Dark linoleum

When choosing linoleum, it is very important to choose the right color. After all, the floor covering is practically the center of the room, and it is this that sets the stylish interior for the whole room. The dark color of the flooring is very popular. Its use allows you to create a stylish and modern interior..


The main purpose of dark linoleum is to create contrast in the room. It is a mistake to think that black flooring should only be used in a dark interior. When using dark flooring, dark colors in the room should not be used often.

The minimum amount of other black details in the room will help create a stylish interior. Otherwise, the room will look gloomy and cramped. A prerequisite is the presence of contrasting details..

A room with dark linoleum should have natural bright light.. If it is not, then it is better to choose light linoleum in the room. In order to prevent the material from fading in the sun, pay attention to the quality of the linoleum. When distributing artificial light, it is also worth paying attention. It is necessary to place color accents so that the room is evenly lit..

The use of dark flooring in a small room is contraindicated. The room will only shrink due to this choice. Use it only in spacious rooms..

When choosing linoleum, you will need to pay special attention to its cleanliness. On a black matte surface, spots, traces, drops, splashes and other trifles are easily visible, which are not so noticeable on linoleum of a different color.

To maintain the black finish, you need suitable floor cleaners that will not leave streaks..

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What colors to combine?

The black color of the coating does not suit all interiors. Warm shades are suitable for combination with it. Various wenge tones are also suitable for this. The palette of dark colors is varied. Color is suitable for linoleum natural black coffee, dark cherry, dark brown or milk chocolate. The combination of wenge with beige will create coziness and warmth in the room..

Monochrome should be avoided. If the room has furniture or a black ceiling, then it is better to refuse a dark floor. The ideal option would be to have a black coating in a bright room. For example, such a coating is perfect for beige wallpaper. By the way, this combination will help create the effect of reducing the height of the room, because in rooms with high ceilings it is not so easy to create home comfort..

As for the choice of the room, the black coating can be suitable for the living room, kitchen or hallway. Less commonly it is used for the bedroom. For a children’s room, you should choose a different color. To create an interior in a classic style, black flooring is also not suitable. A room with such a coating looks strict and too luxurious..

It looks great in a style room modern or hi-tech. A light door is suitable for such an interior. Contrast is important here. It is permissible to use a color a couple of shades lighter or vice versa, darker than the main floor color.

Black linoleum in the kitchen is very popular. You can find a coating that mimics a checkerboard, which also looks very stylish..

However, do not forget that such a coating in the kitchen will not be practical. All crumbs and drops are instantly visible on it..

Interior options


Particular attention should be paid to the use of black for the bathroom floor. This choice can already be considered a classic. A beautiful matte surface combined with a snow-white bathtub looks luxurious. The glossy surface of the floor looks no worse. Bright lamps will add gloss and chic to the bathroom.. The optimal choice for the bath will be three or four basic colors.. It can be combined with red, yellow, white, green.

In order to make water droplets and splashes less visible on such linoleum, the designers propose to arrange a light-colored coating around the perimeter. This will help save time cleaning the room. Dust is more visible on a matte surface than streaks, so cleaning should be regular.


To use dark linoleum in the kitchen, this room must be spacious and located on the sunny side of the house. More often men than women choose this option. Dark flooring will help create a real bachelor kitchen.

When using matte linoleum, you should also use a matte finish for kitchen furniture or tiles.. The use of gloss reflects the shape better and looks great in combination with other glossy surfaces.

Monochromaticity is acceptable when using a dark coating on the kitchen floor. Minimalism is also great – smooth steel surfaces, no small decor.

You can add bright colors to the kitchen in the form of carpet, flower pots or curtains. Red, yellow, orange will do.

The combination of dark linoleum and light blue hue looks interesting. Such a kitchen will be restrained, but at the same time fresh and not gloomy..

Living room

The austere dark floor will go well in the living room with clear silhouettes, straight lines. To add softness to the interior, you should use a combination of wenge with beige or any light colors. A beige leather sofa will be in perfect harmony with dark linoleum. The interior will be perfectly complemented by light curtains..

Unusual combinations are also popular:

  • Dark linoleum + pistachio walls. Such a floor will perfectly emphasize the saturation of the pistachio-colored wallpaper, as well as white sofas, a light carpet, bright walls. This living room looks very unusual. Do not use a rich green color, because being in such a room will be tiring..

  • Dark linoleum + shades of blue. A rare combination creates an atmosphere of calmness in the room. Velvet massive curtains, light pillows and paintings will perfectly fit into such an interior. Turquoise colors will look organic too.

  • Wenge + all shades of brown. The use of different shades of brown creates a warm and cozy interior. Adding yellow colors will brighten the room. The use of solid wood furniture, dim lamps or classic chandeliers is perfect. When choosing a sofa, give preference to light models..

  • Dark linoleum + dusty pink. A muted pink color will bring a touch of romance and tranquility to the room. In such a room, it is imperative to add light colors in the form of furniture or curtains. It is possible to add two or three elements that are completely contrasting. It can be turquoise or green. This interior option will always create the feeling of night in the room..

When using a dark floor covering in the bedroom, you can allow only dark colors to be used in the interior – a dark bedspread, slightly lighter pillow covers or thick cotton curtains.

  • To create a lighter design, use muted yellow colors. Wallpaper color will refresh the room and “brighten” it.

  • The most daring interior design is the combination red flowers with dark linoleum. Curtains, furniture, or bedspreads can be red. Perhaps red colors will be present on the walls of the bedroom. This combination is very bright, explosive, and it is not often decided to use it for an ordinary bedroom..

  • As for the nursery, dark colors for the floor will not work.. But for a teenager’s room, such a choice would be a good decision. Dark linoleum is a unisex option. For a girl, add pastel colors such as light pink, grass green or sky blue. Bright colors, such as yellow, are suitable for the boy. A dark floor can overlap with small decor. For a boy, you can add the theme of soccer balls, for a girl it will be appropriate to use animalistic colors.

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