Carpets measuring 2×2 meters

A high-quality and beautiful carpet will decorate any room and give the interior a special comfort. However, in order for such a product to be ideal for your interior, you should pay special attention to its choice. It is necessary to take into account the general style of the room, choose the right color, material, shape and size of the product. According to their size, carpets are divided into three types: small, medium and large. Each type is suitable only for the corresponding size of the room.

So, a large carpet will visually make a small room even smaller. And in a spacious room, small paths will simply get lost..

Carpets also come in a wide variety of shapes: round, oval, rectangular, square, asymmetric. We will look at the traditional and most popular carpet option – square. The maximum universal dimensions for a carpet are 2×2 meters. With the help of such a product, a large number of functional tasks can be performed. For example, divide the room into zones: work, playroom, recreation, or place accents in the room, completing its design.

Where will fit?

Always remember the universal rule: the smaller the room, the smaller the carpet. Therefore, the product of the specified dimensions is suitable for a space that is larger than it. Ideally, if there is a distance of at least 25 centimeters between the carpet and the walls. This applies when the carpet is in the middle..

Also, a 200 x 200 cm carpet is ideal for dividing a space into separate functional areas. For example, you very well divide a room of 16 square meters, if you place a carpet on one half of it and leave the other open, or place a carpet on it that is different in color or design. You can also place a square rug near the sofa and put a coffee table on it..

If you still can’t decide if a rug of this size is right for your apartment, you can do a little experiment. Just place any four-square-meter canvas in the room, or use the required amount of paper or newspapers. Then you can easily evaluate the options for the location of the carpet before making a purchase..

It is important to know: for products made from natural materials, the size is indicated without taking into account the length of the fringe.

How to choose a color?

Always remember that dark-colored canvases visually reduce the size of the room, while light models can create the impression of more spaciousness..

If you want to opt for carpets made of bright materials, be sure to make sure that the product is in harmony with the overall style of the room. The canvas of rich shades is suitable for an interior that is decorated in restrained colors. Then such a product will become a beautiful accent in interior design. It will be good if the color of the carpet is repeated in other details: curtains, pillows, upholstery, decorative elements.

Most importantly, remember that everything is fine in moderation and do not overload the space with too bright details..

When there are patterns or designs on the carpet, it should also be remembered that they should be combined with furniture and interior decoration. If there are unusual colored sofas and armchairs in the room, it is better not to purchase a carpet that is too colorful to avoid variegation..

It should be remembered that for an interior decorated in warm colors, an appropriate carpet is needed. The same rule applies to cold shades..

Materials (edit)

When choosing the material from which the product will be made, you should take into account the purpose of the room and your lifestyle. So, if there are children and pets in the room, you should not purchase expensive silk or cashmere carpets. They will quickly lose their original appearance and unique characteristics. For the hallway and kitchen, it is also not wise to purchase too expensive natural products. It is better to opt for more practical modern synthetic models.

Consider the main types of materials for the production of carpets:

  • Cotton. It is an excellent natural material that has many benefits. Firstly, it does not cause allergies, which means it is suitable even for children’s rooms. Secondly, cotton retains heat very well. Also, the material is characterized by air permeability, unpretentious care. However, at the same time, cotton products quickly wrinkle and lose their shape..

  • Wool. Wool fiber carpets are considered to be among the best. The material has excellent sound and heat insulating properties. Natural fibers are extremely pleasant to the touch and beautiful to look at. At the same time, do not forget that wool can provoke individual intolerance, accumulate static electricity, dust. In addition, such a product will need to be looked after more carefully..

  • Silk – selection of real aesthetes. Silk carpets are real works of art. They will make the interior refined and graceful. In most cases, the products are produced very thin and are rather decorative, for a week a practical function. Such a canvas will not warm you in the cold. In addition, silk products cost a lot of money and require very delicate handling..

  • Polypropylene. This is the most popular and very successful version of synthetic fiber. Thanks to modern technologies, manufacturers have created a material that is unique in its properties. Products made of polypropylene are absolutely safe for humans, do not provoke allergies, do not accumulate static electricity. Also, the material is characterized by high wear resistance and durability. Outwardly, synthetic fibers are practically indistinguishable from real wool, while they are just as pleasant to the touch. At the same time, the cost of a polypropylene carpet is very low. It is for this reason that synthetic carpets have become so common among buyers.

  • Polyamide. Another type of artificial fiber. Polyamide carpets are very practical, easy to clean, retain their shape for a long time, have an excellent appearance and shine. Buyers will be pleased with a wide range of colors and designs of this material. However, this type of synthetics is highly electrified and unstable to sunlight..

  • Viscose. This material looks very much like natural fibers and is very popular in the manufacture of carpets. Viscose products are very strong, durable, do not accumulate electricity. But they can quickly deteriorate from water. Therefore, it is better not to lay such carpets in the bathroom and kitchen, as well as in rooms with high traffic..

Matching style

There are some simple rules that will help you choose the right carpet for your apartment. For example, for the Provence style, carpets in delicate pastel colors are suitable. Choose from white, cream, pale blue, pink and sandy shades. If you want to have a pattern or drawing on the canvas, give preference to floral, plant prints.

For a classic design, models without pretentious elements or solid colors are suitable. Patterns and ornaments in the Baroque style or similar directions will be a win-win option..

If you have chosen the Art Nouveau style for your apartment, then you should adhere to the severity of this direction when choosing a carpet. Opt for plain colors without patterns, or with simple geometric patterns and ornaments. You can also purchase a canvas with avant-garde images.

We hope that the information from this article will help you purchase a palace that is the best fit for your apartment. Apply the simple tips listed above, and you can find a practical, beautiful product that will delight you for many years..

For information on how to choose the right carpet, see the next video..

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