Choosing the right artistic laminate

The increased interest in the artistic laminate floor with imitation of solid block parquet is due to its unsurpassed decorative qualities. Sophisticated and luxurious flooring showcases a rare combination of pleasant wood grain, beautiful natural tones and bold classic patterns.

Such floor finishing options are successfully integrated into interiors of a wide variety of styles, from classic to minimalism. Despite the fact that the imitation of inlaid parquet is classified as a premium finish, the purchase of an elite laminate is several times cheaper than the original. Topic of today’s conversation: choosing the right artistic laminate.


Artistic laminate is a compromise solution that combines the beauty of an expensive parquet floor and the practicality of a modern laminate flooring. The key feature of the laminate floor under the palace parquet is the stylistic design.

Topcoats are available in two types of patterns:

  • Rapport – repeated many times like an ornament due to the use of identical decors.
  • Composite. In this case, the whole picture of fixed sizes is assembled element by element in accordance with the artistic scheme, which allows you to achieve a more interesting decorative effect..

Coatings are also classified according to the type of ornaments, which are characterized by a large variety.. Prefabricated segments are made using various elements in the form of:

  • Borders – they are indispensable for zoning and contouring of volumetric drawings.
  • Rosettes – round / oval details serve to highlight the central part of the room or individual segments.
  • Modules. The advantage of modular laminate is quick and easy assembly. The modules are large squares, from which the general drawing is assembled according to the principle of a children’s puzzle.

Such a variety allows you to create fantastically beautiful compositions with 3D depth effect, to perform imitations under a massive board, palace parquet, floor tiles, inlays with onyx, amber, jade..

What is it made of?

High-density moisture-resistant fiberboard is used for the manufacture of laminate HDF with 4-5 layers. Moisture-resistant paper is used as an initial layer to stabilize the structure and impart rigidity.

The inner part – the wood-fiber core is lined with decorative paper with melamine or acrylic – polymer resins increase the strength of the panels. Modern printing technologies have reached such a level that they can reproduce as realistically as possible any textured embossing (stone, wood, carpet, tiles, marble, parquet).

The task of the face layer in the form of a non-electrifying high-strength film (laminate) is to ensure the protection of the coating from external factors. Using the DPL pressing method allows you to achieve an effective parquet texture with a characteristic bevel.

Dimensions (edit)

Artistic laminated board can be of different thickness, length and width. The performance of the coating is influenced by the thickness of the panels. When choosing their width and length, the reference points are dimensions of the room and its geometry. The most common laminate thickness is 8 mm, lamellas with a thickness of 6 to 7 mm are considered thin, and more than 12 mm thick..

The range of panel widths varies from 90 to 400 mm:

  • Laminate with narrow lamellas imitating a type-setting parquet floor – from 90 to 160 mm;
  • Models with imitation of a plank floor – from 185 to 195 mm, they are considered the most common sizes.
  • Wide laminate models for ceramic floor tiles – 300 mm, and for artistic parquet – 400 mm.

Square laminate models from different manufacturers are available in 394 mm and 624 mm squares.


When choosing a coloristic solution for a laminate, first of all, they are repelled by the color of doors, platbands and fillets.

Traditional colors include shades:

  • birch;
  • cherries;
  • oak;
  • wenge;
  • dark and light walnut.

Of the neutral and pastel colors, the shades deserve attention:

  • ash;
  • birch;
  • light alder;
  • light oak.

Any of them can be considered as suitable for children’s rooms or bedrooms, where it is required to create the visual illusion of free space..

The choice of panels in shades of cherry, linden and Milanese walnut requires a thoughtful interior style solution. It shouldn’t be pink, purple or lilac. They form ideal duets with green, brown, orange, terracotta.

The palette of cold shades is very diverse, the most relevant colors of this type:

  • dairy;
  • cream;
  • gray scale gradation;
  • shade of white oak.

Cool-tone flooring welcomes styles: classic, vintage, minimalism. The presence of gray adds austerity and elegance to the interior. He forms successful duets with black and white.

A place

The difference between art laminate drawings lies in their functional purpose:

  • In dining rooms, kitchens and utilitarian spaces, coverings with imitation of ceramic tiles, plank floors or cut stone are appropriate..
  • In the interior of the living room or the hall of a country house, a luxurious floor finish looks like a palace parquet mosaic.
  • A bright laminate with fairy-tale characters or fantasy drawings will help to diversify the design of the nursery..

Class and marking

Moisture and abrasion resistance are the most important characteristics of laminate flooring, which are defined by their class:

  • From 21 to 24 classes – flooring models intended for flooring in domestic premises.
  • From 27 to 32 – coatings with medium strength. They are designed for operation in conditions of high relative humidity up to 70%.
  • Class 33 – coating with the best strength, soundproof and moisture resistant characteristics.

The scope of application of models labeled 32 and 33 is the design of salesrooms, offices, hotel halls, entertainment venues, beauty salons, restaurants.

Mount types

Initially, the laminate was installed only using adhesives. When MDF boards were replaced by high density HDF boards, interlocks appeared on the panels. With the use of dense slabs, it became possible to make more precise milling of complex-shaped locks.

There are three types of interlocking systems:

  • Lock-lock equipped with latches for fixing the panels according to the thorn-groove principle.
  • Click-lock is a collapsible fastening system, a feature of which is the adhesion of the boards at a 45-degree angle.
  • 5G-mount – an improved version of the Click-lock with a plastic tongue at the end. When docked, it is assembled into the body of the panel, and after the boards are adhered, it comes out back and closes the fasteners.


