Carpets measuring 2×3 meters

It is impossible to imagine a really cozy interior without a carpet. Many buyers do not pay due attention and time to the process of choosing a carpet. Meanwhile, finding a product that is perfect for your apartment is a real art. In today’s article we will consider the features of purchasing a carpet measuring 2×3 m.


To calculate the size of the carpet, it is enough to apply the simple computational skills that everyone has since school years. Just multiply the length of the item by its width. Thus, the area of ​​the carpet is 2×3 m – 6 square meters, where 3 is the length of the canvas, and 2 is its width..

Someone may think that it is not necessary to know about the area of ​​the canvas. However, such data will definitely come in handy for you. For example, when you decide to have a product dry cleaned. In the protocol, it will be necessary to prescribe the parameters of the canvas, since the final cost of the work directly depends on this indicator..

It is also important to know the size of the carpet in order to calculate how much it fits your room..

So, a carpet measuring 6 square meters is large enough, so it is not suitable for very small rooms, because dimensional carpets visually conceal a small space. Ideally, if the distance from furniture or walls to carpet is at least 25 centimeters. But best of all, when such carpets 2×3 m are placed in spacious rooms..

How to arrange in the interior?

As mentioned above, a rug of this size will look good in a large room..

  • If space allows, lay the canvas in the middle of the room, so you will focus on the product and add a sense of completeness to the interior.
  • You can also arrange the carpet in the living room, in the area near the sofa and put a coffee table on it. You and your guests will feel warm and comfortable in such a room..
  • If you decide put such a carpet in the bedroom, then it is better not to put a bed on it, since then a large area of ​​the canvas remains useless. The optimal solution would be to highlight the working area with a soft floor covering..

In general, dividing space with carpets is a very effective technique used by many modern designers..

Color selection

Regardless of what design is in your apartment, there is one universal rule when choosing a carpet color: light shades visually expand the space, dark ones make it visually smaller. It is also very important to take into account the general style in which the room is decorated..

The carpet should harmoniously complement the space, make it more comfortable and more beautiful, or be a bright color accent in the interior, but in no case create dissonance and inconsistency.

  • If the room is decorated in the style of “provence”, then the color scheme and pattern of the carpet should be appropriate. Delicate and subtle shades of blue, white, cream, green, pink and sand are ideal. Patterns and ornaments should be discreet. It is good if they overlap with the upholstery of upholstered furniture, curtains or other decorative elements. Flowers, berries, fruits and similar plants should be chosen as a pattern. Too unusual and bright carpets will look colorful and out of place in such an interior..

  • For classic style traditional Persian carpets or other canvases made from natural materials in natural shades are suitable. Ornaments in the Baroque style and other directions of that era will also look good..
  • It is not excluded and combination of several styles. For example, when the room is decorated in light colors, you can lay a bright carpet on the floor, which will dilute the monotony of the space. Such an interior will definitely not look boring and faded. The main thing is to follow the combination of colors in the general style, and then you will create a harmonious and cozy room, where it will be a pleasure to spend time..

Materials (edit)

It is definitely not possible to answer the question of which material for making carpets is better. It all depends on the purpose of the room and your lifestyle. For example, when there are children or pets in the apartment, an expensive silk rug would be a waste of money. It will quickly become unusable, and you will lose a significant amount that you spent on it..

Let’s analyze several popular materials for the manufacture of rugs to make it easier for you to make the right choice:


Carpets made from natural materials have always been the most demanded. Woolen cloths are distinguished by a very long service life, previously such a cloth was considered a family value and was passed down from generation to generation. Products made of woolen threads are characterized by extraordinary softness. They retain heat well, provide good sound insulation.

However, the material has several important drawbacks. First, natural wool carpets are very expensive. And not everyone is able to afford such a purchase, but if we correlate the cost of a product with its service life, then the price seems quite reasonable. Secondly, wool, like any natural materials, can cause allergies. In addition, the material accumulates static electricity..


Silk thread products are real works of art. They are light, graceful, delicate and incredibly beautiful. But such tras, again, will not be cheap at all. In addition, such a canvas is rather decorative in nature. Silk is not at all warm. In addition, it is not suitable for a room with high traffic. It is best to lay such a product in the bedroom or living room..

A silk carpet needs a delicate cleaning. It cannot be treated with harsh chemicals that are sold in modern stores.

. However, with proper care, the carpet will delight you with its beauty for a very long time..


It is one of the few natural materials that does not cause allergies. It will be pleasant to walk on such a carpet, it is relatively durable. The disadvantages of cotton rugs include low thermal insulation and the fact that the product wrinkles very quickly and, with frequent washing with water, will quickly lose its shape..


This modern material is synthetic, but its characteristics are not inferior to natural fibers. Polypropylene carpets are very practical and have a rather low cost. Moreover, they are absolutely safe for human health and do not accumulate static electricity. And thanks to a huge variety of color solutions, a polypropylene product can complement absolutely any interior. That is why products made from such synthetic fibers have earned such great popularity..

It should also be noted that the material is highly flammable. Therefore, do not lay rugs next to heaters and open sources of fire. With intensive use, the products will quickly deteriorate. But given the cost of carpets, it will be easy to replace them with new ones..

Regardless of what material your carpet is made of, it should be regularly and properly maintained..

Strictly follow the manufacturer’s recommendations before cleaning the product. For example, it is better to expose silk products exclusively to dry, gentle cleaning or to have them dry cleaned by specialists. Wool carpets can be treated with gentle solutions that are designed specifically for natural materials. Synthetic fabrics are completely unpretentious to maintain. Moreover, they do not accumulate dust and dirt, unlike wool. It is enough just to wash such products with soapy water or a special detergent as needed..

You will learn more about carpets in the following video..

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