of which are facing south. It will go well with white furniture and unpainted wooden chairs and tables..


In many ways it has the same features as blue. This color refreshes and cools. However, if blue looks businesslike and a little solemn, then blue looks more gentle. This color is great for living room, bedroom and kids room. Shaggs, carpets, and even wicker models like mats look good in it. The best companion for a blue carpet is light furniture.


Juicy and bright, this color is not the most popular color for carpet. And yet, it looks great in the interior. Usually it is used for the design of rooms in a modern style, with unusual and catchy furniture, original lamps, etc. Any carpet requires color “support” in the interior, especially yellow. The shade must be repeated on pillows, curtains, lampshades so that the design looks complete. Alas, this is one of the most easily soiled options: spots and dents on it are very clearly visible.


Warm and inviting color. Orange carpets can be in restrained brick tones, or they can have a juicy orange hue. This color, unlike blue, will “warm” the room. It is advisable to lay such a product in a room where the walls and floor have a cold tint so that the visual “temperature” is not too high.


In terms of saturation, pink can be very different – from delicate, almost white, to bright shades of fuchsia and raspberry. Saturated colors in the interior will give out a mature and passionate nature, but delicate shades are better for babies..

For a teenage girl’s room, a design in the spirit of Barbie is suitable: hot pink carpet, white furniture, chairs with ottomans, eco-leather or faux fur pillows. For the interior of a family bedroom or living room, you can choose an embossed pink version or a carpet with classic patterns.

This shade is rightfully considered a girlish one, therefore such a carpet is usually laid in children’s rooms. You can use it in the bedroom to zone the room and highlight the hostess’s boudoir..


Classic carpets are rarely produced in a purely black version. Usually black is complemented by red, gold patterns. A dark rug absorbs space, so it is best to lay it in a large room. The model itself should be small to medium in size, not full floor.

A solid black carpet can be seen in high-tech interiors, rooms with a minimalist design. It can be shaggi, carpet-skin, mat. A correctly selected model of a black rug will look unusually impressive and status!

Black carpets require increased attention to themselves – although they are not easily soiled, crumbs, threads and other debris are visible on them, as in the palm of your hand.


A versatile color that will blend into almost any room and any style. A brown carpet is not as whimsical to care for as a black one, while it is quite dark and looks solid.

It goes well with different types of furniture, both from solid wood and from various boards. For classic, oriental, Art Nouveau interiors, choose light shades of brown: walnut, coffee with milk. In modern styles, deep colors look best – chestnut, dark chocolate, etc..


Another station wagon. A beige rug fits into any room, from a newborn’s bedroom to a large living room, and is a great alternative to white. Such a rug will go well with furniture of dark colors, accentuate dark parquet or beautiful boards on the floor..

You can safely lay the model in this color in a small room, because it will “expand” the space as much as possible. Beige is a way out for those who find it difficult to make a choice, because the shades of this palette will fit anywhere.

For various premises

Most often, recommendations for choosing a carpet for various rooms are given in relation to their shape, material and size. Indeed, in different rooms carpets will experience different loads. The color usually depends on the style that is planned to be embodied in a particular room. Although professional designers can still give a number of recommendations.

For a corridor or elongated hallway, a carpet runner is best.. At the very entrance to the apartment, it should be a dark model with a short nap. But don’t go for solid color options. As a rule, corridors in apartments do not have natural light, so there should be a light pattern on the carpet, at least on the sides. If you need to carpeted the corridor between rooms where they don’t wear outdoor shoes, you can choose a lighter version with a higher pile..

For bedrooms, light carpets with medium or long pile are usually chosen. Depending on the interior, beige tones, all pastel and powdery shades are suitable for this room..

Dark carpets, if it suits the style, are laid in the living room, hall. There, depending on the design, bright colors (orange, yellow, light green) or multi-colored models that combine several juicy shades may appear. Bright rugs are also suitable for children’s rooms. It is only important to take into account the age of the child and the fact that a bright coating can have too much effect on the psyche..

For the kitchen or dining room, you can also choose a good model of the rug. It should not be easily soiled. Mats are ideal for the dining room. So that dirt is not too visible on the carpet, it is better to choose not a monochromatic model, but with a pattern or a mottled one, that is, woven from threads of different shades, due to which a variegated pattern in a small strip is obtained.