The creator of beautiful decors with imitation of parquet, texture of maple, cherry, oak and exotic woods – panga panga and zebrano – is not nature, but designers.

If the priority is to purchase an unusual laminate, then it is worth taking a look at the collections of imitation decors:

  • parquet – such a covering is chosen in country residences, where the squares allow you to demonstrate in all their glory fancy patterns or compositions of rosettes and borders;
  • wood textures of different species: bamboo, oak, painted wood effect;
  • hanging spruce cones.

The decors are very interesting:

  • With inserts under the skin of a snake or crocodile from the series “breakfast” or “dinner with an alligator”.
  • Geometric pattern – square-shaped floor coverings.
  • 3D rendered – illusory floor drawings look spectacular in ultra-modern kitchens and bathrooms.

Style and design

The design of the laminate is selected taking into account the style orientation of the interior.

The types of laminate that are best suited for certain styles:

  • Classic: with imitation of marble, parquet, traditional version – under oak and beech, under a tree with the effect of “graying”.
  • Art decor, neoclassical: like a palace mosaic, like a tree and with narrow planks.
  • Ethnostyle: under the dark or white skin of reptiles.

  • Vintage style: imitation of an old plank floor.
  • Country, eco-style, scandi design and retro: under the bleached oak floor or with various combinations of wood textures.
  • High-tech and loft: under the “deck” floor, with a metallic sheen, imitation of masonry.
  • Minimalism: in monochrome white, black, gray colors.

How to choose?

When choosing a laminate, you need to take into account the specific conditions in the room:

  • Matte finishes in neutral natural tones are suitable for bright rooms. On a white, bright or dark surface, the slightest accumulation of dust will be conspicuous..
  • Lack of light in the room – a reason for finishing the floor with a glossy finish in light colors.
  • It is important that the size of the slats does not contradict the dimensions of the room. The rule applies here: the more modest the footage, the smaller the size of the picture..

Advantages and disadvantages

The demand for artistic laminate flooring is explained by its high performance and endless possibilities in interior design..


  • extremely handsome;
  • environmentally friendly and safe;
  • abrasion resistant;
  • withstands intense loads and pressure created by furniture, heels, pet claws;

  • immune to UV rays, fire retardant;
  • has antistatic properties;
  • undemanding in service;
  • fits easily;
  • suitable for floor heating systems.

For utilitarian spaces, its service life is limited to 10 years, for other spaces – 25 years.

Weak sides:

  • Unnatural, since the composition contains resins, and the base itself is made of synthetics.
  • Compared to parquet, it provides worse sound and heat insulation.

Famous manufacturers and reviews

The greatest demand is for coatings from leading European manufacturers and companies from China..

TOP 5 brands:

  • RichMan`S (Hungary). Class 33 coatings with an increased protective layer are distinguished by an excellent brushed texture. The oak colors are interesting, especially the silvery gray for the models from the Floor collection and the single-strip laminate of the Long series with the patented MegaMaster lock.

  • Claccen (Germany). A solid assortment of designs, colors and decors – more than 400 varieties. Stacking reliability is ensured by the Megaloc lock.

  • Balterio (Belgium). The products are represented by 16 collections and over 150 types of decors. Popular Xperience Plus series – beautiful matt finishes and Tradition Sapphire with imitation of rough-finished floors.

  • Floorwood. A variety of decors and lamella formats, rich colors and unique structural solutions – all this expands the choice of quality laminate from a joint German-Chinese brand..

  • Uniqstep (Germany). It is worth taking a closer look at the Flower collection – royal laminate solutions for artistic parquet flooring with floral themes. Imperial series – models with block parquet imitation in the best traditions of German quality.

Analysis of the reviews showed that the owners of artistic laminate for the most part happy with the purchase. Some were satisfied with the price-quality ratio, others note the affordable installation, others rejoice at the transformation of the interior due to the perfectly matched shade of the coating.

And everyone in the voice admires the beauty of the floor, which often becomes the object of envy of neighbors and admiration from guests. Young couples especially like coatings that imitate reptile skin and oak, but in bright shades of red, yellow, green – such a laminate looks great in a nursery.

Beautiful examples and options

We have selected the most successful ideas for the original design of the floor with an artistic laminate in the interiors of country houses and apartments:

  • Laminate flooring with imitation of parquet harmoniously complements interiors of different styles. But royally luxurious, it looks exactly against the background of the palace styles of the era of European classicism..

  • Laminate with imitation oak texture is the undisputed sales leader. Why? It’s simple: oak board is an interior classic that exists beyond the whims of fashion. Buying a natural solid wood is an expensive pleasure. Way out – finishing the floor with laminate.

  • Laminate under the aged parquet board is a favorite of interiors in the trends of country design and shabby chic style. In addition to creating an authentic setting, a scuffed and chipped coating will add expressiveness to an ordinary room decor..

  • The gray palette never ceases to inspire designers. The current trend was supported by laminate manufacturers, as a result, more and more new color solutions of artistic laminate appear in fashionable gradations of silver, smoky, anthracite shades..


Panel mounting recommendations:

  • The main requirement for the flooring of the covering concerns the quality of the preparation of the substrate. It must be flat, clean and dry..
  • Before laying, the laminate is allowed to lie down for a couple of days in the conditions of the room where the finishing work will be carried out.
  • Installation is carried out along the wall and parallel to the main light sources.
  • During installation, it is important to control the panels, the pattern at the joints must clearly match.
  • The presence of gaps of up to 0.1 cm between the walls and the sheet of panels is a prerequisite for flooring.
  • Skirting boards are always attached to the walls.

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