Features of choosing the best flooring

Features of choosing the best flooring

At the present time, there are a lot of floor coverings on the building materials market. They differ in colors, technical characteristics, care features and many other features. This article will discuss the main types of flooring, as well as the features of choosing the best option..


Floor coverings serve not only to provide the most comfortable movement around the apartment or house. They decorate the premises, however, the decorative function of the floor is performed only if it fits into the interior of the room and goes well with all its elements. That is why the choice of a suitable floor covering should be taken as seriously as possible..

It is necessary to take into account all the nuances, select high-quality materials – and at the same time carefully think over the design.

What types are there?

Modern floor coverings are made from a wide variety of materials. For example, linoleum is very popular, many people like quartz vinyl tiles. You can put soft carpet material on the floor, which is great for children’s rooms. It is anti-slip for added safety. A high-quality protective coating is suitable if you want to prevent abrasion of the surface and maintain its aesthetic appearance for a long time.

If you are interested in sound and heat insulation floor coverings, a two-layer roll nap material would be a very good option. For rooms with high traffic, dirt-protecting materials are great.

If you want to be able to easily replace certain parts of the cover if necessary, look for modular options.

Since there are many options, it is usually quite difficult to decide on the choice of the most suitable coating. To do this, you need to understand in detail the features of the types of popular materials..


The most common materials used for making floor coverings include the following:

  • Linoleum. He is chosen especially often. Such materials are commercial, semi-commercial, household. For the house, not household, but semi-commercial coatings are more suitable: they are more expensive, but at the same time very durable.
  • Polyvinyl chloride. PVC coverings are created in the form of panels, tiles. The connection is usually lock, however, installation work is also carried out using adhesive materials. If we compare modern products with Soviet-made materials, it can be noted that today the vinyl flooring is of higher quality and a very aesthetic appearance. A more advanced material is quartz vinyl coating, which is created using quartz sand..
  • Cork. Such materials are created using the bark of balsa wood. Such coatings are produced in slabs and rolls..

  • Laminate. For its production, fiberboard and paper (several layers) are used. To obtain a specific texture, a special material is applied to the paper surface. Additionally, the surface is covered with a protective compound. Many people choose laminated flooring as an alternative to expensive parquet or not very durable linoleum.
  • Carpets. The carpet is soft, so such materials are in great demand. Various carpets are popular, which are made of polypropylene, acrylic, silk, nylon, wool, and so on..
  • Ceramic materials. There is a very wide range of such coatings on the modern market. They differ from each other in strength, appearance, size and other characteristics..

  • Parquet. This wood flooring has become the embodiment of the classics. Usually such materials are of high quality, but at the same time they are quite expensive. However, their cost and characteristics largely depend on what kind of wood the manufacturer used..
  • Polymer materials (epoxy, acrylic, and so on). Such floors look very interesting and very unusual; today they are loved by many. With the help of such coatings, you can create whole pictures that attract admiring glances..

Today, rubber flooring is gaining popularity. Such materials are used not only in industrial buildings, but also in residential premises. They are distinguished by moisture resistance, resistance to various mechanical influences.

Type of

On the modern market, there are different types of coatings: household, commercial. The latter are resistant to higher loads. Materials are divided into classes depending on wear resistance, strength. Coatings also differ in thermal conductivity, resistance to liquid.

Some materials are not suitable for rooms with high humidity – this should always be remembered when choosing the most suitable option for a bathroom or kitchen.


When choosing the most suitable floor color, you need to consider whether it will be in harmony with the shades of other surfaces. It is necessary to decide which tones will be complementary, which will be dominant. The location of the windows, as well as their size and number, are of great importance. Of course, the preferences of the people who live in the house or apartment are also very important. Remember also that each color sets a certain mood for the room..

Choosing the right shade, you need to decide what kind of effect you want to achieve, what kind of atmosphere you need to bring to the room.. Among the most popular flooring colors are the following:

  • Gray. Such a floor covering will give the room calmness, even a certain coldness, but at the same time – elegance. Gray looks very good with purple, but you should not combine it with green – these shades will oppress each other. If you want to visually enlarge the room, you can add white, but it should be borne in mind that gray should still remain the main tone in the room. Many representatives of the fair sex love the combination of pink and gray: thanks to it, the room becomes “airy”.
  • White. This color is suitable for rooms where there is little natural light. Choose green walls and white floors if you are aiming for a fresh and calm atmosphere. The combination of yellow and white is a very good option for fans of the classics..