How to choose?

Many carpet shops have a great service – a free “fitting”. This means that the buyer can leave a deposit, take the carpet home and spread it in the room to see how it will look in the interior. And this is the most reliable way to make the right choice, because even if everything is thought out to the smallest detail, while in the store it is very difficult to imagine everything in combination. Moreover, in an apartment, even the shade of the carpet itself may look different than in a store, where it is artificially lit..

In order not to have to carry a lot of carpets back and forth, and to make the choice quickly and accurately, there are several rules:

  • Brightness balance. If the furniture in the room is light, the carpet should be bright. If the furniture is bright in itself, it is better to take the flooring in a neutral shade..
  • Soft to soft. If the room has bright upholstered furniture (at least even one small sofa or chair), it is better to choose a rug exactly to its shade. Looks very elegant if the carpet does not repeat the color exactly, but is somewhere nearby in the color palette.
  • Contrast with the floor. If the room has a bright and beautiful dark floor, the rug should be bright or light.

  • Support. This is the simplest technique that every housewife can do. Just duplicate carpet shades in curtains and sofa cushions. The room will immediately take on a finished look.
  • If the reception with the support of curtains seems too commonplace, complement the rug with a rug on the sofa of a similar shade..
  • If you want the carpet not to be too conspicuous, and complete harmony and tranquility reigned in the interior, pay attention to this technique – the carpet is selected 1-2 tones lighter / darker than the floor covering. That is, the difference in color should be minimal..

  • You should not choose a carpet to match the walls. It looks too simple and boring..
  • If there is a geometric pattern on the carpet, this does not mean that the furniture should be monochromatic. Ideally, the direction of the lines on the carpet and sofa is in the same direction, so that they seem to continue each other..
  • The classic rule of horizontal and vertical stripes in relation to the carpet “works” in the same way as in clothes: if the stripes on it run along the length of the room, the carpet will visually stretch it. If the stripes are across, they “expand” the room.

Besides color, the shape and size of the model is very important, because all these parameters usually work in combination. Small carpets usually highlight some area, put an accent. A small rectangular rug will look good next to a sofa or under a coffee table. A round small model usually serves “under something” – a vase or a round coffee table. It will be ideal if the round table and carpet are complemented by a round chandelier on the ceiling..

Medium carpets are laid in the center of the room. Since there are quite large areas of open floor, this is where the play on contrasts and combinations is appropriate, since both your floor and the floor covering are visible at the same time. When buying a large carpet, you don’t have to think about it too much..

If you want to place a medium-sized round model in the room, know that this technique will “cut off” the corners of the room and visually reduce it. To avoid this, match a mat to match the floor..

Examples in the interior

A very “warm” room: the effect is due to the competent placement of accents. A colored carpet (if you look closely, you can see all the colors of the spectrum) in the interior is in harmony with decorative panels and other bright “dots” – a vase, pillows. The colors of the floor and sofa are also warm. All this is balanced by large windows and white walls. As a result, it turned out bright, but comfortable for the eyes..

A small, long-piled rug highlights the central part of the living room. Designers approached the issue of color in an unusual way: the shades are taken from the same palette, the emphasis is on the decoration of the armchairs. The rug on the floor attracts little attention to itself, but accentuates the table of the original shape.

Contrast of styles. The room tends to be retro-style: cozy sofas, a fireplace, a semi-antique lamp. A large, two-tone rug with a zig-zag pattern lends modernity and dynamism. The black and white picture is diluted with the bright spots of the pillows on the sofas. If they were not there, this original carpet would have rippled in the eyes.

A hot pink rug isn’t just for Barbie-style rooms. Knowing the rules for combining colors, you can create a surprisingly strict and at the same time non-trivial interior. Everything in this bedroom is gray – the bed, walls and curtains. A bright, embroidered pink carpet is complemented by an abstract painting, naive wallpaper stickers and an armchair. By the way, the armchair area is additionally highlighted with a blue rug of a very cold shade..

For even more interesting design options using carpets, see the next video..

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