  • Red and orange. Expensive tree species have such shades. Rooms with such floors look very expensive, they emphasize the high status of the owner and his good taste. A variety of tones are combined with such colors, but the exception is blue..

  • Beige and yellow. These shades are associated with naturalness, they will always be in fashion. Various colors are combined with them, and in some cases the rooms become festive, elegant, and in others, quite strict..

  • Black. This color should be used with caution, as it can be overdone, as a result of which the room will become too gloomy. He is associated with extravagance, bohemianism. Black goes very well with various golden elements.
  • Brown. Such shades can make rooms both simple and very sophisticated – it all depends on the specific interior and design features. Brown is not suitable if there is too little sunlight in the room.


When choosing suitable floor coverings for a hall, balcony, terrace, hallway, bathroom or any other room, it should be remembered that each of them has its own characteristics. The selected material must have certain qualities..


When thinking about which floor is best for such a room, you need to consider the wear resistance of the coatings. Remember that the floor in the hallway will have to be cleaned frequently, so the surface must be resistant to liquids. The chosen coating must also be resistant to various mechanical influences, because the floors in the hallways are constantly exposed to stress..

Ideal options for such premises are ceramics, PVC materials, laminated parquet. These floors are easy to clean and resistant to external influences..


When choosing a covering for a kitchen floor, you need to focus on the size of the room. If it is small, it is better to opt for a solid and homogeneous material.. It must be resistant to dirt, grease, liquids. Good options for the work area are PVC, ceramic materials. You can also use modern synthetic linoleum.

Living room

It is the hall that is the “face” of the apartment; it demonstrates to the guests the financial situation and tastes of the owner of the apartment. Since people often gather in the living room, coatings should be chosen for it, which differ not only in aesthetics, but also in ease of maintenance, durability. The ideal option for such a room is parquet.. If such materials are too expensive for you, you can opt for a high-quality laminate..

To make the living room as comfortable as possible, you can choose a carpet. And it will be easier to care for it if you purchase a material that is distinguished by dirt-repellent properties..


In such a room, people relax, rest, so the chosen coating should contribute to this. It should be warm so that it is pleasant to stand on it barefoot.. Very good options – high to medium pile coatings.

If the bedroom is classic, you can choose high-quality laminate or parquet. For people who prefer environmental friendliness and naturalness, cork material is suitable. This floor is safe for asthmatics, allergy sufferers, it is very pleasant to the touch.

Kids room

For such premises, you need to choose only materials that are safe and environmentally friendly. There should be no fumes from them, which can negatively affect the health of the baby. You should be careful with natural carpets – some are allergic to them. It is better to choose a high-quality synthetic coating for the children’s room. You can opt for laminated, cork materials.


For such a room, anti-slip materials should be selected that are resistant to liquid. The most popular option is ceramic coatings. They are easy to care for, they are highly durable, however, over time, mold can appear on such surfaces. An alternative can be vinyl tiles: they are distinguished by increased resistance to liquid, durability, and the absence of seams..

For bathrooms, rubber materials are also suitable, which are very easy to use and maintain. They provide safety: you will not slip on such a surface.

Terraces, balconies

Many people choose wooden floor coverings for terraces. It should be borne in mind that such a surface will need to be treated with a special impregnation that protects the floor from various external influences. You can also choose tile materials or concrete floor.

Open balconies are constantly exposed to precipitation, high and low temperatures, and the sun’s rays. For them, you should choose coatings that are moisture resistance, frost resistance, increased strength. Frost-resistant linoleum is suitable, as well as PVC, ceramics. For a closed balcony, you can choose almost any covering.

Advantages and disadvantages

All flooring materials have both certain advantages and some disadvantages. It is worth considering in more detail all the pros and cons of popular materials..



  • Durability.
  • Lack of sound when walking. On such a floor, you can move completely silently..
  • Moisture resistance.
  • Resistance to decay.
  • Ease of care.


  • Not resistant to high and low temperatures – especially in cases where materials are cheap and of poor quality. Cracks appear on such coatings rather quickly, they can deform..
  • Instability to mechanical stress. Heavy furniture should not be placed on such floors..
  • Non-environmentally friendly.

Linoleum is only suitable if the base is perfectly flat. Otherwise, the coating will not last long..

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)


  1. Durability.
  2. Moisture resistance.
  3. Resistance to mechanical stress.
  4. Variety of textures and colors.
  5. The ability to provide good sound insulation.
  6. Ease of installation work.


  • Non-environmental friendliness. If such a coating burns, it will begin to release substances that are hazardous to human health. Substandard materials are dangerous even when nothing happens to them..
  • Not resistant to UV radiation (if the coating is cheap and not of high quality). Stains appear on such floors, the colors of the materials become less vivid over time..

Polyvinyl chloride can be purchased if the moisture content of the floor is no more than 5%. The surface must be flat, otherwise defects will appear on the coating..

Cork materials


  1. Pest resistance.
  2. Resistant to heavy objects (large furniture can be placed on such floors).
  3. The ability to provide thermal insulation as well as sound insulation.
  4. Resistant to chemicals.

Feet do not slip on the cork floor, which is a significant advantage of such a coating. This is especially true if active children live in the house, who are very fond of running around the rooms..


  • Impervious to moisture. When in contact with the liquid, the cork floor begins to swell. For this reason, such materials are not suitable for rooms with high humidity..
  • Low thermal conductivity.
  • High price.

Cork floors are easily damaged by heels, claws and other sharp objects. In this regard, they need to be handled very carefully..



  1. Affordable price.
  2. Ease of installation work.
  3. Resistant to high temperatures.
  4. Durability.
  5. Environmental friendliness.
  6. Ease of care.


  • Walking sounds (if the base is not level enough).
  • The likelihood of blistering, bubbles – if the rules for the implementation of installation work were violated.
  • Immunity to liquids. Not all such coatings are suitable even for kitchen floors..



  1. The ability to provide good sound insulation.
  2. Minimal crease.
  3. Large number of colors.
  4. Abrasion resistance.


  • Fluid imbalance.
  • Poor resistance to sunlight (especially when coatings are cheap). The color may fade and become less aesthetic over time..

Dust builds up quickly in carpets. You need to take care of them regularly: the ideal option is to use a vacuum cleaner.

Ceramic materials


  1. Ease of maintenance.
  2. The ability to create a variety of compositions, to embody interesting design ideas into reality.
  3. Increased strength.


  • Coldness from the surface. Standing on such a floor with bare feet will be very unpleasant. A good way out of the situation is to use a floor heating system together with such materials..
  • Seams. In any case, they will be noticeable, but how much depends on the skills of the person who was involved in the installation work.
  • Complexity of installation.



  1. Environmental friendliness.
  2. Durability.
  3. Aesthetic appearance.


  • High price. However, this disadvantage is compensated by the high quality of such materials: they do not have to be replaced often..
  • High probability of deformation. When laying the panels, one must not forget about the technological gaps..

Polymer materials


  • Ease of care.
  • Resistant to chemicals.
  • Good adhesive properties.
  • Resistant to high and low temperatures.
  • Durability.
  • Liquid resistance.
  • Aesthetic appearance.


  • Complexity of arrangement.
  • Labor intensity of dismantling works.
  • High price.
  • Demanding to the foundation.

Style and design

Interior styles can be divided into classic and modern. Nowadays, some even prefer to mix them. Fans of the classics usually choose wood flooring.. Ideal for a classic-style room – high-quality parquet.

You can also use solid boards (some deliberately create the effect of an old surface).

If you want to create an atmosphere of antiquity in the room, you can choose coverings with plant, geometric patterns. A dark floor is fine for a Japanese-style room, but other surfaces should be light-colored, otherwise the interior will turn out to be too gloomy..

Modern styles allow for a wider variety of flooring options. You can choose, for example, epoxy materials – and create a real picture on the floor. A bright puzzle covering is suitable for a modern children’s room: the kid will simply be delighted with such a rug. However, many modern styles imply restraint in interior design – for example, minimalism, hi-tech. The floors in such rooms are usually plain..

It is also worth noting the features of the floors in ethnic style. These are sharp color transitions, rough surfaces, stylization. You can use leather, cork materials, make bright accents.

Necessary tools and accessories

If you are going to lay linoleum, you will need to prepare glue, a knife, a tape measure, masking tape, a notched trowel, a long metal ruler, and a roller. To lay the carpet you will need a roller, tape measure, metal slats, a knife.

Laminate is laid with a saw or electric jigsaw, hammer, polyethylene film, pencil, ruler. To make the floor as even as possible, use a substrate.

When laying parquet, a cement screed can be used: for such work, special tools will be needed to allow the floor to be poured. You will need to glue plywood to the base surface (or fix it with self-tapping screws). The parquet itself is laid with galvanized nails and special glue. To lay such a floor covering, you will also need to use a spatula made of wood, with which you will level the adhesive, brushes, trowels, hammers, level.

Do not forget about precautions. It is recommended to wear protective gloves when carrying out any installation work..

Which is better to choose?

Avoid rushing when deciding which flooring to buy.. Certain factors need to be considered:

  • Own tastes. Pay attention to the coatings you like, don’t buy the cheapest ones right away. Otherwise, it is possible that over time, the floor will start to annoy you..
  • Price. Of course, cost is still one of the most important factors when choosing a floor covering..
  • The state in which the base is. Tiles, for example, are not suitable for uneven floors. If you still want to use this kind of flooring, you will need to make the surface as flat as possible.
  • Premises. It should be taken into account where exactly you choose the flooring: in a room for children, in a study under a computer chair, in a bathroom or anywhere else. Consider not only aesthetics, but also functionality, characteristics, safety of the selected material.

Care Tips

Each type of flooring has its own characteristics, so you need to care for your floors differently.. Certain recommendations should be considered:

  • In rooms with parquet floors, it is necessary to maintain a certain level of humidity. You can apply a special mastic to such a surface. To clean your parquet flooring, you first need to use a vacuum cleaner. Then wash the floor with a special mop – ordinary warm water, without using detergents. Wet cleaning of parquet flooring should be done twice a year, it is not recommended to do this more often.

You can use gasoline or a regular soapy sponge to remove stains. Turpentine helps to remove fat. Wash the parquet surface in the direction of the wood grain.

  • Laminate flooring is usually simply wiped with a damp cloth; special cleaning agents can be used. They not only allow you to get rid of dirt, but also strengthen the protective layer of such coatings..
  • Tiled materials are highly resistant to liquids and detergents, they can be washed quickly and easily. That is why such coatings are often used in kitchens..
  • Linoleum should not be cleaned with ammonia and soda ash; ordinary detergents and warm water are suitable for this. The liquid should not be too hot, otherwise the drawing will fade over time. Sandpaper or pumice stone can be used to remove ink from the surface..
  • To clean your plank floors, you can use warm water with detergent or baking soda. You can get rid of grease on such surfaces with gasoline, a mixture of white clay and vinegar..

  • The painted plank surface can be washed with water and ammonia or vinegar, after which the surface will begin to shine. It is not recommended to use baking soda or soapy water for the maintenance of such floors – the color of the surface may change. Pour cold water over the greasy stain, and then remove it using a knife. You can purchase special care products for unpainted and painted surfaces.
  • It is better to use a washing vacuum cleaner to care for the carpet. You can clean this surface monthly with detergent and a damp cloth..
  • Do not wet the carpet too much. On such a coating, there may be a special agent that does not allow dust to accumulate, and an excess of liquid will remove it. It is better to use a vacuum cleaner, and not brushes and brooms – this way you can remove dust as efficiently as possible. Approximately once every six months, it is worth contacting a specialist who is engaged in cleaning such coatings. You need to get rid of stains on such surfaces immediately, because then it will be much more difficult to do this..

Manufacturers and reviews

Among the most popular companies specializing in the production of floor coverings are Tarkett. This manufacturer produces high quality products using the latest technology to achieve the best results. Consumers rarely leave negative reviews about such coatings. Some grievances relate to difficulties in leaving.

High user ratings have also won Quick Step, Classen, Juteks. Many Russian consumers highlight the materials Ikea – protective floor coverings to avoid dirt and surface wear, carpets pleasant to the touch. There are a lot of manufacturers of floor coverings nowadays, and it is very easy to get lost in this variety. If you want to get high-quality products, pay attention to the rating of manufacturers of flooring, customer reviews.

Exclusive examples and options

Designers offer the following options:

  • The original option for a house or apartment is polymer floors. They look very beautiful..
  • The floor that turns into the wall is a very interesting and harmonious design.

  • The combination of a dark floor and light walls is a common and very effective option..
  • Cork is a very good option for a bedroom. Such materials are environmentally friendly, they are pleasant to the touch..

You can find out recommendations for choosing a floor covering from the video below..

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